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Week 25: "Help Hermana Dodson call me to motivate me to come to church."

Lunes, 22 de Setiembre del 2014
     Well yesterday I forgot something...we were contacting and there was this woman who had a big stomach, like pregnant looking, so we started contacting her, thinking there was a baby on the way, but as we got closer to her, I realized that she wasn't pregnant...but Hna Kingsford didn't realize it and she asked her when the baby was due, and the woman said, "I'm not pregnant...I'm just fat!"  I had to hold in my laugh!  After we walked away from that awkward situation, I busted up laughing.  It was hilarious!!  I love Hna Kingsford!  haha
     To start off our P-Day, we went to internet...and funniest thing when Hna Kingsford has more emails from my family than I do...:)
     After internet, we ran into Aaron and he showed us around the marcado, and helped us find some stuff.  Then we went home and cleaned, and then went to lunch.  We ate at the pension and we had cabrito (baby goat), rice and beans.  It was really yummy!  I am really enjoying the food here!
     After lunch, we went back to the cuarto to make recuerdos and to nap.  Hna Kingsford got in a war with the 1 fly in our cuarto.  She was setting traps and chasing it all over and around.  In the end, she got it!  haha  After she killed it, we went to the beach to kick around the soccer ball, and to also read in the grass!

     Edilver came by and showed us his Bruce Lee karate tricks.  Then we played a mixture of soccer and volleyball and talked forever.  When P-Day was over, we headed back to our cuarto to change and head out to teach.  Every one of our citas fell through, so we went to Elba's and talked more about the Book of Mormon, and she told us that she prayed about Jose Smith, and she feels good about it.
     Then we headed to dinner, and while we were waiting, we talked to Jerson (the boyfriend of Nicole, who is the daughter of Channy, who is the sister of Lucy...who is our pensionista) :)  He is really cool and we found out that he has 7 brothers!!  Holy cow!  We got his address, and we are going to start teaching them- we need more priesthood holders! :)  For dinner, we had beets, a huge tamale and anis.

Martes, 23 de Setiembre del 2014
     This morning, we wrote notes to 3 investigators who we were going to visit today.  The notes are uplifting words to help them know that we love them, and we added a scripture about helping them know what they need to do.
     Then we headed to lunch.  We ate fish (with the head, fins and tail still attached- meaning it had its teeth and eyeballs....) and rice and veggie soup.  After lunch we met up with Omar at his house. He was busy with stuff, so we set up a cita for next week and as we were leaving, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a huge handful of candy and gave it to us.
     Then we had a lesson with Martin y Carlitos.  Martin is so great.  When we showed up to the house, he had a treat for us. :)  We had our lesson and he called us angels 50 times! :)  At the end of the lesson, we gave him the note we wrote him.  He kissed it and put it in his pocket.  Oh, during the lesson, he was telling a story and his facial expressions and actions reminded me of my Grandpa Pearson!  I found by Peruana Grampa!  haha
     After his lesson, we had a lesson with a family that we had found last week- Jose (dad), Simona (mom), Ana Luz, Daniella, Fernando y Katrina.  They really want to learn more and grow stronger as people.
     Then we went and talked to a recent convert named Karla (the girlfriend of Kade).  She is so great and is so full of stories.
     Then we headed to Aaron and Daniella's, but they were busy and were getting ready to leave, so we just dropped off the note we wrote them and Aaron was so happy.  Then we headed to Jimmy y Giannina's.  We taught them about Jose Smith.  We watched a video and they seemed to really like it. They want to learn more.  The best thing was that Jimmy and Giannina offered the prayers and they were beautiful!
     Then we went to dinner.  (sweet potatoes, broccoli, and beets).  Then we went home and planned and called a lot of people to set up citas and to invite them to the activity tomorrow.  During that time, we got a call from Elder Coons...and he is my new District Leader!!  Small world! :)  So now he will be back in my stories again!  haha

