Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 12 Part 2: "My Mission President is awesome!"

"My mission president is awesome.  He let me send everything I needed to you guys because he knew you were worried about me and wanted me to let you know that I am doing good....for all the terrible things that are happening, I'm doing good.  I have been having melt downs, but everyone is being super great!  Thanks for all your love and let everyone know at home that I love them and hope all is well. I love you."

Lunes, 23 de Junio de 2014

     Read Jesus the Christ, chapters 36-37.  So beautiful.  It's all about the death of Jesus and his resurrection. After studies, we cleaned our cuarto and then headed out shopping.  We bought fruit and yogurt.  After that, we headed back to the cuarto and got ourselves comfortable and relaxed until lunch. (rice, lamb, jello y flan) After lunch we rested and organized our cuarto, and napped!  Much needed!!  At 4:00ish we found internet and wrote home.  I love writing home and receiving emails from everyone.  I am constantly laughing out loud so that brings attention to myself as well as the fact that I am white and type in English.  All during emailing, there were these kids "reading" my emails.  It was really cute.  It's so fun to teach English and help people with English.  After that, we went back to the cuarto and rested.  I printed off my mom's talk she gave on Sunday and I totally forgot I had some of the memories she shared.  I need to reread my journal entries and remind myself of my spiritual experiences.
      Once p-day was over we went teaching.  We went to visit the familia of Julio (the snake who wants to marry me).  Well the ENTIRE family, minus one.  And the entire lesson everyone was loud and the kids were screaming and being loud, but the best part was when I started to talk, the spirit entered the room and the room went silent and everyone was looking at me.  I bore my testimony of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for us.  My Spanish is still terrible but the fact that the spirit helped me testify of truth was amazing!
     After, we went to noche de hogar (FHE) with Fiorella and her daughter Luna.  We taught them about the turtle and the hare, and how we need to endure to the end, and it doesn't matter if we leave the path because through Jesus Christ, we can hop back on the path like the hare.  After the lesson, she brought us out some cold hamburgers and inca cola.
     We then headed to our real dinner at the pension- 2 dinners again.  If this keeps happening, I'm going to get fat!  Luckily, Crisalina served us a small plate of potatoes and cheese with warm milk. :)  And while we were finishing up to leave, Ana came running inside with some cookies and cupcakes for us.  We took them with us to the cuarto and talked about how we were dying from how full we were as we continued to eat desserts!  I need self control!

Martes, 24 de Junio de 2014

     I woke up this morning feeling mal (bad), but I acted fine and went on through our citas (appts.) all morning.  We taught 2 less actives named Leonella (16 yrs) y Cero (22 yrs).  We started teaching Leonella first and Cero walked in the room and he really became interested and really has a desire to get back in the church.  Hopefully we can help him get back and get him on a mission.
     After, we had capacitacion and lunch and at lunch, I felt really sick, so we went back to the cuarto for language study.  Hna Reid told me to rest and when I wake up, we can decide what I felt like doing.  Well I ended up sleeping from 2 until 4:45pm.  When I woke up, I still didn't feel well, but I really wanted to teach Clarita, so we headed to her and the spirit was so strong as we talked about the after life and the covenants we need to make.  We asked her if she still wanted to be baptized, and she said that she wants to know that the church is true with no doubt.  We know she knows it is true, but she keeps denying it...
     Well after we taught a few others and I felt really sick, so we went early to the pension to plan and eat. In the middle of our planning, we had a surprise visit from Elder Coons y Elder Thompson.  First and last time we will ever have a personal interruption during planning from the elders.  haha  Anyways, we wer all talking and Elder Thompson told me that his mom found my blog and that she is finding out more about the mission from me than from him!! haha  Bonus of being a write down all the details!  Anyways, shout out to Sister Thompson!  Thanks for reading! :)  The Elders gave me a blessing, which once again, the power of the Elders is AWESOME!
     After we ate, we just headed home and got ready for bed and for the big meeting tomorrow of sending President Risso y Hna Risso home.  Hopefully I feel better tomorrow because I have a lot of traveling to do. And we are going to be treated to a nice lunch at the farewell, and I want to enjoy the food!!!
     Funniest thing...Hna Reid sang me a song today about farting...."You don't kno-ooow, your farting on your companion's be-e-ed, and that's why it stinks in here!" (she sang it to the melody of "You Don't Know You're Beautiful" by One Direction)  We laughed forever!  Farting jokes-Siempre!!!!  Yeah, yeah...we are so grown up...haha..:)
     Study:  I finished up Chapter 38 and started 39 in Jesus the Christ.  39 is awesome because it talks about what was happening to those here in the Americas during the time of Jesus.  I am completely obsessed with Jesus the Christ.  When I get home, I am going to re-read it and see what I will catch the second time I read it.  I learn so much everyday.  I love Jesus and His sacrifice.  His completely voluntary sacrifice for us.  I love my Redeemer and my Heavenly Father.  I love this gospel.

