Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 71: "Thank thee for sending the missionaries to us, because they are like little prophets."

Lunes, 10 Agosto 2015
     We made lunch today.  We had spaghetti and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  It was so good. Antonio loved it all so much.  He kept saying "Your future husbands are very lucky."  We told him that if he wanted to give a recommendation, we would gladly except...He is going to write us a card to help us get husbands.  Isn't he a doll? :)

     Later, we went out teaching.  We taught a young man named Junior (23 yrs)  He is super religious. He is a friend and a reference from Robert.  We talked "deep" with him.  We had some great discussions about God and Christ.  The spirit was strong.  At the end, I shared a scripture from Romans 8: 38-39.  I told Junior that God knows who he is and always has him in His mind.  He just started crying and told us that he wants to do everything he can to be closer to God.  We invited him to baptism.  He agreed and we gave him a pamphlet to read and then we left.  It was a pretty great experience.

Martes, 11 Agosto 2015
     Today in the night time, we visited Paola and her husband Bonney.  All the people that we have talked to say that Bonney is tough meat and he doesn't like to listen.  Since he was at home, on a work break, we invited him to join us.  He agreed and as we taught about the Plan of Salvation, he listened intently and wanted to know more.  We had to go, and knowing that he would be traveling again on Saturday, we asked when we could come back and Bonney said, "Tomorrow."  We accepted and then left.  We couldn't believe it.  He was so interested.  I am very excited for him to know more about the Plan that God has for him.
     Dinner was cooked by Antonio because Arsenia went to visit her mom in Piura (3 hours away). She will come back Friday, so until then, Antonio will be cooking us breakfast and dinner.  He is so adorable.  We got cheese and bread.  haha

Miercoles, 12 Agosto 2015
     We had a multi-zone conference.  It was a good meeting.  President Williams and Hna Williams are really guided by the spirit.  We talked about "Beware of Pride" by Ezra Taft Benson.  It is such a good talk and we had a great discussion about it.
     President let us know that now in this mission, there is only 130 missionaries, and in the two multi-zone conferences, there is only about 25 sisters.  Crazy.
     During the meeting, President talked in detail about what is going to happen when Elder Bednar comes.  He put a question on the board that said, "What would you ask an Apostle of God if you had the chance."  Well, me not processing where I was (at a table full of Elders), I turned around, facing an Elder and said, "Do you love me?"  At that moment, I realized what I had just done.  I covered my mouth and started to laugh.  Hna Lofgran almost threw up lunch, because she was laughing so hard. It was one of those experiences that happen out of coincidence...

The Zone Latina
     After the meetings at 6 pm, we went back to our area to work.  The greatest lesson we had was with Paola and Bonney.  We talked about the Plan of Salvation and they both liked it.  We invited them to baptism...they denied, but they did agree to read the Book of Mormon.  I know that if they continue to read the Book of Mormon, they will want to get day soon.

Jueves, 13 Agosto 2015
     This morning after studies, we started intercambios with Hna Gonzalez and Hna Paredes.  I stayed with Hna Paredes in Jose Balta.  She recently got here to the mission.  She has 5 weeks...sweet little thing.  She is from Ecuador and because I know Elder Brunis (from Ecuador), I can hear a distinct accent that they have.  I love that every country has their way of speaking.
     It was a long day with her because for a good chunk of the time, we had no one to visit.  We did end up visiting a woman named Luz.  She gave us a really gross drink called chicha...but it wasn't purple like was was so gross.  Hna Paredes plugged her nose and chugged it.  It was a struggle for me to drink it.
     Later, we visited a family of a single mom with 3 children. (Sabastian, Jhon Paul, Maria Belen) They are really cute kids.  We taught them about the iron rod.  They loved the game we played.  We, as missionaries, held one end of a string and the kids with blind folds on, had to try to get from one side to the other, without getting distracted by their mom, who represented all the temptations. It went well.  Jhon Paul (10 yrs) gave the closing prayer and he said, "Thank thee for sending the missionaries to us because they are like little prophets."
     In the night, we ate a plate from Ecuador.  Here in Peru, they call it verdes con queso. (boiled bananas smashed and served with Peruvian cheese.)  The pensionista, Jose Balta, sews wedding dresses, too,  and she said before I leave to go home, that she is going to make me a dress...not a wedding dress, but a dress. :)

