Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Week 40: Nine Month Mark!

Lunes, 5 de Enero del 2015   [Feliz Cumpleanos Hna Corona!]
     We went to Chiclayo for P- Day because we wanted to buy colchitas (summer blankets) for our beds.  We went to El Modelo, which is a huge mercado in the middle of Chiclayo.  I bought 2 blankets, two pairs of cool pants, and two pairs of shoes for about $6 each!  Awesome deal!

new pants
new shoes and other new pants
new blankets!
     After shopping in the Modelo, we went to the tottus to buy cleaning supplies and ice cream from Bembos. Then we went to internet.  After internet, we headed to lunch at the Dulceria at 3:30pm. Then we went home to clean our cuarto and we deep cleaned our bathroom.  Our room doesn't look that different, but it smells a lot better!
     After cleaning, we went out teaching.  We visited a less active member named Beatriz.  She said that she will come to church, so we hope that she will.  Then we went to visit Emanuel Davila (recent convert), Mirella (less active), Maria Jose (9 year old investigator) and their Grandma (member of the church).  We taught them about the Word of Wisdom and they loved it.  We had a fun time, and they asked us to come over everyday!  We can't this week, because we have tons of citas, but maybe next week.  They are a really humble familia.  I love them.
     At dinner, we ate fruit salad and then went home and planned.  Right at the end of our planning, our neighbors decided to have a karaoke night.  So...right now we are listening to some drunk Spanish karaoke...it is solid!  haha  I love Peru!

Martes, 6 de Enero del 2015
     This morning we went and visited a family- Susie (mom), Karla (14 yrs), Consuelo (9 yrs), and Juan (Susie's uncle).  Well, we knocked on the door and Consuelo ran to me and gave me a huge hug, and then let us in.  Juan was pretty drunk, but he was able to explain the story of Lehi and Nephi, and he told us how much he likes the Liahona.  :)  As we were explaining stuff, he interrupted us and asked "She is so beautiful...why is she visiting our family?" ....and as the family would try to answer him and let him know that I am a missionary, he cut them off and said, "We are so lucky to have her beauty here in our house."  haha
     After teaching them, we went home to study.  Then we went and picked up Cinthya to go teaching with her.  We taught a woman named Maritza.  She had a brother killed a long time ago while he was working, so we taught her about the Plan of Salvation.  She loved it.
     Then we picked up Celia (member) to go and teach Aladino and his wife, Juana.  Aladino is blind and has the sweetest spirit.  He and his wife have three daughters (18, 17 and 5 yrs).  They are a great family and they said that they want to prepare for baptism.
     After visiting them, we went to visit Luz (daughter of Gilda).  We found her sitting outside with her boyfriend, Leonardo.  They let us into the house without us even asking, and they were excited to hear our message.  We talked about teen life and finding happiness....we told them that true happiness comes from knowing God.  They were really into it, so we set up another cita to come back on Monday.  I am super excited to work with them.  Leonardo even said, "I haven't been baptized, so I would like to look into that!"  I really hope for the best for Luz and Leonardo!
     We went to dinner, came home and planned.  We talked in our beds...well Hna Furness was feeling sick, so she just listened to me talk.  haha  Then she started feeling better, so we started sharing stories from elementary school.  Love it!  Love her!

Miercoles, 7 de Enero del 2015
     Today during study, I made a list of changes I want to make in my life.  I titled the list "Changes for the Better":  I want to be more humble, have a stronger testimony, know the scriptures, radiate the love of Christ, be perfectly obedient, have strength to overcome temptation, have hope and faith that anything is possible, have better study habits, have a willing heart to repent of all, have good eating habits, have good exercise habits, and have better praying habits by truly crying unto God.  I want to improve all of these things, so that when I come home and later become a mother, I can use all of these traits to raise my children.
     After studies, we went out teaching and had no luck with any of our citas, but we were blessed by God, and received a reference from an investigator named Giona.  We went to find her and realized that she lives in the elder's area....shhhhh...don't tell.  haha  Well this woman's name is Carolina and she has 3 sons.  Two of her sons live with her and 1 lives in Lima.  One of her sons, named Allovi, is physically handicapped.  He slides around on his bum.  He is 16 years old and can't talk, but he is obsessed with bottles.  I had a water bottle that he liked, so I gave it to him.  He has the sweetest giggle and smile.  He is an angel and super precious.  Carolina is a single mom and can't work right now because of a really bad hernia.  She is so strong and just wants the best for her children.  She has no money, but the other son who lives with her, works and takes care of the familia.  This family hardly has anything, but they are all so happy.  They are strong believers in Christ and His love for everyone.
     Then we went to visit Wilmer.  The spirit was beautifully strong.  We talked about the Atonement, and the love and the spirit radiating from everyone in the room could be seen.  The spirit was definitely present.  I shared, "After death, we are going to talk with Jesus, and just imagine that you died in sin and saw Christ.  Christ would look at you with pain in his eyes and heart...because he suffered ALL for you, and you chose not to use it,  basically telling Christ that His suffering wasn't good enough for you."  Wilmer looked right at me and said, "I am starting today...to change...I am changing for the better."
     Then we went and taught Gina (Georgina), and we just shared some stories of miracles with her to help her know the love that God has for us.  It was nice to listen to and see the change in her.
     We went to dinner and drank coconut water right from the coconut!  We also ate rice soup, fruit salad and fresh yogurt.
Jueves, 8 de Enero del 2015     [NINE MONTH MARK!  I'M HALF WAY DONE!]