Miercoles, 25 de Junio de 2014

     Well I woke up feeling sick still.  But we had to go to Lambayeque for district meetings and a zone meeting, and to also say goodbye to Presidente Risso y Hna Risso. They are ending their mission Saturday:(
     We met up with the Elders at our pension to head to the paradero.  The entire car ride we all talked and laughed.  We are all becoming better friends everyday!  We all work so well together.
     Once we got to the church in Lambayeque and had our meetings, and at the end of our zone meeting, the Rissos bore their testimonies and then we headed to lunch at this polleria (chicken house), and since my stomach was upset, I ordered light chicken (not fried :( )  Hna Reid was so nice, because she sat with me and ordered the same thing that I did, so that I wouldn't feel left out of eating other foods.
     I wasn't able to get to know the Rissos very well, since I've only known them for 6 weeks, but they are so full of love and the spirit.  Before lunch, and since I couldn't walk, Hna Reid and I got to ride in the Presidente's car- bonus of being crippled...haha...
     After lunch, we said goodbye and we all hugged Presidente y Hna Risso.  It was pretty emotional for most.  We then all headed back to our areas.  The 2 hour car ride home was so fun!  Elder Thompson and I just swapped stories and talked about all the music/artists we have in common.  We have a lot in common! We are planning to go to a concert of John Mayer together.  It'll be awesome!
      We got back and headed out teaching.  We stopped by Belen's house (little 8 yr old girl).  She has so much interest in the church, but she wasn't home, so when we were talking over our schedule, this young teenage girl walked up to us and basically said that she wants us to teach her.  We followed her to her house. Her name is Daniella.  I told her my sister's name is Danielle, but she didn't understand that it isn't Daniel with a Spanish accent.  haha  Her mom's name is Socorro and her little sister's name is Karumi.  They are really interested and during the lesson their dad stopped watching TV inside and listened "secretively" out the window.  He was hiding while listening to us teach.  :)
     After that, we had corolation so we went to the capilla to meet up with the Elders to talk about how we can continue to work well and share the area.  It is nice how well we work together, because sharing an area is hard.
  After that we left and headed out to get dinner.  The moto that picked us up gave us a ride for free, because we are apparently teaching his nephew Jon (the little boy we teach with Pascuala y Ruth)  It was so nice of him to take us for free. :)  We ate dinner (fruit) and headed home and planned.

