Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 55: "I showed them pictures of my family, and like always, they asked me if my dad was a movie star."

Lunes, 20 Abril 2015
     We went on a doctor hunt this morning.  We went to so many clinics, and every time we showed up to one, the doctor wasn't seeing patients.  All I needed was for a doctor to look inside of my ear and see if the entire infection was gone.  My ear feels great!  We finally found a doctor and she was so nice. She told me that all was well and prescribed me some pills to help with my hurting stomach.
     After that, we went to the mission office to report about my health.  President Williams was there. It was great to see him.
     Then we went to the Tottus to buy some things and ended up buying some pizza for lunch.  It wasn't very good. :(  I miss American Pizza.  After lunch, we walked around for a bit and ended up running into Elder Brunis and Elder Olsen.  They were eating lunch, so we bought some cake and sat down and visited with them.  It was fun to talk with them.
     After eating our cake, we went to look for a watch to buy.  We ran into the Patriarch and he was so excited to show us his official paper license that states that he is a Patriarch.  He was really nice and helped us find a watch for Hna McGinnis.
     We found a taxi, with the help of some English speaking Peruvians, and headed home to Pomalca. When we got back, the entire city of Pomalca was without electricity.  We couldn't write home until the power came back on, so we were pretty late in writing.
     We did some visiting and then went to dinner.  On our way home, we found Hermes sitting outside enjoying some fresh air.  He told us that he and Carlota had a Family Home Evening together, just the two of them.  He said that they sang a hymn, read the scriptures and shared some thoughts. It brightened my spirit to hear that. :)  Then all I could do was picture me and my husband doing the same the beginning of our marriage and also at the end of our mortal lives.  I love it.

Martes, 21 Abril 2015
     In the morning, we headed to a part of Pomalca called El Chorro, to visit a less active family, the familia Soplapuco.  When we showed up, they said that just last night they were talking about how they were feeling like God was abandoning them...and then we showed up.  They told us that we were an answer to their prayers.  I love being a missionary, and following the spirit.  I also love that that all members can do the same...everyone can follow the spirit and be an answer to somebody's prayers.
     In the afternoon, we went to San Antonio.  We picked up Betsi, a return missionary, to go teaching with us.   She has been home for 3 weeks now.  We went and visited Eric, who is a friend of Juan Carlos (17 yrs).  It was a really good lesson, and Eric is so excited to be baptized.  Juan Carlos wants to be baptized, too, so we told him that we would have to teach his family first.  He agreed.  He told us that his family almost got baptized a few years ago, but then something happened, and they didn't get baptized.  Maybe now will be there time. :)
    Later in the night, we visited with the familia Isique Garcia.  We sang a hymn together by candle light.  Then Pedro told us a story about his dad.  He said, "My dad came home from work and his arms were full of things, when all of sudden, something exploded and wetness got all over us. It was beer.  My mom asked my dad why he had beer, and he told her that he was going to drink it.  Then my mom said, 'Well, God is showing you that you don't drink anymore- that is a sign.'" And then Pedro said, "I told my dad that when people invite him to drink, to not say yes.  Say NO, I DON'T DRINK...or just say you are busy."  haha  I love this family.

Miercoles, 22 Abril 2015
     This morning we were given homemade yogurt.  It was really good.  Nothing really special happened today, but there were a few funny things.
     We went and visited with the familia Espinoza.  It ended up only being Diana (mom) and Enrique (youngest son).  During our visit, Enrique covered my arm with stickers.  I looked like I had a tattoo sleeve on my arm.  It was quite the look. hahaha

     Then we went to visit with Graciela.  She is such a hoot.  We taught her about the Ten Commandments.  All was well until we reached #6, Thou shalt not kill.  She looked at us and said in a very serious voice, "That is so hard."  Hna McGinnis responded, "Well, it is super important that you don't kill, hermana."  I almost busted up laughing.  Then we got to #8, Thou shalt not steal, Graciela got all fired up and started ranting about how she can't believe that people could do such an awful thing, as stealing.  Killing doesn't matter, but stealing on the other hand....haha....she keeps things interesting here in Pomalca. :)

Jueves, 23 Abril 2015
     This morning in our district meeting, I was asked to teach one of the classes.  I taught about stress and how we can deal with it while we are in the mission.  We met the new district members, Elder Coca (from Bolivia) and Elder Epperson (Louisiana).  They are really cool!
     Today we visited with Fany and Jade.  We were talking about the importance of going to church. She started to tell us about some problems that she has with some of the members in the ward, so she won't go into classes if they are there.  It breaks my heart when people stop coming to church because of grudges and offenses.  The entire situation is ridiculous.  This is exactly what Satan wants....Don't give into it!!
     Our last cita of the night was with Judith, Blanca and Francis.  Francis sent in his mission papers! I was so happy to hear that!  We read Alma 22 with them, and the spirit was strong.  It was awesome. At the end, Francis begged us to come back as soon as we could, because he feels the spirit really strong when we explain the scriptures to him.
     We went to dinner and then to the ward mission night activity.  We watched two videos.  One was about agency and the other one was about the ten virgins.  They were really good.  After it was over, we helped serve the refreshments (soda y crackers).
     We went home and planned.  Then we talked about how sad it is that people hurt other people's feelings so much, that people quit coming to church over it.  People need to try harder to love one another and people need to stop being offended so easily.  If only we could all just be perfect! ;)

