Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 7: Chiclayo, Peru

 Mayo 20-26, 2014 

   This week, I made it to Chiclayo.  I love it here.  My companion is Hermana Reid.  She is 20 years old and is from Pleasant Grove, Utah.  She is a music major.  I love my companion.  She is great.  We also have two elders with us in the area.  Elder Coons is from California and is 20 years old and Elder Thompson is from Arizona and just turned 19 years five days ago!
     This week was crazy.  I am tired and really need a nap.  I have a few people that I have met in my mission which is called Motupe.  It is beautiful.  I love our house thing...haha...I will try and send as many pictures and stuff but the internet isn't very good here and I haven't been able to upload any pictures yet. :(
     We met a great little girl here.  Her name is Pascuala and she is 8 years old.  She loves me and she is always yelling to me all the time.  She is really making progress.
     My second day in the mission, we didn't have any water.  hahaha  So awkward!  So we went and talked to the lady (pensionista) that owns the building we live in to see if she could get the water on, and she couldn't so we used her shower and then went out proselyting.  My pensionista is amazing!  Her name is Crisalina and she is about 60 years old and I love her!
     We are opening a brand new area here, so we don't have any information, so we have just been contacting and contacting all week.  We have a lot of drunks try and talk to us.  We also have a lot of people really interested in the gospel.  I love it here!  The bishop here is great...the people are great!  I will try and figure out a better way of letting you all see about this stuff.  There is so much to write about but I don't know where to start in telling you....haha

     Since we were online at the same time, I decided to ask her some questions.

     Question: " Do you have a toilet or a shower?"
     Answer:  "I do have a toilet and a shower with hot water.  It is so nice here!  It is nicer than the                                    CCM!"

     Question : "Did Hna McGinnis go with you to Chiclayo?"
     Answer:     "McGinnis is in an area far away."

     Question: "Is there a church building where you are?"
     Answer:    "Yes.  It is about a 15 minute walk away." :)

     Question: "So is it super hot and muggy there?"
     Answer:    "It is not humid at all here, but it is hot!  At night, thankfully, it cools down and isn't too bad.                            One thing about here, is that no one wears clothes, and women just take off their tops to feed                        their children."

     Bye!  I will send more soon.

Are we sure we want to send Hermana Dodson
to Chiclayo?  Look what Lima did to her?

May 20, 2014
All votes in...they put Hermana Dodson
on a plane to Chiclayo!

They said the fresh air and natural beauty would be good for her...

Made it to Chiclayo, Peru!
(safe and sane) :)

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