Jueves, 26 de Junio de 2014

     I woke up this morning with a swollen, red toe, and I'm still feeling sick.  Basically life is great. Well, I made the best of it and we went out teaching.  We taught Cristian Dioses and he is such a good guy.  He is 17 yrs old and he is just out to do good.  He is a recent convert and he has such a desire to be good. Today during the lesson we taught him from the strength of youth (Parala Fortaleza de la Juventud) about agency (albedrio) and he had a lot of interest in it and the rest of the pamphlet.  He is so kind to me because anytime I say anything, he really listens to me and talks with me.  The other day when the power went out, there was a bunch of us at the church, and I was sitting with him talking about his life and he is a rapper, so he showed me some stuff he recorded and he is really good.  I told him about how I made a CD for my friend, and he wanted to hear me sing, so I sang for him.  It was fun to get to know each other a little bit more.
      After our lesson with him, we stopped by a member's house.  His name is Carlos (really old) and one half of his body is paralyzed.  He is one of the strongest active members ever!  He lives with his granddaughters named Kierra (7 yrs) y Ashley (9 yrs).  They are so adorable and they love me!  We shared the story about the Good Samaritan with them.  I love Carlos.
     Afterwards, we headed back to the cuarto and I started feeling really sick, so I just rested and went to lunch.  I didn't eat much.  They did give me a popsicle which helped a bit.  After that, we had language (idioma) study and during that time we decided that it would be best that I just rested at the pension the rest of the day and Hna Reid would do splits with Edita (18 yr old who wants to be a missionary-she is such a wonderful strong young woman).  I got all packed up to be at the pension for 5 hours...but before Edita could come, we went and visited one young lady Luhanna.  She knows all the lessons inside and out but won't just get baptized.  It drives me nuts!  We were teaching her the law of chastity.  After we explained everything, we asked her to explain to us what the law means.  And she says, "Well's keeping your virginity safe until your married."  I of course just thought to myself, duh Sierra...why would you ask her to explain it.  She already knows EVERYTHING!
     After we taught her, we headed back to the pension and that started my time at the pension.  During my downtime I read Jesus the Christ and in Chapter 40 it talks about Columbus and in the notes at the end (#5), it shows that Nephi saw him come to the Americas!! (1 Nephi 13: 10-13) How cool!!!  Also the chapter talked about the Constitution and about how "the gospel of Jesus Christ is the embodiment of Liberty;  it is the truth that shall make free every man and every nation who will accept and obey its precepts."  pg. 755 And in the last chapter (42), the last sentence is tan bonito!!  en serio.  I finished Jesus the Christ and I am completely obsessed and I love my Savior so much!!
     During my downtime, I had some tea and these deep fried batter things.  They are really good, but they were probably the worst things for my intestines/stomach.  Worth it...maybe...haha
     Want to hear a funny joke?  I was reading my patriarchal blessing and in it, it reads "your health will be sufficient for any of the tasks that the priesthood brethren bestow upon you."  As I have a minor fracture, sore throat, swollen toe and a bad stomach ache, I have "sufficient" health.  hahaha  God does have a sense of humor. :)  I have gotten to know the very distinct personality traits of Jesus and God in this short time out on my mission.  God...He is funny, INTENSE, loving, serious and little bit sassy. :)
     When Hna Reid and Edita got back, they told me all about their night.  Then we ate dinner and I started to feel really nauseous.  We went home and I laid on my bed....dying.  We have a doctor appt tomorrow to figure out what is wrong with me....

