Tuesday, April 15, 2014

1st week

hola family and friends!!!!
April 8: tuesday: i arrived in lima peru this night!!! it is pretty surreal that i am here!!! so i started out in slc and and flew to atlanta. when i got to the gate where i was to get on the plane i met up with about 6 missionaries going to peru!!! it was nice having them! the flight was about 3 and half hours, but the one to peru was even longer.. 6 and a half hours. hahaha the plane ride to peru was superrrr bumpy hahahaha it got so bumpy that the carts the flight attendents use, two tipped and injured 2 attendents!! :( once we landed we had to go through customs, and there ended up being 19 of us that were on the plane together!!! well so the lady that helped us through customs was super grumpy and stuff, so that was hard, but i made it in!! right after i got through i was waiting for the others to get through and this secrutiy guy came over to me with a dog and the dog was sniffing me and he goes "you got fruit?" i was like, no. and so he left and then came back so this time i used some of my spanish to ask him questions and stuff and he was super excited i spoke some spanish he didnt accuse me of sneaking fruit any more.. hahahaha thankfully my bag didnt get lost, but my poor companera lost her bags..... :( once we all got together we found this bus with some ccm workers and they took our bags and we got on the bus and drove to the ccm (Missionary Training Center/Centro de CapacitaciĆ³n Misional). which is about 45 minutes from the airport. my compenera is from colorado, and went to school in lubbock texas. her name is hermana mcginnis. we are a lot alike. hahaha
April 9: wednesday: we met the ccm president and his wife today. they are so sweet!! hahaha they are from colombia, and their last name is Gonzalez, he use to be an area of the 70. we also met our branch leader and he liked me apparently because i am now a senior companion. pretty cool stuff. my district leader is from hawaii, his name is Elder Pawn-Kilikikane he is so cool!! my district has 7 hermanas and we all love eachother and its only been one day!! Having a constant companion is wierd. i am getting use to it but.... i mean we have to stand outside the bathroom and read out scriptures while they pee. what the heck......... hahhahahahahaha
April 10: thursday: we started spanish today. holy intense. we have 5 books that teach us spanish.......... just imagine my straight face that i give when i am kinda annoyed. hahhaahahaha hermana mcginnis is really good at spanish so its nice to have her around all the time, so when i have questions she answers them for me. we started physical activity today too, i love it. me and hma mcginnis play volleyball, so it is pretty cool. hahaaha we played with the latino elders. i love them!! they are all so funny, and are super sweet! there is an elder from boliva and his name is elder gozo (joy in spanish) and he was making fun of an elder who kicked the volleyball and he yelled "elder, this is not soccer, it is baseball!!" we all start busting up laughing and i turn to him and say this is volleyball but close, and all his friends started swinging their arms like they were playing baseball to make fun of him. hahahaha it was super funny!
i love peru!
April 11: friday: elder gozo (baseball) hahaha wants me to help him with his english, and he will help me with spanish! hahaha i had a bunch of spanish classes today. super overwhelming..
April 12: saturday: i cant wait to know spanish. right now i am so overwhelmed with the language it is intense. ahhhhhhh. i got my return date today. it is october 8, 2015!!!!!!!!
April 13: Sunday: today was wierd, becasue we had church today, but it is weird being in wards of all missionaries..... hahahaha i memorized the purpose of a missionary in spanish!! i am so proud of myself. i am going to get so fat here. we eat so much rice, bread and chicken!!! haahahaha
April 14: monday: we had immigration today, which means, I GOT MY VISA!!!! hahaha i have interpol on wednesday, to finish up all my paperwork, but i get to stay!! hahaha there was about 16 of us trying to do our paper work and it took about 5 hours to do it. we left at 130 and got back at 645....... we ate dinner and then went to spanish class. and then to bed.
April 15: tuesday: PDAY!! we went to the temple! it was amazing! and then we went to this store called tottos, it is a "walmart of peru" hahaha everyone was staring at us becasue of our huge group of white people who dont speak spanish!! hahahaha 

April 8, 2014
Group of missionaries that Sierra met up with in
Atlanta, Georgia

Almost  a 10 hour flight to Lima, Peru

April 8, 2014
Airplane left Salt Lake City at 11:09 am.
Arrived in Lima, Peru at 11:12 pm

My first companion, Hermana McGinnis

Hermana Dodson and Hermana McGinnis
at Lima Temple

District 107 at Lima Temple

Beautiful Missionary

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