Viernes, 24 Abril 2015
     This morning, we had weekly planning.  As sister leaders, we have to schedule a work plan of when to do intercambios with the other hermanas.  So after lunch, we went to an internet place so we could print out a calendar of our work plan.  When we got to the internet place, the zone leaders, Elder Brunis y Elder Epperson, were there printing up their plans, too.  We talked and joked with them for a bit and then left.
     We went home, so we could get our things and to pick up Bertha (mother of our pensionista, Cecilia).  Bertha introduced us to her cousin named Elsa.  Elsa did most of the talking....
     Then we headed to San Antonio to visit a member.  Turns out that this member wants to start going to different church....awkward.....
     Then we went to visit Erick and his mom, Mary.  We had a great lesson with them and then started planning his baptism.  When we asked him if he had a favorite hymn, he said really strongly, "NO." We apologized for asking, and then he giggled and said that he thinks that all the hymns are nice, he just doesn't like to sing.  haha  We planned quite a bit of his baptism program before we had to leave.
     Then we went to visit with the familia Isique Garcia.  We ate dinner with them (bread and cheese) and then went to the Stake President's house for FHE, who is their next door neighbor.  We watched a video about Joseph Smith's experience and then talked about it.  Since it was getting late, we tried to excuse ourselves, when we were told that we couldn't leave until we helped serve the refreshments. We quickly handed out cups of Inca Kola and packages of crackers to everyone, and then hurried to catch a moto.
     We went to dinner (broccoli and corn),  and then went home to plan and got ready for bed.

Sabado, 25 Abril 2015
     We ran into Elsa this morning and she asked us if we could help walk her to her house. (she walks with a cane)  Once we got to her house, she invited us inside.  We talked and shared a message with her.  When it was time to go, she wouldn't stop hugging me, and she kept saying, "Please don't abandon me."  I told her that we loved her and would come back on Martes to visit again.
     Later, we visited with the familia Isique Garcia.  They told us that they had all been having really weird things happening in their lives, like strange dreams and strong temptations.  They were feeling a little down about it all.  We shared Helaman 5:12 with them.  By the time we left, they were all feeling better.
     We visited with Antero's family next.  Antero was in the hospital, so we just talked to his nieces and friends that were at this house.  The girls wanted us to sing to them.  We sang I am a Child of God in English and then in Spanish.  They loved it, and ended up putting it on YouTube.  After we sang, we taught them about the Plan of Salvation.  We had church music on in the was just like in the movies. :)
     Then we went to visit the familia Espinoza.  Only Diana and Enrique were there.  We taught them about families and showed them pictures of our families.  Like always, they asked me if my dad was a movie star. :)
     After that, we visited a few more people and then went to visit Hermes and Carlota.  We talked about Alma 24- about burying your weapons of war.  Hna McGinnis shared about an activity that she participated in at a Youth Conference.  She said that they compared the weapons of war to sin.  They had every youth write down a sin that they needed to bury, and then they put the paper in a hole and buried it.  Hna McGinnis said it was a very powerful and motivating experience.  I want to do it. Maybe for a P-Day activity. :)
     We went home (upstairs) and planned for tomorrow.  We showered and got ready for bed.  We were so physically exhausted.  We have been working crazy hard this week.

P.S. We saw a huge pig today!  It took three men to get that porker into the moto and it just screamed and screamed!   Everyone was outside watching it happen.  hahahaha

Domingo, 26 Abril 2015
     At church when I left Sunday School class, Clara Leyton was waiting outside for me.  It was such a surprise!  She told me to tell my family hi! "Hi!"  :)
     After church, we went to lunch.  We were given a huge bowl of Chaufa (Chinese rice), a huge chunk of watermelon, an orange, a cup of jello and a huge glass of melon juice.  Whenever we eat with members, Hna McGinnis brings a plastic bag, so she can put some of the food into it....well she forgot it today...but the best part was that she had her backpack sitting on her lap, and the entire meal, she was eating some and then putting some into her backpack pocket.  I ate all of my food and I almost died!  I felt like death...but the image of Hna McGinnis scooping food into her backpack made me laugh and kept me alive!  It was hilarious.  Luckily the lady who fed us lunch didn't come in until we were done eating.
     Since I was feeling sick, we went back to our cuarto, so I could rest for a bit before our church meetings started.
     Ward Council was pretty intense this time.  Here in Pomalca, they have a problem with the members ward hopping between the two wards and our bishop is sick of it.  He got up and said, "We are going to start the process of getting people to attend their own wards....and to do that, we will not give callings to those who are attending the wrong ward, and  they will not be able to receive temple recommends either."  Holy Cow!  Well, our church is a church of order and when the members break the limits, they are not following the order of God.  We are probably going to see a lot of inactivity because of this, but they need to try and regain order again.
     We had a good week.  We visited tons of people and we are exhausted! In a good way :)

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