Viernes, 14 Agosto 2015
     At breakfast, we ate pancakes with condensed milk on them.  It was so good.  Then the pensionista took my measurements and then we went home and studied.  At 10 am, Hna Lofgran and Hna Gonzalez showed up to switch back.  Once we switched, we headed home to plan and eat lunch. Later, we went out visiting.  We ended up finding only two people home for the whole day.  We taught a woman named Venesa.  We taught her about the Restoration and she thanked us for sharing, but she doesn't want to change from being Catholic.
     Then we taught Martha Garcia.  We taught her about the Book of Mormon.  She didn't have any questions, but when we invited her to go to church with us, she turned us down because she told us that she is Catholic.  All day, everyone kept telling us that they would listen to us, but that they don't want to change.
     In the night, we ate and cooked with Antonio (Arni- nickname).  After eating, we sang a song (How Great Thou Art) and we shared a scripture and discussed it for a while.  We ended with a prayer and then went upstairs to plan and get ready for bed.

Sabado, 15 Agosto 2015     FELIZ CUMPLEANOS ARSENIA!
     This morning no one ended up being home.  In the afternoon, we accidentally crossed into the other area of Hna Corona and Hna Johnson.  We talked with them for a second and then we headed to the church to help paint.  The guy in charge of the painting forgot the paint, so we couldn't paint, so we visited with everyone until it was time to meet up with Karen (young woman) who was going to come visiting with us.  As we were across the street from the church, visiting a woman, I thought I saw Clara Leyton, so I just stared at her, but I couldn't see her clearly.  Once we got over by the church, she was gone.  Then we turned the corner, and there she was...Clara Leyton.  I hugged her for quite some time.  She is so great.  She decided to come visiting with the four of us went out. No one was home.  At 7 pm, we dropped off Karen and Clara at the church, so they could walk together to their destinations.
     Then we went to visit Junior and Maria in the house of Robert Palmer.  We invited Junior to get baptized and he agreed and asked to get baptized on the 28th of September!  We have an investigator who wants to get baptized!
     Later, we visited Erene and Ernesto.  Well, Erene told us that she had a dream about us, and that we were angels who saved her.  She is so sweet.  This area is really hard, but I really do love the people a lot.  Those that want to listen to us are such great people.

Domingo, 16 Agosto 2015
     This morning at church, I was so happy.  First, Erene and Ernesto showed up.  Second, Junior showed up.  Third, all the topics in the classes were about missionary work.  It was such a good day.        After church, we went searching for some referrals, but the road doesn't we ended up trying to find a young woman named Carla.  We found her, and her non member mom joined us, too. They both haven't liked going to church, but after our visit, they want to try and go.  They are really excited.  We had a good talk.  In the end, her mom, Beatriz, took a picture of us with Carla. :)
     After visiting them, we went to lunch.  Then we studied for a bit and went back out to visit.  We taught some people that are not going to progress, so we won't be going back. Right after we decided that, we met a young couple who have questions about the church.  They seem really cool.  Their names are Wendy and Miguel Angel.
     Later in the night, we taught Anmary (13 yrs), Gladys (50 yrs) and Luis Wong (55 yrs).  We talked about listening to the spirit.  It was a good lesson.  Luis really wants to change, but feels trapped in his past sins.  We are trying to help him out.  Hopefully teaching him can bring some sort of hope that he can be forgiven.
     On our way to dinner, we ran into a man in  a leather jacket, named David, who asked us if we were sister missionaries.  We said, "Yes."  He went on to tell us that the sisters before us, visited him, but he hasn't seen them for 5 weeks.  So we set an appointment with him and went on our way.
     Once we got to our building, I had a feeling to talk to Erinson, so we talked with him for a second in the doorway.  Then Mili invited us in and we told Erinson to look up the video called, "Because of Him."  We watched it, and they loved it.  Then Mili gave us alfajores.  They were really good.  Then we went on the roof to report our numbers, because we couldn't get a signal inside.  haha  New talking on the phone on the roof. haha

funny dog :)'s a whole chicken in the freezer :)


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