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Week 17: "We caught it, we killed it, we ate it!"

Lunes, 28 de Julio de 2014

     Well we got invited to do P-Day with the Elders...and we were told to wear jeans and a t-shirt, so we did and met up with them at their pension.  We ended up going to a "farm" and ran around and caught our "lunch" (a rooster), then we killed it, plucked it and cooked it up as BBQ chicken and potatoes!  Elder Thompson pulled out his guitar and played for us a bunch.  He is super good!  Lots of talent!!
     After lunch, we made s'mores using Peruvian marshmallows, trangula chocolate and tentacion cookies.  It was to die for!
     Then we left and found this place with really fast internet.  I always love when that happens! After e-mailing, we bought a ton of Peruvian candy because today is their Independence Day, so they had a million and a half stands of foods!
     Then we went home and recorded ourselves in the bathroom singing!  haha  It was so fun.  Then we went out teaching.  We stopped by and talked to Clarita for a minute and she said that she wants to get baptized on the 9th of Agosto.  After we visited with Clarita, we went and visited with Jesus Ramiro and he wants to be baptized on the 10th of Agosto.  Ramiro is so cool.  He really wants the priesthood and to serve a mission when he turns of age.
     Then we went to look at this new cuarto, but no one was home in the building, so we headed to the pension and ate dinner. (bowl of fruit with Peruana corn puffs with strawberry yogurt on top)  When we were heading home, a band for a pase calle (parade) was getting ready to perform.  A couple of them stopped us and asked us about ourselves and our religion.  They were pretty cool.  haha
     Then we made it home, planned, cleaned our cuarto and got ready for bed.  Today was a FUN day!!

Martes, 29 de Julio de 2014

     This morning we headed to Chiclayo for interviews with the Williams.  We got there at 10:00 am.  In both interviews with Hna Williams and Pres. Williams, they both talked about Brother Shanks and how he met my parents at my sister's girl's camp.  It was cool, because I had just received a package of CD's and a letter from my mom talking about how they had met Brother Shanks at girl's camp and that he knew my mission president!
     After that, we left and ate lunch. (beet salad: meaning red pee and purple poop! :)  Then we headed out teaching and we ended up finding the father of Brigitte and we really talked a lot about her baptism and by the end, he was totally fine with it and we had a kneeling prayer and Gilmer (Brigette's dad) offered it.  The spirit was really strong.
     Then we went and taught Ashlye and Kiara and they stuck stickers all over our faces and braided our hair.  They are so cute!  After that, we went to English class, but no one showed up, so the Elders bought us this carbonated "health drink".  It was so gross, and right after drinking it, I felt super sick!  :(
     At 8:45 pm, people started showing up to English class.  I helped a menos activo named Franklin translate English songs into Spanish.  It was hard because some English phrases really don't translate over well.  But he and his buddy and Elder Coons were singing and then I joined in!  It was cool!
     At 9:00 pm, we left to go to dinner (soup, popcorn, peach juice box), and then went home and planned. After planning, Hna Reid and I decided to do a little prank photo for the Elders for making us drink that nasty drink.  So we put pillows up our shirts to represent that our tummies were "gassy" and we put soap foam by our mouths and said that we "ate tums" and had a reaction to the carbonation.  We think we are so hilarious.  Hopefully the Elders understand our joke.  haha

Miercoles, 30 de Julio de 2014

     Well, we had to get to Lambayeque for meetings (zona y districto), but since my foot started hurting again, AND I have a nasty rash in my arm pit, we called Elder Brunis to have him set up a doctor appt. for me, and we thought it was going to be later at night, but we ended up going to the foot doctor at 11:00 am, so we had to leave the meetings early.
     We got to the doctor and it turns out to be a different doctor than we had been seeing.  He looked like he knows what he is doing.  He asked a lot of health questions and actually looked at my foot.  He has a guess of what it is, but wanted to back it up with a new x-ray and a blood test.  So I went and got another x-ray done and got my blood drawn.  Unfortunately, the lady doing my blood draw really screwed up with the needle, so I got light-headed and really nauseous.  They didn't have anywhere for me to lay down, so they sent me to the other side of the Clinica where the emergencies are treated, and the doctor there told me to lay down.  As I was laying there, another doctor came in and took my blood pressure and was going to "diagnose" my problem.  We told him that I was just there to lay down and rest, but he kept trying to do tests on we just left and tried to find out when I could see the foot doctor again, and they said between 5-8 pm and that I was going to see a dermatologist about my rash at 4:30 pm.
     So we left and went and bought lunch at Norky's (fried chicken) which is inside the Tottus.  After that, we bought bembos ice cream (to eat away our stress) haha.  Then we went to internet to print off another receipt for the doctor, but is wasn't in our emails, so we had to hang out at the internet building for 40 minutes!  We already had headaches at this point, and received worse ones because they have gambling games in the internet building and the noises were so annoying!
     Finally we printed off the receipt and headed back to the doctor.  We waited until 7 pm for the dermatologist to show up.  He looked at my rash, gave me some pills and sent me on my way.  Then the foot doctor showed up at 7:30 pm and looked at my results and x-ray and said, "There is not a stress fracture, and I don't think there ever was.  I think you have Tendonitis in your foot."  Then I got completely depressed because there was another hermana here in the mission who got sent home because of Tendonitis in her feet.
     We left the doctor with many pills and I have to return and see the doctor soon.  We went to the mission office and we were told by Elder Bruins to wait for some hermanas to come and pick us up for dinner and sleeping. Hna Acosta y Hna Yuagi came and got us at 9:30 pm for dinner (bread) and then we headed to their cuarto and went to bed.

