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Week 58: "How can we have a happy home?" "Kill the husband."

 Lunes 11 de Mayo del 2015
     We didn't do anything exciting today.  We did our normal P-Day rituals.  We bought needed items and then we went home and rested until lunch. (yogurt and cereal)
     After lunch, we went to internet and wrote home, and then went back to our cuarto to rest until P-Day ended.  At 6 pm, we headed out to teach.  As we were walking through town, one of the crazy guys found us and asked us to write his name in English on a pass along card that he had.  So we wrote Michael Angel Blonde and handed it to him. We said, "Goodbye Miguel." and he said, "No, yellow!"  What?!  Welcome to our English conversations we have here.  haha

Hna Dodson and Hna McGinnis
New shoes....old tan line :)

Martes, 12 Mayo 2015
     We had a  multi-zone conference in Chiclayo today.  We ended up going with the elders in a taxi. On the ride there, some cops were doing some random checks on the cars passing through, and our car got chosen as one of them.  The cops asked us for our IDs.  We all pulled out our passport copies. Luckily, one of the cops was a member of the church, so he didn't make us do the crazy background checks.  That was nice.
     Once we got to the office, we were talking with other missionaries that were there, and Elder Epperson told me that his family moved to Utah!  He promised that he would be at my homecoming!
     At 10 am, the meeting started.  McGinnis and I entered into the assembly hall to find some seats, and all we could see were Elders everywhere.  We looked and noticed that the sister missionaries were all on the other sat down with all the elders. :)  When President Williams got up to talk, he noticed us and then teased all the other sisters for being afraid that the Elders have cooties! It was funny!
     We talked about the scriptures the entire time.  We talked about the power that comes from them. I learned so much and I just had a craving to study my scriptures.  The new mission focus is to use scripture mastery more.
     We ate McDonald's for lunch.  haha
     Then we got our mail from home.  I had a letter from Danielley and also one from my mom about the beautiful Payson Temple in Payson, Utah.
     After that, we headed home to go teaching.  We visited Clara and the lesson went well.  She wants to get baptized, but she has to come to church first. :)
     Then we visited a member named Ana.  She opened up a lot to us.  By the end, she expressed to us that we were angels sent from God to listen to her and bring her comfort in her time of need.
     Then we visited Judith and Santos.  We read 2 Nephi 31.  It is all about baptism.  They still don't want to be baptized....maybe one day.
     We ate dinner- banana bread! Then we went home and planned.

Miercoles, 13 Mayo 2015
     This morning while we were studying, there was a big riot, so we ended up staying indoors for safety's sake.
     Once it was calm, we went to lunch.  When we returned to our cuarto, I felt sick, so we stayed in for the rest of the night.  We studied scriptures and scripture masteries.
     Later, we went to dinner and went home and got ready for bed.

Jueves, 14 Mayo 2015
     This morning, on our way home from breakfast, there was an old woman with two large bags. She was trying to carry them into the mercado, so she could sell her things.   I had a feeling to go and help her, so we ran over to her.  She handed us her bags and then held onto my arm as we walked her into the mercado.  When we entered, a lady recognized her and told us that her table was on the other side of the mercado.  Apparently the older lady has memory problems and sometimes forgets where her table is, so we just started walking in the direction the lady pointed.  Thankfully, when we walked past the old woman's table, she recognized it.  We got her settled and then we asked for her name. She told us it is Natividad :) and then we told her to have a good day.  She asked us what she needed to pay us for our help, and we told her that we didn't want any money.  Her eyes filled up with tears and she hugged us and thanked us for loving her.
     We went home to study and then to lunch.  After lunch, we were getting ready to meet up with a member to go out visiting, but we got a call telling us that we needed to go to the mission office to sign some papers.  So we headed to Chiclayo.  I had to sign some papers because my ID here says that I live in they had to change that.  As I was waiting for Elder Casas to give me the papers, I went and checked the mail, and there was a large envelope with the General Conference Ensign waiting for me from home.  Everyone in the office saw me reading it and they were all talking about how lucky I am to have my mom.  And then they were all trying to read it with me. haha
     Once we got back to Pomalca, we went to pick up Elena to go teaching with us.  One problem is that Elena lives in the area of the Elders, but we weren't going into the area to contact or teach, we just wanted to get Elena.  Well, the elders just happened to see us knocking on her door, and wondered what we were doing.  Unfortunately, Elena's family are mostly inactives, so we had to explain to the elders why we were there. :) We got Elena and then left.
     We had some great lessons.  One of my favorites was with Fany and Jade.  We taught them about tithing.  We gave Jade a tithing envelope, and she whips is open and asks, "Where is the money I'm going to pay?"  We all busted up laughing and told her that she needed to put her own money inside it. She smiled and said that she was excited to pay her tithing.
     After a few more lessons, we headed to the noche misional. (ward activity) The familia Ysique Garcia were there and I got talking with Royer.  Today, he went visiting with the Elders.  He told me that he was nervous to go, but he went anyhow.  He said that at one of the houses, they were visiting a less active member and her friend.  He said that he shared an entire page of scriptures from Mosiah 18 with them, which is about baptism.  He said that the friend began to cry, and said that she needs to change her life.  She told them that her mom had died and she knows that the only way that she will be able to see her mom again is if she becomes a better person and gets baptized.  Royer felt so proud and said that he felt a "hotness" in his chest, and that he wants to feel that more.  He told us that he is going to study the scriptures more so that he can share them with others. :)
     As Royer was telling me about his experience, the spirit was so strong and he was glowing.  I was so proud of him.