Miercoles, 24 de Setiembre del 2014
     This morning we taught an old man named Eduardo, and I had found him with Hna Hawks, so this was his first time meeting Hna Kingsford.  After talking with him for a while, he said, "You are angels, but please don't come back to teach me, but you can come to eat and conversate."  I was not expecting that from him, because when we had found him, he seemed really interested, but I guess not anymore....he is adorable though.
     Then we went to lunch. (soup, rice, chicken and egg omelette).  During lunch, the cousin of Channy was over.  He is 11 years old.  He is so cute and we were talking for a while and I gave him a picture of Jesus and he was super excited about it.  We became best friends right off the bat.  His name is Julio and his birthday is the 26th of Julio!  haha
     After lunch, we went over to our cuarto to grab some stuff for our next lessons and Elder Chavez called.  He called to just chat for a minute, and to tell us that we have a new guy as our zone leader, because Elder Smith had cambios (transfers). :(  At least we still get to hang out with Elder Chavez. He is so funny, and he loves to practice his English with me and then giggles at my Spanish! :)
     When we went out teaching, we taught a husband and wife, Victor y Isabel.  They are really faithful and when we were telling the story of Jose Smith, Hna Kingsford started to say the first vision and Isabel cut her off and started talking about a time that she saw a bright white light in her room...and then Hna Kingsford continued with the first vision and talked about the 2 personages in the air, and Isabel cut her off again and told us that she didn't see anyone, but she did see the light.  :) In the end, they liked it and wanted to learn more.
     We went to several other houses, but no one was home. So we went to ward council, and because it's Peru, NO ONE was on time, so everyone showed up really late.  Since it was taking forever for anyone to show up, we went to the gas station near by and got drinks.  Hna Kingsford thought that she grabbed normal water, but it ended up being carbonated, and during our walk back, she was shaking it and throwing it up in the air, so when she opened it, it EXPLODED!  It was sooo funny!
     At 7pm, we had consejo de Rama and then at 8pm, we had the activity. (noche misional)  Unfortunately, we had to leave early, because by the time they started the activity, it was 8:30pm and we still had to eat dinner and be back to our cuarto by 9pm.  On our way out the door, they told us that we couldn't leave because we were giving the prayers.  We told them that we had to leave, and after a dramatic back and forth of no, yes, no, yes, no... we just had to leave.
     We went to dinner (bread y cheese), and then went home and called Lucido to see how he was doing.  He is so funny.  I love him.  He still makes fun of my "happy, sweet Spanish." haha

Jueves, 25 de Setiembre del 2014
     We had our district meeting in Monsefu this morning.  When we walked in, it was weird to have Elder Coons greet us.  When he started the meeting and was picking on me like he did in Motupe, I felt right at home.  haha  I missed him and his sassy-ness.  During the meeting, we practiced contacting and we were all laughing so much, trying to decide the best way to stop people on the street.  We decided it's best to capture their attention by handing them a picture of Jesus.
     After the meeting, we went back to Pimentel and contacted on the Malecon. (board walk)
We found some great people and we met a man from Lima and after we contacted him, he took a picture with us and went on his way.
     Then we went to lunch (cebiche de tollo, arroz con pollo, y yuka).  After lunch, we went to Fonavi and picked up Gaby and went to visit Marco Leyton.  We read 2 Nefi 4.  It is such a beautiful chapter!  Read it now!  haha
     After that, we dropped Gaby off at her house and her husband, Ivan, invited us in for cake and candy!  It was so good!  The goodies and cake are the best here!
     After that, we were kinda late for our next cita with a man named Pedro.  We had met him before, several times on the street, and he didn't seem to be super serious or punctual about time, so we weren't feeling too bad about being late, until we got to his house and he had had a bad stomach and had decided to walk to the pharmacy to get medicine when we didn't show up at our scheduled time... and on his walk, he saw us walking  and wondered why we hadn't visited him.  I almost started crying right there.  We asked for his forgiveness and rescheduled a new cita.  He is so sweet and he even got all dressed up, too.  I felt so bad. :(
     Then we had a cita with Zora, a sister of a member named Ruth Cachay.
     Then we headed to Pimentel to meet Ricardo in the park.  We waited for a bit and during our wait, Edilver showed up and we were talking with him.  Then I called Ricardo to find out where he was, and he said that he was in the park.  Then he told me that I should have worn my big black coat, and not just my yellow champa (jacket) because it is too cold.  I knew he was in the park somewhere, and so I looked around and found him standing alone in the dark with his hood on and waving to us.  It reminded me of a scary movie, except that he isn't scary. :)  We ended up going to Lucy's house to teach both Ricardo y Edilver about the Book of Mormon.  It was a great lesson, and we gave Ricardo a Book of Mormon and inside we marked our favorite scriptures.  When the lesson was over, we walked them out and we went back upstairs to eat dinner.
     Bruno (17 years) joined us for dinner, and I asked him to pray and he did.  All during dinner (arroz con leche y broccoli y beets), we were laughing and joking around. Then Bruno asked me what my name was, and I told him, and he was kinda like "hmmm...your name is interesting..." It's so one here really likes my name. :(  Oh well.  I guess it's because there are 3 different places in Peru that you can live...the Costas, the Celba or the when they hear my name, they think of the mountain area...haha.  I still like my name a lot! :)

