Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Week 2 "Mi casa es muy alto" :)

Martes April 15, 2014

     P-Day! After emails we did laundry.  Just imagine 8 machines with 35+ hermanas needing to wash their clothes.  Crazy.  What we do to stay clean. :) haha  Dinner was at 6 pm and then we had a devotional at 8pm that was being broadcast from the Provo MTC.  Elder Anderson spoke with his wife.  Sister Anderson said, "Read the words of the general authorities often because they write their talks over 10 times because they want to make sure every little word is what God wants them to say."  And Elder Anderson said about the book of Mormon, "You must know it!  Never separate yourself from it.  Know that it is true!"  They gave amazing talks.  After we broke into districts, we all talked about our emails and it totally bonded us. Today was amazing!  P.S. Any vehicle you are in in Peru is CRAZY!  There isn't any traffic laws and pedestrians have NO rights here!  So....haha.  Thankfully we have many blessings!!

Miercoles Abril 16, 2014

     I had to wake up at 5:30am because Districts 107 and 106 had to go to interpol.  When we got there, we saw 6-7 missionaries there and when we were talking to the gringos they had a hard time speaking English, which gave me hope to be able to speak the language at some point.  We were there for about 7 hours and when we got back to the CCM it was time for physical activity.
     Spanish class was super hard.  I stress myself out with all of this stuff!  I seriously keep thinking I'm never going to get it!  But then I think back to the little Spanish I did know to now, and I feel like I've improved but I still am not fluent.  haha  Tomorrow Hna. McGinnis and I teach our first "investigator".  I'm a little nervous but I'm sure it will go fine.

Jueves Abril 17, 2014

     Well his name is "Ernesto" and we did terrible.  Then again it was our first lesson, but it was bad.  We have another investigator tomorrow and we feel more spiritually prepared this time, so hopefully all goes well. Today was my last physical activity with all my Latino buddies because they leave Tuesday and they have important stuff to do before they leave!  I am jealous they get to leave, but I am so excited for them!

Viernes Abril 18, 2014

     Meals and physical activity were boring because the latinos were busy. :(  Norte Americanos are boring. haha  Well Hna. McGinnis and I taught "Sebastian" and it went so much better.  I mean it wasn't amazing but it  was so much better than the lesson with Ernesto.  It is easier to teach in English than Spanish.

Sabado Abril 19, 2014

     Today we went proselyting!  I was paired up with a Latina Hermana who is leaving Tuesday.  Her name is Hna. De La Cruz.  She is amazing.  She only speaks Spanish!  But she is going to Bolivia! :)  So happy for her.  We left the CCM at 1pm.  The drive was about 45 min. the whole way to the chapel in Lima North. My companera made me practice my preguntas (lessons), por ejemple, "Que recuerda de su baptismo?" haha  Once we got to the chapel we went over some rules and stuff and then we got assigned a teacher.  My teacher ended up being "Ernesto" - How embarrassing.  And then we got assigned a member to come with us and it ended up being a young man named Alexander.  We walked around town to find all the less actives and talk them into going to church.  We also had to find teenagers to join seminary.  Our first stop was at a young man's house and we signed him up for seminary, and he was very excited to do it!  While he was filling out the papers, I bore a very simple testimony in espanol, and he smiled because I am such a gringo.  haha Oh well.  After that we had to go up some really sketchy stairs to get to the top floor/roof to get to a man named Christian. We were about 4 stories up and the stairs were outside the building and the railings were wiggly and scary. Once we got to the top the entry was blocked off and we had to yell through this man's window which was by the stairs, and between the stairs and building was about 2 feet of empty space.  I felt stranded on a rickety staircase with no escape.  Once we got his attention, he let us through to the other building. Once we got to the door of Christian's house he let us in and we talked about if his family was okay.  And after he answered, Hna. De La Cruz talked for a bit about the church and baptism. She wanted me to bear my testimony, so I did.  I told him, "Yo se que la Iglesia de Jesuchristo es verdadero.  Yo se que el libro de Mormon es verdadero.  Yo se que Dios es nuestro amoroso padre celestial."  I ended and he cried. He said that it was the most beautiful testimony he'd ever heard and I felt good about myself.  We then went to another house.  It was a small familia.  A papa, mama and hijo.  The dad was gone but the mom and son were home.  They welcomed us in- they kissed my cheeks and I didn't know what to do when the son flung himself at me!  It was so funny.  It was super awkward!  haha  Mi compenera's face was priceless!  ha ha! Proselyting was amazing.  I just testified at every house and the spirit was strong!  I can't wait to be out in the field in Chiclayo!

Domingo Abril 20, 2014

     Happy Easter!  Today after sacrament meeting we were part of a huge broadcast from the MTC in Provo, UT.  Dieter F. Uchtdorf spoke to us and it was amazing.  He talked about not fearing man and talking to everyone.  He shared an amazing scripture, it is 3 Nephi 5:13!  The quote I got from him today is "work hard, depend on the Lord, and fear no man!"  After lunch we watched  an old MTC broadcast from Richard G. Scott.  He spoke on prayer.  He said, "You can't rush an effective prayer!"  and "He will not abandon you.  He inspired your call.  He knows who you are and what you need."
     After, was companionship study and I went over to the garbage to throw away a water bottle and Elder Gozo called me over and asked for my email and right after that another Elder called me over to him and he gave me this note and on the back it says "I like when you smile"  haha  Man oh man.  Latinos. hahahahahaha
     After we had another broadcast from Elder Russell M. Nelson.  He was hilarious!  "Obedience brings success, exact obedience brings forth miracles."  Then we had a district meeting.  Everyone in my district is, Hna. Kennedy, Hna. Favero, Hna. Waite, Hna. Lofgran, Hna. Blackburn, Hna. McGinnis and me.
Funny story of the day- Hna. McGinnis and I were talking to some elders and they were saying their missions were in high altitude places and as serious as can be, Hna. McGinnis said, "Mi casa es muy alto." (My house is very tall)  I busted up laughing!  We are now the crazy white hermanas!

Lunes Abril 21, 2014

     Today we taught "Ernesto" and it was better today, but we just don't have the words to express all that we want!  We had a lot of study time today so I studied espanol and had some scriptures to read.  During one of the hours of study all the hermanas in my district all cuddled up together and read a talk called "Miracles of a Mission" by Elder Holland.  It is amazing!  Find it and send it to me.  Please and thank you!          After dinner today all the Latinos going to Bolivia left.  It was a hard goodbye and the rest leave in the morning.  But the Elder that gave me the note came over to me, and said "I'm leaving in the morning.  Can I have your email to write you?"  I said sure and gave it to him.  He doesn't speak English and I hardly speak Spanish so he probably won't actually write me.  haha  Tonight at exactly 10pm all the girls went to the bathroom which is connected by a wall to the boy's bathroom and we ALL sang "God Be With You Till We Meet Again".  It was beautiful. Boys and girls all together saying goodbye in the way that we can-  through song. :)  Love y'all so much!

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