Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Week 54: FELIZ UN ANO!

Lunes, 13 Abril  2015
     After studies today we went out to buy some more cleaning supplies.  When we got home, we cleaned like mad.  After cleaning, we showered and went out to buy lunch.  We bought ourselves yogurt with cereal.  For dessert, and to help celebrate our one year mark in the mission, we bought milk and Oreo cookies. The milk here is different, so it tasted a little weird, but it was still good.

Once we finished eating, I felt a little sick, so I went and laid down on the couch.  After a bit, we went to internet.  I got to talk with my Mommy and it was so nice to talk with her!
     After internet, we headed to Chiclayo so I could see a doctor because my ear is still hurting. When we got there, we had to wait for awhile...and then when the doctor looked at my ear, he didn't believe me that my ear was hurting because he said that the infection is gone.  I told him that I wasn't able to sleep a blink last night because my ear was hurting so bad.  He said he would give me some more pills in hopes that it will help....then he offered to give me shot...and when I looked at my arm, he shook his head and motioned toward his behind...what?  A butt shot?  Yeah. No.  He saw the look of terror on my face and giggled and said, "Okay, just pills." haha
     We left and headed home.  As we were waiting for a moto taxi, I saw Noemi, from Motupe, riding in a combi.  We stared at each other for a second and then she started yelling, "Hermana!  Hermana!" I waved at her, and then the combi drove away.  It was fun to see her.
     Once we got back to Pomalca, we taught Carlota, Hermes and their son Jesus.  Jesus had been drinking, but he listened pretty well and even answered some questions.  After the lesson, we stayed to eat some food with them, and then Jesus started flirting with us.  We left, and decided that we better pass this family off to the Elders. :)  When we called the Elders about teaching them, they were so excited because Hermes wants to get baptized soon.  You're welcome Elders.  haha
     We planned, got ready for bed and got stuff ready for intercambios that we will be doing tomorrow with the sister missionaries in Las Delicias. (Hna Mejia and Hna Hernandes).  Las Delicias is in Pomalca, but in a different area and a different ward.

Martes, 14  Abril del 2015
     Right before lunch, we started intercambios with the hermanas in Las Delicias.  I went to Las Delicias with Hna Mejia.  She is a cool girl.  We had some hilarious visits.
     The first lady was a less active member.  When we got to her house, she was about to sit down and eat lunch, but she let us in and while we were sharing a message, we heard a noise by the kitchen table.  When we all turned to look towards the table, we saw a cat up on the table eating this lady's food.  The lady jumped up and scared the cat away.  We continued to teach, and then the cat came back out.  The lady pulled her flip flop off of her foot and began to chase after the cat.  Hna Mejia told her not to chase the cat, and the lady looked at her and said, "But I want to hit it!" hahaha
     Our last cita was with a woman named America.  She has 3 kids, two boys and one girl.  She told us about her pregnancies and doctor experiences.  She told us that when she was pregnant with her boys, the doctors told her that she was having a girl each time, and then when she was pregnant with her girl, they told her she was having a boy.  The way she told the story was so hilarious.  We busted up laughing so hard!
     After that lesson, my ear was hurting, so we headed back to the cuarto so I could take some pain pills, and to call Hna Williams. Hna Williams was worried about me and told me to come into Chiclayo right then and see a doctor.  So we headed into Chiclayo around 7:30pm.  When we got there, Elder Casas and Elder Allgaier helped us get into see Doctor Julio, who is a member. Unforturnatly, Dr. Julio doesn't know much about ears. He checked me out, but said he wasn't able to help me, so he set up a cita for me to see an ear doctor tomorrow.
     We went back to Pomalca and had dinner.  We ate pancakes and manjar. :)  Then we went back to the cuarto and talked until it was time for bed.

Miercoles, 15 Abril 2015
     We ended intercambios at 9:30am.  Then Hna McGinnis and I headed into Chiclayo for my doctor appointment.  We got to see the doctor at 11:30am, and apparently while the doctor was looking at my ear, I passed out.  The next thing I know, was that I was laying on a table with tons of people gathered around me.  They put me in a wheelchair and told me that I needed to rest for the rest of this day.  Dr. Julio gave us a ride to the mission office.  I was feeling really weak and sick, so President Williams wanted to give me a blessing.  The blessing was so beautiful, strong and powerful. I walked away from it feeling completely lifted spiritually.  I love President Williams and Hna Williams.  I know I couldn't have anyone better than them to help me.  Even though I left the office still feeling sick, I felt really happy, too.
     Once we got home, we rested for the rest of the day.  We ate lunch and dinner in our cuarto.  Hna McGinnis is the the best.  She has taken care of me through all of this.  She has loved me and made me feel special.  She is my best friend.  I am so blessed to have her with me through this trial of my faith. She has kept me strong and faithful.  She has kept me happy and uplifted.  She is amazing!