Viernes, 26 de Setiembre del 2014
     This morning Hna Kingsford felt sick, so once we finished our weekly planning, she rested while I called investigators to set up appointments.  Then we went out to buy more minutes for our phone. When we were walking, we received a phone call from Ricardo saying, "I see you."  We looked around and found him, so we went over and started talking with him.
     Then we went to lunch. (steak, pureed peas and rice)  After lunch, we went out teaching.  We had no luck finding anyone home, so we started knocking on doors and a young man who answered one of the doors, was one of the guys that I contacted the other day.  His name is Victor.  He is really cool and I had no idea that he lived in that house.  He wants us to come back and teach him more and he said he is going to come church with his other friends that I had contacted him with.
     After not finding anyone else, and contacting everyone on the street, we crossed the highway and started knocking on doors, and we ended up finding a really cool family.  The dad is Wilmer, the mom is Yolanda and they have 3 kids named Brian, Hellen y Jeoffry.  We haven't met the kids yet, but they want us to teach their whole family.  They are a funny couple.  We shared a Mormon Message with them about showing and sharing your love.  Once the video was over, Yolanda joking around, looked at Wilmer and said, "I love you okay!  I love you!  I love you so much!  I'll do the laundry every day!"  It was so funny.  Then we discussed prayer with them, and she said, "Every morning I thank God for another day, and that I'm not pregnant!"  I busted up laughing, but Hna Kingsford didn't hear the part about not being pregnant, so she was just sitting there wondering why I was laughing.  :)
     After finishing the lesson, they walked us back into town so nothing sketchy would happen to us. That is when we met up with Edilver and we taught him about the Atonement of Christ.  I shared a scripture because it talks about how Christ suffered not only for our sins, but our pains, sicknesses and temptations.  He really needed to hear that because he has a hard life and had a hard life before he came to Pimentel.  During the lesson, we talked to him about baptism and he said that he wants to be baptized on October 18.  I am so excited for him.  He just wants to start over and be a strong son of God.  It is so beautiful.
     After we finished teaching him, Lucy invited him to dinner. (soup, veggies and bread)  Lucy is so great and is so giving.  I am grateful that she is the way she is because right now, Edilver needs someone like her in his life.  After dinner, Edilver talked to us about his hard life before he came to Pimentel. His mom is really sick and for a while, he was sleeping outside the hospital trying to get money from people to buy food and stuff, and he would walk around town asking people if he could do his laundry at their house.  It broke my heart to hear this.  But in the end, he said he was grateful for this trial because he learned to lean on God.  And now that he has the gospel in his life, it is getting better for him.
     We went home, planned and called Lucido to make sure all is well and then we got ready for bed. Today started out disappointing because we didn't teach anyone, but by the end of the day, we were super happy and uplifted.
     P.S. Thursday when we were walking around, a family member of Elba saw us and called us over and said that she wanted to start receiving the lessons because she sees something different in Elba, and she wants that in her life and her children's lives, too.  :)

Sabado, 27 de Setiembre del 2014
     On our way to the combi this morning to head to Fonavi, I saw one of the guys that works in the combis and so I waved at him, and after I waved, he came running over to me and started asking me questions about where we teach English.  We aren't allowed to teach English anymore, because Pres. Williams wants us to use all our time teaching the gospel.  So we told him that we don't teach English anymore, and so he started asking why we are here in Peru, and we explained that we are missionaries and that we help people come closer to Christ.  We took down his information.  His name is Richard (19 yrs) and he lives really close to our cuarto.
     Then we headed to Fonavi and we went to visit a man named Egnar.  He had contacted us and asked when we were going to visit him.  He is the single dad of 2 daughters, ages 10 and 5.  We were teaching him and in the end, we were telling him about baptism and how it is really important to be baptized correctly, like Jesus. and by the proper authorities...and then he cut us off and told us, "I was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ.  I even have pictures."  We were completely surprised! We had found a member of the church!!  His daughters are adorable.  The entire time we were at their house, they were hanging on me.  In the middle of the lesson, Blanca (10 year old) told us that she had a song she would like to sing to us.  It was about the Bible, and her voice was so sweet.
     Then we left and went to lunch at the house of the familia Leyton.  We ate with Alicia (one of the older daughters of the familia) and the entire time, we were giggling.  After lunch, we went and picked up Cristian Tello and we went out teaching.  We went to teach Lucido at the house of Daniel, but he ended up having we just talked with Daniel about how we can better help the Rama and he also sent pictures to my mommy! (below)

