Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 8: Motupe, Peru

May 29

We ended intercambios (missionary splits). Everyone I feel is ready for the gospel in Jayanca. When we got back to Motupe we found this contact named Cristina. She was really interested in the Book of Mormon, so we gave her one and she seriously loves it!  I have a good feeling about her.

Mayo 30

We met with Alex, a less active member that we found on accident because we asked him where an address was and so he helped us and so we have been teaching him a lot, and this last week he started praying again, and he says he feels good about it.  
We also taught Pascuala and Ruth(root) and they are so cute.

Mayo 31

We met with a newly baptized man named Anderson, and his brother apparently has got some witchcraft done on him, so he was asking us to help him get rid of the evil spirit.  It was intense.  But we told him we didn't have the authority and that we would talk to the elders.  Cristina wants to learn more and wants to get baptized!!!! yayayy!

Junio 1

Testimony meeting here is intense.  People literally get up as people are speaking still and they stand there waiting for them to finish. hahaha Maybe next time I will have a chance to share my testimony hahaha. Later that night we practiced singing with the ward members for a ward conference and well.. that was the longest 2 hrs of my life. hahahaha They seriously cant sing to save their life. hahahahaha I would sing the note and have them follow my lead and they struggled.  hahahahahahaha.. I love them. 
I read chapt 12-14 in Jesus the Christ and I love my Savior.

My companion Hna. Reid and I hiking to a sacred cross

girls in the district

my district in front of the cross

me looking out to motuope

 norte amricans folding the USA flag.. hahaha

ugly dogs here

"I live in Motupe and travel to Chiclayo (2 hour ride)
every week for one day, for meetings."


Catholic Church

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