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Week 18: Saying Goodbye to Motupe

 Lunes, 4 de Agosto de 2014 
     Well I was supposed to go the doctor today, but the doctor wasn't in, so we stayed in Motupe.  And since Motupe is in the middle of celebrating the Cross of Motupe for the entire month of Agosto, we decided to check it out.  So we went to the parque of the Catholic Church and looked at and bought some fun souvenirs.  We also bought yummy food.  We ate cotton candy!  After that, we went to lunch (soup and juice boxes), and then to our cuarto and organized and threw away things we no longer needed.  Then we went for internet and then went back to our cuarto and rested, sang and cried a bit.  It's been pretty emotional here in Motupe because of my health status, and I am personally exhausted of being crippled and sick.
     We got ready and went out teaching.  When we tried to find a moto taxi, the one we were going to take had a drunk man stumble out of it and he wouldn't leave us alone.  So a young woman came over and tried to get him to leave us alone, and when he didn't, she called over a guy, and that finally scared him away. They helped us with the moto and they were really nice and helpful.
     We went to several houses but no one was home because of the festival...but a little 5 yr old girl came over to me and grabbed my hand and said, "My name is Kati and that is my daddy Jose "(pointing to a man fixing a motorcycle)  So we went over and contacted him and his wife.  It was so cute that Kati wanted us to talk with her daddy.
     After that, we went to Nicol (menos activo) and taught her about Jose Smith.  Then we went to dinner (soup y milk).  After dinner, we both felt really sick so we hurried and planned and got ready to stay the night in Chiclayo in the morning because I have a doctor's appt.  Today was a good day.  It was long, and I am tired, but it was good!  I love the mission.

Martes, 5 de Agosto de 2014
     Hna Reid had a leadership meeting in Chiclayo but instead of going all the way to Chiclayo, I stayed in Jayanca (30 min from Motupe) with Hna Bean while our companions went to the meeting in Chiclayo.  We studied all morning and then went out and taught.  We taught Sobina (the woman with cancer in her stomach, who didn't like me at first).  She was happy to see me this time.  This time, her grand daughter was there. Her name is Ingri and she is 10 yrs old.  She would not stop touching my hair and taking things out of my hands (like my pictures from my scriptures, etc.)  She is super cute though!  They begged me to come back soon.  I would love to, but I can't promise I will or can. :(
     After lunch, we headed to Chiclayo to get our companions, because I had to go to the doctor.  Well, once we got to Chiclayo, we had to get a taxi to take us to the mission office.  Well our taxi driver got lost, so we drove around forever.  Once we finally got to the officina, Hna Reid, Hna Williams and I headed to the doctor.  Remember that in Peru, time doesn't if you have an appt at 5:30...oh well, we won't let you in until 8 pm!  Basically that is how it always goes.  So during our waiting time and while we were talking, two elders showed up.  Elder Sanchez (Lima) and Elder Smith (Lehi, UT).  We talked with them for a bit and I got talking with Elder Sanchez.  He would speak English to me and I would speak Spanish to him. It was fun!  He kept telling me I had good Spanish and that I understand a lot!  Yay!  Well, while we were talking, we both realized that we both like art.  I showed him some of the stuff I've drawn and that's when he started drawing me.  He is so cool!  He also writes music and songs on the guitar!!  Well, I finally got called into the doctor's office and he checks out my foot and joints and his conclusion was, "Lose weight (I've gained 5 lbs) and don't walk a  lot."  Makes sense, right?!  Lose weight but don't move!  Not only do I hate not being able to do things, I have some fat doctor telling me to lose weight!  haha  Life is good.
     After, we went to the mission home with Hna Williams to stay the night and to have dinner.  She made us real salad, Raman noodles and  mac n cheese!  It was so good!  And then we made chocolate chip cookies! It was so nice to eat a bunch of American food!
     We finally said goodnight to them at 10:30 pm and got ready for bed.