Hna Kingsford, Me, and Daniel (Ward Mission Leader)
In front of the church
Daniel, Hna Kingsford, Lucido, Me, Edilver
More birthday cake for Hna Kingsford at Daniel's house

     Then we left and contacted a bunch of people on the streets.  While we were  walking around, we passed a group of little girls and they told us to come with them to their house to meet their parents. We went with them, but it turns out, that it was a huge party with drinking, so we left and contacted a couple of other people.  The same little girls came running up to us with cups full of inca cola.  They were so cute!
     We went and talked with Gloria, Estrellita, and Teo.  I was talking with Teo about mission life, giving him an idea of what to expect once he gets his call and leaves on his mission.  He is so excited and is always asking me questions about the mission.  He is a cool and a good kid.  After talking for a bit, we went to Daniel's house to watch the Women's Broadcast with Ede (Daniel's mom).  The broadcast was so good.  Pres. Uchtdorf gave an amazing talk!!!  We watched the whole thing in Spanish, and everything that I understood, I loved!!
     We left, and went back to our cuarto.  On the way home, we ended up contacting this really cool guy who wants us to visit him and his family.  I hope we end up finding him again.  He is super nice and he paid for our trip back into Pimentel.  How nice!!
     Oh and one more thing about Daniel.  After the broadcast ended, Daniel came in and started looking up other church websites (Testigos de Jehova) and made us watch some of their videos.  I started to tease him, so he looked up on the church website about "mental abuse", and he read the definition to me...haha...he thinks he is so funny.  Then he said that he going to get everyone to fast on my birthday, so no one will celebrate with me, and so no one will give me any cake or goodies. Punk.  haha  Gotta love him and his sassy-ness.  Daniel and I joke with each other all the time.  We are always laughing and making others around us laugh, too.  It is so much fun.
     Today was a good day.  Long, but good.  We met a lot of really cool new people, and I am really excited to teach them all and their families!

Domingo, 28 de Setiembre del 2014
     Martin came to church!  He was so excited to be there!  I love Martin!  Edilver, Mayra, and Lucia came to church, too!
     After church, we planned a little more in depth for our lessons with investigators.
     Edilver was leaving today to go to Chiclayo and he didn't want to lose his Book of Mormon, so he gave it to me for safe keeping.
     Then we headed to Fonavi for lunch with Gaby and Ivan.  We ate cebiche with cancha (popcorn seeds)-so yummy, popcorn, steak, chicken, potatoes and purple and yellow sweet potatoes).  I love the food here!  After we ate, we played with our best friend, Gabriel, the son of Gaby.  He is so stinkin' cute!  He was feeding us popcorn like we were animals.  He would put his hand by our mouths and he would shake and chatter his teeth in terror.  It was so adorable.
     Then we went and taught Juana y Jose.  The lesson was awesome!  We taught the Ten Commandments, using the hand game.  They loved it!

     Then we had a lesson with Lucido.  We were reviewing all the lessons to make sure he doesn't have any questions about anything.  He remembered everything perfectly.  He is awesome!  When we were packing up to leave, we told him to pray for help that he would have the energy to get up and go to church.  During his prayer, he did ask for help and also said, "Help Hermana Dodson call me to motivate me to come to church."  haha  He is so funny.
     Later, we were walking and contacted this woman named Angie.  She said, "You guys are Mormon, huh?"  We said that it is just a nickname and that we belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  She then started apologizing to us, saying that she was raised in the Celba, so we need to forgive her.  When we asked her why, she then realized that the nickname "Mormon" is not an insult to us.  She was so worried that she had offended us.
     Then we went to a cita with Ivan and Gaby.  We invited Ivan to baptism, and he said yes!
     Then we headed back to Pimentel and taught Jimmy and Giannina.  When we were waiting for everyone to join us, Jordin was singing opera in the shower.  It was so cute!  When he came out, we complimented him.  He was a little embarrassed.  During the lesson, the power went out, and it was super dark.  They turned on flashlight on the phone and we finished the lesson.
     For dinner we had veggies and soup!!  I love Lucy (Ida Luz) so much!  She is my best friend here in Pimentel, besides my fantastic companion!

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