Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 72: "...the husband of the woman who died, came over and started singing with us. It was probably one of the most awkward moments in my life...I highly enjoyed it!!"

Lunes, 17 Agosto 2015
     This week we are trying to read "all" of the New Testament.  In one of the Liahona magazines, there is a "Read the N.T. for children", so we are going to read all of that. :)
     After studies, we cleaned and then went to the Tottus to buy more ingredients to make cookies. We ran into President Williams and Hna Williams.  They offered to buy our ingredients for us.  We said, "no", but told them that they could buy our stuff next time, when we make more expensive cookies! haha
     We went to the pension and made the dough, but it didn't turn out how we thought it should, so we put it in the fridge to see if it would harden it....
     We made ourselves chicken nuggets for lunch.  It was really good.  After lunch, we went to internet.  Then we went to a store called Boulavard. (It has a bunch of tiny one room stores inside) There is a member in one of the stores that makes covers for scriptures, so we went to pick out covers.  They are going to turn out so cool.
     Then we went home and relaxed until it was time to go out visiting.  At 6 pm, we visited Paola and we read a little bit from Mosiah 4.  Her kids were a little whiny, so it was a little hard to teach, but she seemed to like the lesson.
     Then we went to our next cita...the lady wasn't home, but her brother Fernando was, so we talked to him for a bit about the church.  He is excited to learn more. :)
     Then we went to dinner (cheese and yuka)  and made our cookies.
     It was a good day.  Oh, when we were making cookie dough earlier, there was a word that we didn't we asked Antonio what the word engrasada meant, (grease), but he thought I said embarazada (pregnant), so he looked at me with wide open eyes and said, "Estas embarazada?" (You're pregnant?!)  I about screamed when he said that and then we all busted up laughing.  It was a fun time.

Martes 18, Agosto 2015
     This morning, miraculously, we found a few people who wanted to let us in to teach them of God's gospel.  In the afternoon, we visited several people, too.  It was a busy day.  The first visit was with 2 women.  They shared with us interesting situations that have happened in Bertha's house after she moved in. She believes that the house has a spirit.  They are very sweet, but they weren't when we first knocked on the door looking for Bertha.  When we first knocked on the door , a woman opened the door and asked us who we were looking for.  We told her, "Bertha", and then she told us , "No!" and shut the door on us.  As we were walking away, we heard someone calling out to us.  We turned around and saw the same lady who shut the door on us...We headed back and she asked us again who we were looking for and we told her "Bertha".  Then she said, "I'm Bertha, come on in."  And that is when she told us her stories.  I think she realized that once she shut the door on us, we were an answer to her prayer, on how to become closer to God.
     The second  visit was with Vanesa.  She believes that she has faith, but doesn't feel like she has a lot of it.  We talked a lot about faith and about how we need to help it grow. (Alma 32) It was a good lesson.  After the lesson, Vanesa seemed happier to know and be reminded that she has faith...she just needs to feel it everyday and care for it.
     Third visit was with Jorge.  He doesn't go to any church...not even the Catholic, because of some childhood experience.  We got into some really interesting discussions and he really wanted us to return to visit him and all his family.  He is really cool.
     Our last real visit of the night was with Junior.  He told us that he knows it is true and that he is going to do everything in his power to be baptized.  He said, "I'm willing to prepare myself, be baptized and serve a mission."  He is so cool.  I am really excited to be working with him.
     Today is Ingrit's Birthday.  We stopped by her house and they gave us a tamale covered in mayo and a glass of soda.  Yum...Not.  But it was such a sweet gesture. :)
     At dinner with Antonio, we got laughing so hard.  We made rain sounds with our hands...we sang hymns...we laughed some more.  Then Antonio started playing drums on the table as we sang hymns. haha  He is so cute.

Miercoles, 19 Agosto 2015
     We had our last district meeting for the transfer. Elder Peabody and Elder McKell are going home on Monday/ Tuesday.  We said our final goodbyes and then we went home.  We found our clean clothes waiting outside our room, so we put our clothes away and cleaned the room a bit.  Then we went to lunch.
     After lunch, we went out visiting with Ingrit.  We had a lot of fun with her.  We laughed, ate treats and shared testimonies.  Not very many people were home today, but we were able to visit Paola. She knows all the lessons backwards and forwards.  I know she wants to join the church, but she can't until her husband does, so they can be "united in beliefs".  Hopefully she chooses to just follow her testimony and then he will see her example and follow her.