Viernes, 27 de Junio de 2014

     I woke up at 6:30am...still sick.  And now I can add a stuffed nose and a cough to my sore throat and upset stomach.  yay  Well Elder Brunis (one of the office boys) set up a doctor appt, so we packed a sleepover bag because I have two for my stomach/intestines and the other for my foot.  One is at 3pm and the other is at 7pm.  So we headed to Chiclayo.  When we arrived, we grabbed a moto and went to find internet service to print off papers for the doctor/insurance.  It took until Christmas to find internet. Once we found it, we printed the things off and went to find a moto to take us to the clinic and there wasn't any motos.  Only when you need one, can I not find one....haha  And right when we were about to walk somewhere else to find one, a guy on a motorcycle stopped us and started talking to us in English.  Man: "Hello sisters.  How are you?  Are you okay? (pointing at me)"  Us: "Good, but we need a moto."  Man: "I will find you one."  Me: "Yeah!"  Us:  "Oh, thank you."  And then he drove off to find us one.  He wasn't having a lot of luck and ended up calling us a taxi and he paid for it!  His name is Enrique Diez and my instructions are, "add him to Facebook and tell him thank you for taking care of the Hna on crutches!!"
     Once we got to the doctor, we headed upstairs and ended up running into Elder Thompson.  Apparently, Elder Coons is really sick, too.  The Elders went on divisions because there is another elder sick, too, so they put the sick ones together and the 2 heatlthy ones together.  We talked to Elder Thompson and he was looking for his companion.  In the middle of his story of what happened, I got told to go to another part of the building and waiting outside of the same room was Elder Coons!  Small world.  So we called back to Elder Thompson and told him that we found his companion!  We all swapped stories and took turns going in to see the doctor.  The doctor liked my first name, but didn't like how difficult it was to pronounce my last name :) haha  Anyways, my diagnosis is an infection in my stomach so lucky, lucky me, I get to take the pink stuff- like pepto bismol.
     After I got my medicine, we headed up to the mission home to meet up with Hna Yaulli and Hna Acosta, and Hna Ccalli.  This is my third time staying with these Hnas in Chiclayo and their pension is so sweet and accepting of me.  Every time I have come to them, they always give me the biggest hugs and always call me beautiful.  And since I can't do a whole lot with being sick, we went to their pension to hang out there until my later doctor appt at 7pm.  They were so amazing and they gave me a little bowl of rice and lots of hugs. They also put in some Old Testament videos (in Spanish) for me and Hna Reid to watch.  So for quite some time, we read and watched videos.  I hate not working.
     At 7pm, I went to my second doctor appt and I saw the same doctor that told me that I had a fracture in my foot.  He looked at my same xrays and couldn't find the break might have been misdiagnosed!  hahahaha  Then he looked at my toe and sent me to get it looked at my another doctor (dermatologist) We waited to see him forever!  Once we got in, he looked at my toe and told me that I have an infection and that I need to keep it really elevated and not walk!  Just kill me now.  I was given more meds (antibiotics).
     After we got done at the doctor, we headed back to the pension in Chiclayo and the house was decorated because Hna Acosta was having her 25th birthday!  We sang Happy Birthday and ate dinner...and CAKE!! yay!  Afterwards, we went back to the cuarto of the Hnas and we talked with Presidente Risso tambien Presidente Williams (the new President). Poor man.  First day here, and he has to deal with all my WONDERFUL health stories!  Poor, poor man.  Thankfully, we could explain everything in English!
     When Hna Reid called Presidente Risso, he talked to her about me for a minute and then he said that he was going to let Presidente Williams have the phone since it was his area now.  So he handed the phone to Pres. Williams, said goodbye and right then, Pres. Risso got onto the plane.  We witnessed the passing over of the area!  So so cool!!  Well, he got back on the phone and told us he would call us in the morning and we could figure out what to do with me for a week.  We then got ready for bed and talked.
     The Hnas in Chiclayo are bueno!  They are so willing to always help, and they do all they can do for us! They don't make us feel like the unwanted house guests.