     Hna McGinnis told me about what happened Tuesday when I was gone.  She told me that Royer told them a story about a job he had been asked to do.  There is this house on top of a mountain that had a huge wasp nest.  Anytime any of the workers tried to get it down, they would always come back with hundreds of bites and stings, and still not get the nest knocked down.  Well, Royer was the next worker in line to try.  Before he climbed the ladder, he said that he said a prayer, that God would protect him and help him complete this job.  He went up the ladder and brought down the nest and didn't even have one little scratch on himself.  Everyone asked him how he did it.  He said, "I prayed...and it helps that I am changing my life to join His church."  The other workers asked him what church, and he said, "The Mormon church."  They started to tease him, and he said, "I am getting baptized on the 9th of May and it will be one of the best decisions of my life."  I love him.
     At 10:30am, we had a district meeting.  It went until 1:00pm.

Our district:
Back: Elder Hinostroza, Elder Lewis, Elder Brunis, Elder Olsen
Front:  Hna McGinnis, Hna Dodson, Hna Mejia, Hna Hernandez

"I laughed forever about this picture because the elders are so tall and so short!"
     Then we had lunch and rested because I wasn't feeling very good.  When I felt a little better, we went out and taught Eric.  He is going to get baptized on the 16th of Mayo.  He is 18 years old and has been listening to the missionaries for years.  He has always gone to church every Sunday, but never wanted to get baptized until recently.  As we were teaching him, he shared something very special with us.  He told us that earlier, he didn't want to get baptized when he was invited, because he had doubts, but now he doesn't have any doubts.  He said that it feels right.  He said, "If I could go back to those years and say yes to baptism when the Elders asked me, I would....so I could have had the blessings that I know I'm missing out on."  At the end of the lesson, he said, "I know that now is my time.  I am ready to be baptized."
     Then we went and visited with the familia Isique Garcia.  I asked Royer about his new job, and he told me that he works in construction.  I asked him if he has to work on Sundays, and he said, "Heavens no.  I told them, I don't work Sundays."  He is the greatest!
     Then we left.  Royer walked with us to find a moto.  After we found one, Royer paid for our ride. They hardly have enough for themselves.  He and his family are going to receive so many blessings for their sacrifices for us.

Viernes, 17 Abril 2015
     We had our weekly planning and by the end, we were both feeling really sick.  We decided to nap. We still felt gross when we woke up, so we just stayed in for the whole day.

Sabado, 18 Abril 2015
     This morning, Hna McGinnis was feeling really sick, so we were in the cuarto for a good portion of the day.  I was feeling pretty good until I ate lunch... then I started feeling sick again.  We just rested and studied.  I finished reading Mosiah.
     When we were both feeling a little better, we went to our citas.  We met up with Bishop Iman at Eric's house, but no one could listen to us.  Bishop Iman left to go visit some other families and said that he would meet up with us a little later to visit with the familia Isique Garcia.
     At 6:30pm, we met at the familia Isique Garcia's house.  I wasn't feeling very good at the beginning, but then I started to feel a little better.  We taught them about the Law of Chastity. It went really well.  Bishop Iman was such a great person to be with during that lesson.  He bore a strong testimony about the strength of family prayer and scripture reading, and that they work as weapons against the temptations from Satan.
     At the end of the lesson, Royer asked the Bishop if he could give baby Moises a blessing of health.  We hadn't taught Royer about blessings yet, so it was neat to know and feel that Royer believed that the Bishop had the power to bless his son.  I can't wait to teach Royer more about the power of the Priesthood, and that he will be receiving the Priesthood after he is baptized.  It will be such a beautiful day to see him and his sons as active Priesthood holders.  I love the familia Isique Garcia.

Domingo, 19 Abril 2015
     I led the music again today.  haha  I am always sitting down in the congregation, nice and cozy, when over the pulpit they thank me for my willingness to lead the music....that is how they ask people to do things here.  hahaha
     Unfortunately, none of our investigators came to church today.
     After church, we went home to fill out our paper work for ward council, and then we went to lunch. The members who fed us today own a huge restaurant with a pool in front.  It  kind of looks like a Cherry Hill water park, but it's in the middle of a sugar cane field.  :)
     After lunch, we went out teaching.  We didn't have much luck, but we found a lady named Roxanna and her daughter Fatima. (15 yrs)  Fatima is attending church in the other ward and really wants to be baptized, but she knows that she can't be baptized until she is 18 years old, or unless her parents gets baptized....and Roxanna told us that she won't get baptized...so Fatima will just have to wait. We talked to them for a while and they seemed to really enjoy it.  By the end, they said that they couldn't wait to hear more. :)
     We also visited Judith and Santos and their son, Francis.  Francis is preparing to serve a mission. Blanca (the mom of Judith) and Cruz (the sister of Judith) joined us for the lesson as well.  We read 3 Nephi 11, which is about the coming of Christ.  It was an amazing lesson.  The spirit was so strong and everyone was feeling it.
     Our plan with Judith and Santos is to just read the Book of Mormon with them, until they feel it in their hearts that it is true and know that they want to get baptized.  After tonight's lesson, we feel that they will feel it sooner than later. :)
     After several other visits we went home.  At 9:56pm, we got the call with the transfer information. Well....WE GET TO STAY TOGETHER!  We are very excited that we get to be together for another 6 weeks, but we are sad because Elder Olsen (zone leader) and Elder Lewis have transfers. :(

     Something that I really loved from this week, is the power of the scriptures.  The Book of Mormon is true and it is POWERFUL. Read it.  Pray about it everytime.

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