"Nine Month" mark pic :)
Happy Anniversary note from
Rossana, her daughter Ingrid
and her mom, Mila

     Holy cow!  I have 9 months in the mission.  I can't believe that I will be going home in 9 months. The time is flying by.  Seriously, the time goes by so fast in the mission.  It doesn't feel like I have been out here for that long.  Anyway, we did our weekly planning this morning because we have zone meeting tomorrow.  During planning, we got a call from our zone leaders.  This time it was Elder Bruins and Elder Escobar.  Elder Aramayo had an emergency cambio (transfer) so now Elder Bruins is my new zone leader.
     After planning, we went out teaching.  We met two new women named Julia and Yolanda.  We also taught Beatriz, a less active member.  She told us today that she has a lot of trust in us.  She really opened up to us.  I think that we will be able to help in reactivating her.
     Then we went and visited a woman named Gloria.  Today she told us that the Bible tells us that we should not wear make up or nail polish.  We shouldn't cut or dye our hair or wear nice clothes....jaja...so we left her house feeling quite attacked for doing these things.
     After a few other visits, we went to dinner.  Everyone at the Dulceria came and sang "Happy Birthday" to me for my 9 month mark!  haha  And for dinner, we ate cake, ice cream, fried chicken and a crepe/panqueque with manjar (caramel) inside.  It was so yummy, but we went home feeling quite sick.
     After getting home, we planned and then Hna Rossana and her daughter Ingrid showed up to help us put up nets over our beds to keep the bugs from eating us at night.  My net is yellow and I hope that it will help me find less bug bites!

bug nets!

Viernes, 9 de Enero del 2015
     Well at 4:30 in the morning, I was awakened by Hna Furness throwing up in the bathroom.  At 6:30 am, we could finally start calling people about it.  We called the hermana leaders first because they wanted to do inter-cambios with us, but we can't do that when my comp is sick.  At 8 am, we should have been leaving to go to our zone meeting.  Hna Furness wanted a blessing, so I called our district leader, Elder Watkins and he told us to call Elder Dagley.  Thankfully Elder Dagley and Elder Encalada came over and gave her a blessing.  Then they left to go to the zone meeting.  Our zone leaders called to see how we were doing.
     Hna Furness rested all day long, while I read all of Alma, wrote letters to the familia Leyton about some conference talks that I had read, decorated my new agenda and filled in all the dates.  The elders came by with a fan and cards from home.  One of my cards was from the Laurel class.....9 months ago....with an explanation from Marci Tribe (YW President) that she had just found them and realized that she never sent them.  haha  That totally made my day.
     I studied a ton and learned a lot.  I love Alma a TON!  The wars at the end are awesome.  I love the Book of Mormon!

Sabado, 10 de Enero del 2015
     We took it slow today, because Hna Furness was still not feeling her best.  She rested until lunch. We ate lunch with the elders at a member's house named Lili.  The elders are cool.  We don't get to see them very often, so it was fun to see them.  After lunch, Hna Furness started feeling really sick again, so we headed back home and let her rest until our cita at 5 pm.  We met up with Sharon, the return missionary and taught Maritza about the Atonement and pre-mortal life.  It was a beautiful lesson and she opened up a ton.
     Then we went and taught Aladino and his pregnant daughter, Rosmeri (17 years).  We taught them about prophets and the great apostasy.  They were really into it and want to learn more.  I really hope that we can convert their family because they are at a time in their lives, where they could use some positive guidance.
     After their lesson, we headed back into Patapo Centeral to eat dinner.  At dinner, Victor Jr. was walking around taking pictures of the restaurant, so I posed a few times and made everyone laugh. Then I edited the pictures by drawing on them and writing notes.  haha  The reason he was taking pictures was because Rossana thought one of the customers was really good looking, so he was getting a picture for her.  haha  What a good nephew. :)

Domingo, 11 de Enero del 2015
     During sacrament, the Bishop called me up to lead the music...and I would try and get everyone to start on time, but that didn't happen.  The best was when I couldn't remember how Love At Home started, so I looked out at Elder Dagley and he started singing for me to get it started.  He could see on my face that I couldn't remember it. :)  Thanks for saving my butt Elder Dagley!
     After church, we went out contacting and then went to lunch.  We ate with Shirley, Enrique, Jonny (Enrique's younger brother- 25 yrs), Enrique's mom and the elders.  We had chicken, potatoes, rice, and veggies with RANCH dressing!  It was super yummy!  We all sat around talking and getting to know one another better.  It was super fun and we laughed a lot!
     We left and went out teaching.  We found another hidden inactive member....there are so many here.  His name is Carlos, and he has been a member for 14 years.  His brother is Franco, our ward mission leader...and Franco never told us about Carlos!  haha  Then we went and taught a woman named Maria Violetta.  She swears without a doubt, that she is already a member, but no one has any records of her baptism, so it is all complicated.
     Then we headed to visit Wilmer and Rosa.  We taught lesson 1 because Rosa doesn't know that lesson.  As we were teaching, she kept getting distracted, but every time I would give 'cool' examples of things, she would listen and make comparisons.  By the end of the lesson, we knelt in prayer and Rosa gave the prayer!  It was the coolest thing.  During her prayer, the whole family, including all five kiddos, who are usually really loud, were very reverent.  It was beautiful.  Before we left, we had them promise that they would pray together as a family.  Oh and Wilmer fixed my broken scripture case.  It's been broken for awhile, but now it is fixed! :)
     We headed to ward council and I was talking with Nelson (Enrique's brother who just recently got back from his mission).  He is a really cool guy and we were quoting scriptures and sharing jokes the entire meeting.  After the meeting, we walked to dinner.  We had fruit salad and pineapple pie (pay de pina).  Then we went home and planned and called our district leader to report our numbers.  Then we listened to some fun church music and got ready for bed.

cute hair
me with my new best friend, the fan :)

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