Jueves, 31 de Julio de 2014

     Well I woke up having a hard day.  So when we arrived back in Motupe, we planned out our day and then spent the rest of the morning sitting on the ground crying and hugging.  At 1:00 pm, we went to lunch and tried to find the Elders, because we both needed blessings of comfort and I needed one for my health. When we found the Elders, we asked them to meet us at our pension, and they, being great human beings brought us BBQ chicken pizza and breadsticks that they had made themselves!  It was really good!
     They gave us blessings, which were much appreciated.  I love the Elders so much.  They are always willing to help us hermanas!
     Then we went to visit Julio y Jhanina.  Apparently Julio is studying to become a doctor, so he wanted to look at my foot and rub this natural herb stuff on it.  It felt great!  Before we left, they asked Hna Reid and I to sing for them, so we did.
     Then we went to Gonzalo and Ghordhano (aka Jordano- we finally found out how to spell his name. haha)  Well Gonzalo was outside waiting for us and when we got there, his wife Maria Olga and himself let us in, and we taught about faith and repentance.  During the lesson, Gonzalo started crying.  It was beautiful. The spirit was so strong and he could feel how true everything we shared was.  I promised him that anytime he would turn to God for forgiveness, that He will always forgive him as long as it is with real intent.  And he felt that truth.
     Then we went and looked at a cuarto we found, and it is so cool!  Then we went to the church to help the less actives that we were teaching to get interviews.  When we showed up, there was a bunch of guys there. Once we got them into their interviews, we went outside to find a moto...and Gonzalo came speeding up to us on his moto!  He took us home and wouldn't let us pay him, so we just put the money on the seat and walked away.  :)
     Oh, crazy thing happened during our lesson with Gonzalo y Ghordhano.  Ghordhano got sick and threw up in his shoe right in the middle of our lesson.  It was super sad.  :(
     We got home, planned and went to bed.

Viernes, 1 de Agosto de 2014

     On the way to lunch today after weekly planning, we saw Gonzalo on his moto, so he pulled up next to us and talked with us as we walked. (I crutched) and I decided to try and race him.  He started laughing really hard and told me to go faster...haha...then he drove away.
     For lunch, we had beets and chicken.  After that, we went and bought new shoes for me, so that my foot could have more room to be swollen in. (best decision!)  After that, we visited Rosa (less activo) and she invited us in and made Peruana slushies and blueberries! She gets them special from Trujillo!  She is such a cool woman.  She isn't married and is super beautiful and is 35 years old.  I feel like we could be best friends!
     Then we went to teach Brigitte and we invited her sister Ingri to join us.  Ingri totally did and wanted to! She is super cool and she is so ready to accept the gospel.  We had given her parents a For Strength of Youth pamphlet to read, to help them know the changes that will take place in Brigitte, and well Ingri told us that she read it all and when we asked her, "When you know that our message is true, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized?"  She said "Yes!"  But now Brigitte is questioning baptism because she read in the For Strength Of Youth about Modesty and at her young 9 yrs of age, she doesn't want to have to "cover up" her unfortunately, we probably aren't going to baptize her because we feel she isn't ready for that serious of a covenant any more.
     After we taught them, we went to teach Erika (sister of Clarita).  She has a lot of faith and a lot of potential.  We had taught her once before a while ago, but she lived in Lima, so it didn't work out for us to teach her full time, but then she moved back home to Motupe, so now we can teach her and answer all her questions!
     After that, we left and headed to Fiorella's house.  On our way, we saw this guy selling cupcakes and cookies, so we stopped to buy some, and because we were taking too long to choose, he gave us 2 cupcakes for free and said, "You are taking too long to decide, and you two are always out walking.  You walk more than me, so here you go."  :)
     At 8:00 pm, we went to teach Nicol, Jovanna and Ricardo.  When we got there, Nicol was outside with this boy and when she saw us, she told him goodbye and came in without us even asking her to join us! When we got to the table, their copies of the Book of Mormon were set out nicely on the table.  I love when I see growth in people here.  Nicol and her siblings have grown so much and I love it!
     P.S.  Everyday we listen to Matt's CDs and Hna Reid loves every single song on them, and well her birthday is coming up, so if you want to do something for her, she would love it.  (even just a card and a flat balloon would be great!)
Sabado, 2 de Agosto de 2014