Jueves, 20 Agosto 2015     FELIZ ANNIVERSARIO MAMI Y PAPI
     Last night we got a call from President Williams and his wife asking if this morning was a good time for them to stop by and take pictures of our cuarto.  They came over and Hna Williams brought us homemade chocolate chip cookies.  As President was checking out the cuarto, he literally dived onto my bed and laid on it for a good amount of time, and then he asked if I thought my mattress was comfortable.  I told him, "Yes." and then he told me that he didn't think it was comfortable at all. haha I wish I had gotten a picture of him, but I was laughing too hard that I couldn't grab my camera.
     Today, we only had 2 visits. :(  First we visited Virginia (less active) and second we visited Jorge and his aunt Bertha.  We taught the Restoration and it was awesome.  He listened so well and it was really cool because we bore testimony of our experiences of receiving answers from God, and he ended up sharing an experience with us.
     At one point in the lesson, he pointed me out and he talked about some of my personality characteristics that he knew helped people come to God.  He thanked me for my testimony and he said that he know God has a really special future planned for me.  :)
     We left that lesson with a feeling that one day soonish, he will accept the gospel and will get baptized.
     In the night, Violeta (the other sister missionary's pensionista) came by and tested out my dress to make it fit me okay.

Viernes, 21 Agosto 2015
     Almost all of our appointments fell through.  It wasn't a super eventful day.

Sabado, 22  Agosto 2015
     This morning we got a call from some Elders in the mission office. (Elder Casas and Elder Haddock) They told us that they would be coming by before lunch to move our new dresser into our room.  We got a new dresser because we didn't have enough room for all our stuff.  Well, we went out visiting until it was time for them to come.  They brought the dresser all the way up the stairs and put it in our room.  Then we went to lunch.  After lunch, we came home to put our clothes in the drawers, but the drawers were locked and we don't  have a key.  hahaha
     We visited a lot of less actives today.  The most memorable of them all was the one with Erene and Ernesto.  We taught about eternal marriage.  They want to be sealed, but they want to feel ready for it.  We shared some thoughts and it was beautiful.
     When we first arrived to their house, Ernesto had just finished working out and was making his "cool down" drink made of bananas, eggs, chocolate, water and muscle powder.  He made me try it.  haha   The entire lesson, he would flex his muscles, trying to see if we would think he was strong. His wife thought it was funny.  I made a joke at the end of the night by counting how many animals they had in that one room with us...I said, "4 cats, 2 dogs...and 1 bear (and pointed at Ernesto)." Erene busted up laughing.  Now the nickname for Ernesto is "oso" (bear).  They are such a sweet couple. After the lesson, we had a cute little chat over hot chocolate and little rolls.  It was really a great experience.  I love them.

Domingo, 23 Agosto 2015     FELIZ CUMPLEANOS DANIELLE!
     Today at church, all the topics that were taught were super interesting.  In sacrament meeting they talked about scripture knowledge, talents and life after death.  In Sunday School, we talked about talents, and in Relief Society, we talked about the Plan of Happiness.
     The coolest thing happened today.  Five less actives came to church, and one of them hasn't come to church for almost 15 years!  All the members couldn't believe that we have gotten Ernesto and Erene to come to church two Sundays in a row.
     During Relief Society, I sat next to Erene and she told me that she is really grateful for us because we have helped her husband to come back. She then shared with us that a really famous body builder was coming into town to have a meeting with other gym rats, and he had invited Ernesto to go, but the meeting was today during church hours, so Ernesto denied the invitation and told the guy that he was going to church.  That right there PROVES that he is dedicated to the Lord.  I seriously feel so lucky to have met them.
     At 5:30pm, we sang at a funeral.  Don't start "awwing" just was not super great.  The two other members we went with got up in the middle of the people sitting down and told us to start with them and then we started singing some songs.  Luckily the husband of the woman who died, came over and started singing with was probably one of the most awkward moments in my life...I highly enjoyed it!!!!
     After that, we stopped by to visit Junior, but he wasn't home, so we went to find Robert.  He was playing soccer (legit game) on a Sunday, so we called him over and talked to him about how he shouldn't be playing soccer on Sunday.  He told us to come over to his house later tonight, because he wanted to talk to us about what is going on with him and Junior....apparently something happened.
     We left the game and went to visit Anmary (14 yrs), Luis, who came to church for the first time in 15 years, and Gladis (Luis' sister).  We read Joseph Smith's History, and they loved it.  At the end of the lesson, they opened up more than they have in all the time that we have been visiting them. (5 weeks)
     After that, we stopped by Robert's house and found him and Junior on the corner.  They asked us to come and visit tomorrow.  Hopefully they don't bail...
     We went to dinner and then reported our numbers.  Later in the night, we got the transfer call...

"Crazy cactus tree....
...I decided that you would really like them!"

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