Miercoles, 6 de Agosto de 2014
     Well we woke up and did our daily exercises and got ready.  We went to the kitchen and Hna Williams was in there making pancakes (panqueques) for us.  It was so yummy.  Then during eating, Pres. Williams was telling me that with my foot, I just need to rest it for a good couple days and then work a lot, and if it acts up again, just continue to rest a couple days and then work again.  He then told us that he has had shoulder problems since he married his wife and found out just recently what was causing it, and he said that it is his "cuddling technique!"  So he told me to change my "walking" techinique and that should help my situation. :)
     We left Chiclayo and hurried home to Motupe as quickly as possible because we had a district meeting. We showed up a little late, but when we got there, Hna Tomlinson y Hna Lima weren't there either.  Turns out Hna Lima went home because of her back problems.  So it was just us and 4 elders (Coons, Thompson, Oswald and Cruz)  After our meeting, we celebrated Elder Cruz's birthday by getting ice cream!  It was a lot of fun.
     Then we went back to our cuarto and studied and tried to figure out what we need to do about moving cuartos, especially because I'm getting changed at this cambio (transfer)- I don't know where yet, but President told me I am being moved. :(  It's okay, because change is good.  Anyhow, we need to find out when and where we are moving our cuarto so Hna Reid and her new companion won't have to deal with that at cambios.
     Then I got dropped off at the pension to start my rest....:(  Later, Hna Reid came and got me and we went to the church to give the elders our money papers for the mission and when we got there, there was a plate with chocolate cake crumbs on it, and they said, "You took too long, so we ate your cake...sorry." haha Then we laughed and joked around.  Elder Coons was super energetic tonight.  It was weird, but fun to be around. Elder Thompson was also on a roll tonight with his jokes.  I started crying because I was laughing so hard!  I am really going to miss working with the 4 of us gringos.  Turns out they really had cake for us! Motupe has the best Elders!! :)
     We went to dinner (hamburger bun with jam on it and bitter hot chocolate) and then we went home and ate our chocolate cake, planned and got ready for bed.

Jueves, 7 de Agosto de 2014
     We taught Cristian Dioses this morning and he is such a good kid.  He really is such a strong member and a strong example.  Then we taught Clarita.  She still wants to get baptized, but won't pick a date...our lesson was very spiritual.  We talked about temples and the beautiful and sacred ordinances that occur inside them. We talked and promised her that her antipasados (ancestors) and future children were there in heaven cheering for her, and wanting her to be baptized, so she can go and do her ancestor's work in the temple.  I could feel the desire and see the light in her eyes of how badly she wants to do that.
     We went back to our cuarto and studied and then went to lunch. (cucumbers, tomatoes and beets) Then we went back to the cuarto and did my training and language study.  We headed to the pension to meet Miriam (member) to go out teaching with Hna Reid while I rested at the pension.  While I rested, I made little lesson games to teach children so that they can understand better.  They turned out really cute!
     Then Hna Reid showed up and we ate dinner (fruit and yogurt) and went home and planned.

Viernes, 8 de Agosto de 2014 (4 month mark)
     We went to Mochumi, Peru this morning to do a visit of studies and weekly planning with Hna Haro y Hna Montalvan.  I love them so much!  Both hermanas told me that they look up to me and that I am stronger than I think.  They bore their love and testimonies to me.  It was after that, that I realized that I really needed that boost...I have been kinda weighed down lately feeling like a burden to everyone because I can't go out and do the work that I want to, because of my foot.  But their words cheered me up.  I know God knows our needs and wants us to see and feel His love, and sometimes to show us that he works through other people to bless us.  The hermanas today do not know or understand all that has/is happening with me, but I know they followed a prompting to share God's love for me.  So when you get a prompting to tell someone something, or feel you need to do it, because God is trying to work through you.
     Once we got back to Motupe at 3 pm, we ate lunch (cucumbers, broccoli, and chicken) and then went out teaching for a little bit before we could pick up the member to help Hna Reid while I rested my foot.  At 6 pm, we picked up Nicol (16 yr old menos activo) and I got dropped off at the pension to rest.  When Hna Reid came back to the pension, she told me about one of our new investiagtors named Yamilet, and that when Hna Reid told her I was going to be switched to a different area, Yamilet got mad at Hna Reid for sending me away.  It was really funny.  haha
     We ate dinner (fruit y tea) and went home and planned.