Sabado, 28 de Junio de 2014

    We woke up and I started getting ready for the day.  When all four of us got finished showering, we went to breakfast. (pan, ham, and omelets).  Then we headed back to the cuarto to do study and wait for the call from Pres. Williams.  At 9:40ish, we got the call from one of the office boys and they told us that the Presidente himself was coming to the cuarto we were at, to talk to me!!!  So everyone but me started crazy cleaning everything.  The Presidente showed up at 10:30am.  Hermana Williams was the first to enter and she is so amazing.  The love that radiates from her is amazing!  Then appeared 2 Elders from the office, Elder Lattin y Elder Noriega, and then Presidente Williams!  It was their second day in the mission and I got to meet them!  We were the first normal missionaries they met.  We then explained my whole health story to them and over and over again they kept telling me that I have such a great attitude about this situation.  Once we talked about what could be the plans for me for a while, we all decided on me going back to Motupe and staying at the pension all day so that Hna Reid could do splits with any members we could find.  The entire time, they were getting to know me and I am really excited about that because I now have a relationship and trust with them.  I love them with my whole being.  Before they left, Pres. Williams gave me a priesthood blessing.  It was so beautiful.  After the blessing, he got a little emotional and told us that he wants everyone in the mission to know that he trusts them.  And then they said goodbye.  Pres. Williams shook my hand and held and patted it for a minute- he is like my mission dad.  Hna Williams hugged me and told me she was proud of me.  And they both told me to call them if I needed something and they truly meant it.  They are so great and I am grateful to have 16 months with them.  All growing together in the language. Pres. knows Spanish but hasn't used it since his mission in Spain and Hna Williams has been trying to study it for years and decided that if they could live somewhere where they only spoke Spanish, she could learn faster and what do you know, they get called here. :) Presidente kept saying it was her doing that they were here!! haha They are so cute!  I already have so much trust and love in and for them, and I've only known them for 1 1/2 hours.  I can already tell a lot of things in the mission is going to change, because he was saying the things that he wanted that a Latino President would have.  Our mission is going to be Americanized and I am really excited.
     Once they left, we headed back to Motupe.  On the car ride home, we talked about how amazing the Williams' are and also about our bishops.  I shared my story of knowing that Bishop Smith was my bishop when we were at Quest and "Jesus" called his apostles (the bishops in the Stake).  I knew.  And I shared that ever since then, I have continued to grow closer to him and how grateful I am to have him as my home ward bishop, because he has been so supportive and understanding about everything.  Thank you Bishop Smith!  You are a great man and I know you are called of God and you have blessed many souls!  Thank you!  Thanks 5th Ward for all the support!! Much love!
     Once we got back to Motupe, we went straight to lunch (2pm).  We ate soup (which had rice, veggies, and lamb) and popcorn.  It was really yummy.  After we ate, we explained to them what needs to happen until next Friday.  #1  I need to rest all day long either at the pension or have someone with me in our cuarto. #2  I have 2 kinds of pills to take and for my stomach, I can't have anything fried or no milk......(bummer) because all I've been craving is these fried donuts and arroz con leche.  #3  My foot must be elevated always!!  #4  Call Hna Williams about anything :) I love her!!! (my mission mommy)
     It is going to be a long week, but luckily I get a lot of time for studies.  #5  I need to eat healthy and do lots of ab work outs while I rest.  haha  Problem solved :)  Once we told them my rules for this week, we headed to our cuarto with Hna Ana because we already had 2 bags and we needed to carry our laundry home too, so she helped us.  Once home, we unpacked and I packed up another bag for my long studies at the pension.  I am excited to be able to study, but I know I am going to go crazy after today!  We headed back to the pension and I stayed there and rested while Hna Reid went out and taught. (that lucky duck) She came back for me at 5:30pm to head to the church for a young women's activity of watching the movie Charly with our investigadores.  Well Luhanna was the only one of our investigadores that showed up, but there were other members there.  We watched the movie and EVERYONE  was crying and Hna Reid and I bore our testimonies.  The girls got more emotional and the spirit was so strong.  Then the girls there, all shared their thoughts about the video and Luhanna loved it.  I knw that if she goes to church tomorrow and feels the spirit she felt tonight, that she will want the gospel.  And while the YW were sharing their testimonies, they talked about eternal marriage and how we need to keep our baptismal covenants and be worthy to receive eternal families.  I think that his home for Luhanna to hear her friends her age talk about their desire to always be in the church.  It was such a beautiful experience.  I am grateful for this gospel and for the love from God.  I am so happy we can all be sealed for forever!  I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission to help many people start their journey to reach the temple and eternal families.  I challenge you to watch Charly again, but really pay attention to all the spiritual aspects, especially when he gives her the blessing of health.  He has so much faith that all will be fine and "promises" things without the promise of God.  We all need to remember God has a plan for us and sometimes it's not what we want.... cough cough, stuck on a couch all day when wanting to work...coughcough.  God knows what we need to grow and become stronger children of Him.  I know this church is true and I know we can live with our families and God for FOREVER!  I know we can be forgiven through Jesus Christ and I know He suffered for all the terrible things in our lives.  I know with my whole being that God loves ME and YOU!  Pray to know this truth.