     Read at your own risk, but all morning today I was having to got the bathroom every 15 minutes.  It was bad.  And during all of that, I had to go to internet to send pictures of my rash to the North American doctor at the CCM in Lima, so he could try and see what is wrong.  We did that and talked with him on the phone forever about all my health issues, and he gave me a very specific diet and rest plan to follow.  After talking to him, we went to lunch and then out to buy all the things the doctor said to get.
     Once we got back, the senora de la casa called us over to her room to show us the cuartos she has available.  She has better rooms for us to move into that are more private and they are beautiful!  I really hope we can talk the Lideres (leaders) to let us have one of them!
     Then we went to the pension for me to rest while Hna Reid went out working.  I waited for them to return so I could go out and teach later.  She came and got me at 4:50 pm and we hurried to Gonzalo, but when we got there, they were leaving to perform a dance for the festival of the Cross.  Since we couldn't teach them, we went and taught a couple lessons in Los Cocos (one of the scarier pueblos).  Tonight we taught a family that we found one night at the park.  The mom's name is Carina and her daughters are Emily (10 yrs) and Ariana (8 yrs).  The lesson we gave  was literally just answering every question she had.  She has so much faith but the only thing missing was the guidance and knowledge of what to do with her faith.  She also told us that every year, they always go on vacation at this time, but this year her husband got really busy with work, and they had to stay in Motupe.... and that we found them at the perfect time!
     After our lesson, we stopped by Gonzalo's again and he still wasn't home. :(  So we went to the pension so I could eat dinner, because I cannot fast with all the medicines I'm taking.  I got a hamburger bun and put jelly on it and drank some tea.  Then we went home, planned and got ready for bed.

Domingo, 3 de Agosto de 2014

     We left after taking the Sacrament to pick up Ashlye y Kiara and tambien Brigitte y Ingri.  We ended up only returning to church with Ashlye y Kiara because Brigitte didn't want to come and Ingri didn't want to come without Brigitte.  After church, we did our studies and had lunch (french fries y chicken) and then we went out teaching.  We taught some really cool jovens (young people) and at 4 pm we met the zone leaders at the paradero (bus drop off) because they were coming to approve of the cuarto we want to move into. Turns out, we can't move into the beautiful one because it is too expensive.  So the zone leaders went out searching for other cuartos for us while I rested my foot.  Hna Reid went out with Ana.  They all returned to the pension at 7:15 pm and the zone leaders told us about a few cuartos they found.
     We walked the zone leaders to the paradero and then we headed to the house of Rosa.  We chatted and shared a message with her.  We also talked about the differences in price for stuff aqui in Peru and things in the U.S.  Then we went and taught Ashlye.  She is so cute and so ready for baptism.  After we finished her lesson, we headed to the pension and on the way there the entire city of Motupe lost power.  It was so dark!!  We ate soup and hot chocolate by candlelight .  We went home and on our way, the power came back on.  We called a lot of people tonight to figure out doctor's appts for tomorrow.  Then we put dirty rice water on our acne covered faces and went to bed. :)

Quote:  "One day each of us will give an account to the Lord.  This awareness was evident in a serious conversation I had years ago with a dear friend facing the end of his mortal life.  I asked him if he was ready to die.  I'll never forget his answer.  With courage and conviction he said, "My life is ready for inspection."

Elder Russell M Nelson
Ensign, November 2003

"We ran around....

and caught our "lunch"....

which was a...


....then we killed it, plucked it.....

and cooked it up as BBQ chicken.....

Then we made s'mores....

using Peruvian marshmallows....

trangula chocolate and tentacion cookies.
It was to die for!"

Our prank picture to the Elders...
pretending to be sick after drinking "healthy drink"

In the doctor's office trying to recover from the nausea
I was having after my blood was drawn.
"I was supposed to be laying down and resting, when
another doctor came in and started taking my blood
pressure and was going to "diagnose" my problem.  I
told him I was there just to lay down and rest, but he
kept trying to do tests on we just left."

In the doctor's office again....
"I found out that I probably never had a stress fracture...
and that I may have Tendonitis in my foot instead."

"The Elders, being great human beings, brought us
BBQ chicken pizza and bread sticks that they
made themselves!"

"It was so good!  I love the Elders so much!"

Me hanging out with the bathroom... 

Festival de la Cruz de Motupe
(Festival of the Cross in Motupe)
"It goes on for the entire month of Agosto!"

on the streets in Motupe....

covered in food and games!

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