Sabado, 9 de Agosto de 2014
     This morning for study, I was reading in Preach My Gospel in Chapter 6 about "Christlike Attributes". As I was studying all of the attributes, I noticed that they all work together.  In order to have one, you have to have another.  We need to strive to become more like Christ every day, and as we do, we will see many blessings and a stronger love for our Savior.
     This morning we taught Nohely, Moroni, Ivet and their aunt Jhanina, uncle Andres and their cousin Cerela.  We taught them about the Plan of Salvacion.  At the end of the lesson, their extended family wanted to learn more, but they live in Lima, so we told them to keep their eyes open for missionaries down there. They were really excited about that, and before we left, they asked us for our emails so they could email us! They were really cool and I really hope whoever teaches them in Lima will take care of them!!
     We went back to our cuarto to study, and then we went to lunch (chicken soup).  After that, we went to this apartment building to see if we could look at some rooms there, but she told us to stop by tomorrow. Hopefully we can find a new place.  We then studied language and then I got dropped off at the pension...I get so bored, but I have been making fun activities to teach children!
     At 7:30 pm, Hna Reid came and picked me up to go to Ashlye's house to get her baptism permiso papers signed.  I am so sad that I won't be there for her baptism.  I'm very grateful that I was able to help her grow and prepare for her baptism before I leave.  We talked with her parents for a bit and they are really great people and I can only pray all goes well and that Ashlye will get baptized next week. (Domingo)
     We left and went to dinner (scrambled eggs with rice and potatoes) and then went home and planned.

Domingo, 10 de Agosto de 2014
     We went to church and since it was my last Sunday here in Motupe, I took pictures with a lot of people. During church, 3 of our investigators showed up! (Mana del Carmen-10 yrs, Yamilet-13 yrs and Rodrigo-10 yrs)  After church, we went to lunch,  looked at some cuartos and then had study time.  After study, I packed and then we went and taught Ashlye, so I could say my final goodbye.  They are the cutest kids! I am going to miss them very much.
     After that, we headed out to Salitral, Peru to say goodbye to Jhanina, Julio and Enrique (less actives).  We were sharing our message with them when Julio's friends, Daniel y Junior walked in.  We took photos and gave our goodbyes.  We then stopped by Maruja's house to say goodbye, and the Elders showed up. We all talked with her for a bit.  Maruja gave us juice and egg and ham sandwiches on Barbie napkins!!
     Then we went to teach Yamilet.  We listened to her 13 year old drama and shared anything to do with the gospel while she finally took a breath.  When we left, she was super sad that I wasn't going to be coming back to teach her. :(
      We met up with the Elders at the pension to report and eat dinner. (potatoes and cheese) Then we went home and planned and waited for the Elders to call and tell us who is leaving Motupe with me...they called and let us know that Elder Thompson is leaving with me!!  Elder Coons will now have 6 cambios here in Motupe!! Crazy!!  I wish that was me, because I love Motupe.
     After receiving the news, I packed and packed!!

Llama at the Festival!
Back at the Mission Home with
Hna y Presidente Williams
Peruana twinkies!

Relief Society
Hna Maruja is standing behind me

Nohely, Me, Nohely and Ivet's sister, Rodrigo y Ivet

Grandpa Carlos, Hna Reid, Kiara, Ashlye and Kiara's aunt, Ashlye and me

Kiara, Me, Ashlye and their aunt

Jhanina and her little ones!
"Those kids are the best!"

In Salitral
Me, Junior, Enrique and Jhanina
and the kiddos!

Saying good bye to Salitral, Peru

Luna, Hna Reid, Nicol, Camila, and me
Me y Luna (5 years old)
Me y Camila
At the pension with my pensionista
Ana, Me, Crisalina y Fransico (esposo)

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