Viernes, 15 Mayo 2015
     This afternoon, we went to teach the familia Ysique Garcia.  Royer told us that he has an interview with the Bishop tomorrow about receiving the priesthood.  We ended up teaching about the priesthood.  Royer is so excited to receive the priesthood...he wanted it right then. :)
     Before we left their house, they asked us if they could invite us to a "little something" to eat. We agreed to it, and their "little something" ended up being a giant plate of rice with two pieces of meat. One meat was chicken and the other meat was duck.  Once we finished eating, we headed back to Pomalca.
     We visited with Diana Espinoza and then went to dinner.  We had cake for dinner, because they were celebrating the special occasion that Cecilia,our pensionista and her family, were going to the Trujillo Temple open house tomorrow. :)

Sabado, 16 Mayo 2015
     This morning we went visiting with a return missionary named Diana Liatas.  She told us stories about her mission.  I have never ever laughed so hard in my entire life!  I love missions because they are hard, spiritual, fun, and hilarious!  Anyways, later in the night, we went and visited Graciela and her daughter, Rosa.  We talked about families and how to have a happy home.  This is part of our conversation:
     Me: "How can we have a happy home?"
     Graciela: "Kill the husband."  We all laughed, but Graciela stayed really serious
     Rosa: "Mom, don't say that.  You are scaring the missionaries."
     Me:  "Ok then....I was thinking more along the lines of praying, reading scriptures, serving and loving one another....
I love lessons with Graciela! :)
     When we got home, we got a call from the zone leaders telling us that the sisters in Las Delicias are angry with us for teaching in their area.  We have not taught in that area, so we are really confused....

Domingo, 17 Mayo 2015
     Royer received the priesthood. :)
     I led the music again....and I ended up singing the sacrament hymn ALONE because none of the Peruvians knew the song...Awkward :)
     After church, we went to lunch early because we had a lot of citas and a meeting, so in order to get everything done, we had to start earlier.  We visited the familia Ysique Garcia.  Royer is different now.  He is more dedicated and serious about sharing the gospel, because he has the priesthood.
     Today, we followed the spirit and ended up being exactly where we were needed to be to help others. Our lessons weren't the best, but the people really needed us to be with them in their homes. It was a really special night.
     When we got home, we called the sister missionaries from Las Delicias to talk with them about why they think we are teaching in their area.  They said that some members in their ward told them that we were teaching in their area.  We explained that we weren't doing anything like that, and they chilled down a bit more.
     I don't like it when there is tension between missionaries.  We are all here for the same represent Christ....and Christ was never like that with anyone.  I know that I have weaknesses and that I am not perfect, and sometimes I don't always represent Christ the way I should, but everyday I am trying harder.

                                                  Here are some of the pictures I wasn't able to send before.

May 9, 2015
Baptism of familia Ysique Garcia
Baby Moises, Hna Dodson, Pedro (in front), Royer,
Maladiegue, Maria, Hna McGinnis
May 7, 2015
Zona Pomalca
Second Transfers

May 7, 2015
When we sang for the Mother's Day Party
Hna Dodson, Elder Epperson, Elder Brunis, Hna McGinnis
April 19, 2015
Elder Olsen, Elder Brunis, Teo (ward mission leader),
Hna Dodson, Hna McGinnis
April 19, 2015
Bertha and Silberio (ward missionaries and 
parents of Cecilia, our pensionista), Elder Olsen, 
Elder Brunis, Hna McGinnis, Hna Dodson
April 10, 2015
Zona Pomalca
at first transfers

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