Domingo, 29 de Junio de 2014

     Well, we had church this morning and since I couldn't pick people up for church, cause that's "work", Hna Reid left with Crisalina to get people at 8:15am and left me with Ana.  Well, I thought we would just chill at the house for awhile because church doesn't start until 9ish (that is if they start on time :) , but we left at 8:20 am in a moto and ended up being 45 minutes early to church.  During my lengthy wait, I found a place to sit to have my foot up and out of the way.  Once church was getting ready to start, everyone and their dog came up to me to try and get me to go and see their doctor or to go get a massage.  :)  I don't think they realize a massage won't help a broken bone.  Once sacrament meeting started, they announced who was speaking and Hna Reid found out with the rest of us that she was speaking!  She did great!  After she finished, the first counselor to the President of the Rama spoke.  He gave the coolest analogy.
     We are all knives and the gospel is an apple.  What would happen if we rubbed the knife on the bottom of a shoe and cut up the apple to share?  No one would want it.  What would happen if we cut up the apple with a clean knife?  Everyone would want it!  It's the same with us.  If we are dirty (sins), no one is going to want what we have to share.  But if we are clean, everyone will want a piece of what we have in our lives. He proceeded to talk about repentance and that we can always be forgiven.
     After sacrament meeting, there were some teenagers in the hall stacking their hands on top of each other and then counting to 10, as they pulled a hand off with each number.  As a joking around, Hna Reid and I joined in.  Turns out that if you are #10, you get to do a truth or dare...Well I was #10.  haha  Since I am a missionary and someone who doesn't speak Spanish, one of the YM says, "Do you like Peru?"  haha I laughed and said "Yes!" and walked away.  What the random?  Truth or Dare in the church?!
     After church we went back to the cuarto and did personal study and then headed to lunch.  For study, I have started to read the New Testament.  It is so cool because everything from Jesus the Christ is right from the New Testament, so it is interesting to read from the scriptures and remember the descriptions/explanations from Jesus the Christ.  I am learning so much!  After I finished all of Matthew, I started reading "Our Search for Happiness" by Russell M. Ballard.  It is so good.  He says, "If you really concentrate on trying to walk the way Jesus walked, one day you'll look up and discover that His path has led you directly to the throne of God."
     After I read to chapter 3, Ana and Lucero (the daughters of my pensionista) came over to the couch I was resting on and they talked to me about the United States.  And they were surprised to hear that not everyone is white and that a lot of people are from other countries.  It was fun to explain my home life and my culture to them.  I told them about the crazy people who go tanning to get their skin dark like theirs.  :)
     When we headed back to the cuarto at 8:45pm, we looked at the phone and we had 4 missed calls from the Presidente.  We immediately called them back and they had called all those times just to check on me. How sweet.  The exact words were, "we are thinking about you Hna Dodson.  How are you doing?"  They are so great and so loving.  They told me again to call them whenever.  I am so grateful for them and their love for all the missionaries, but right now, especially their love for me.  Because they are brand new, and the fact that they know me is amazing, and that I am not just on some list of Chiclayo Missionaries.  :)  Love them!
     A little bit about Pres. Williams y Hna Williams.  They are from Rock Springs, Wyoming.  They have 5 kids- 3 daughters (all married) and 2 sons (not married).  They found out I'm from Bountiful and they told me that for a short time, they were in Bountiful and they went to the temple a ton.  And I decided that my mom has probably met them and didn't know.  Haha  They are hilarious and so open and loving.

