Friday, November 8, 2013

My Mission Acceptance Letter

Dear Brethren,

I can not express the joy and happiness I have in my soul as I accept this calling to serve the children of our God in Peru. I am more ready than ever to fully commit myself to the sharing of God's love for 18 months. The decision to serve a mission came easily and quickly, because I knew it was a part of my plan. I know this service will be a challenge but I know through God I can overcome my struggles if I wholeheartedly rely on him and put forth 100%. My Savior gave his life so we as his brothers and sisters may return to live with him again. If the least I can do is serve for 18 moths, then I will! I will do my very best to bring home our lost brothers and sisters. I understand the importance of this calling. I am humbled and appreciative of your confidence in me. I thank you for your selfless service.
Sister Sierra Dodson                                                  

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