Lunes, 30 de Junio de 2014

     P-Day!  Well we had breakfast brought to us this morning because we were going to be hanging out in the cuarto all day and since doctor's orders say "foot elevated", I need to do that.  It was weird to eat at our tiny little cuarto, but I enjoyed it though.  We had 2 hard boiled eggs each, a cup full of oatmeal, 2 1/2 rolls with jam and a banana.  After we ate, we did our studies and then cleaned the cuarto.  After we cleaned, we had to go get our money for next month.  While we were at the ATM, we saw a bakery, so obviously we had to go and buy chocolate cake with caramel drizzled all over it! :)  Then we went back to the cuarto and relaxed.  I made a little visual for the Plan of Salvation Lesson. :)  It's super cute.  And then lunch was brought to us (rice, salad, soup, grapes, and Tang)  After lunch, we relaxed some more and decided to go email.  And that's when everything changed.
     I got on the computer and nothing was working well and by the time I got on, the FIRST email I read was the update from Matthew's mommy.  And I found out right then that my best bud, Matt, died.  I broke down crying and that is how I started and ended my emailing.  During my entire hour of time, my computer was frozen and I couldn't get my emails to my family.  Really, after it was all over, I just left feeling completely picked on!  I have kept such a great attitude towards all my health issues and towards not being able to understand the language, and today pushed me over the edge.  We left emailing and Hna Reid and I hugged while I cried and then she bought me ice cream.  We then headed home and I just cried and talked to Hna Reid forever.  She is such a good support to me.  She called the Presidente to see if our Elders were back in Motupe, because Elder Coons has some parasite in his intestines, so he has been in Chiclayo since Thursday.  He told us that they would be back in Motupe tonight, and that once they get back, they will give me a blessing.  After that phone call, Hna Reid sang for me while I cried.  She is so great.  She told me that she doesn't understand what it feels like to lose someone, but she wishes to take everything from me because it tears her apart to see me suffer like this for the passed couple weeks.  At 6pm, we headed to the pension so that Hna Reid could go out teaching and I could rest.  Well as soon as I sat down, I lost it again.  I explained what happened (showed them the picture I have of Matt) and just cried.  And since my pension is amazing, they bought me arroz con leche with masomora and also a sugar caramel cookie.  They know my comfort foods. thing...while Hna Reid was singing to me, she started singing "You'll Be In My Heart", and I completely lost it, because that song was mine and Matt's song.  I have really enjoyed remembering all our memories together and also having an experience that really pulls the Plan of Salvation up close and personal.  I am so grateful that we will all see each other again.  And I know Matt is going to be right there at the second coming/resurrection to hug all of us.  I want to send love out to the Palmer family.  I want them to know many people adore and love Matt.  He is an amazing young man, and he changed my life for the better.  He was and still is one of my biggest supporters of my mission.  He gave me encouragement in the times of questioning and he always testified of God in all he did.  Matthew Palmer....I Love You. Thank you for your strong testimony and love for all.  I will serve my mission in honor of you, since you are a huge reason I'm out here!  You can finish your mission in the Spirit World, converting lost souls to God. Keep up the good work, and continue to shine and bless all with your beautiful talent of music.  I Love You.
     At 8:30pm, the Elders came by the pension and luckily Elder Coons is back.  They still don't know what's wrong, but both elders gave me a blessing of comfort and it was much needed.  By now, the Elders have my name memorized....third blessing from them.  Bless their hearts.  Today was just completely emotionally draining.

lunch:  rice, salad, soup, grapes and Tang :)

Visual aids I made for the Plan of Salvation lesson
"It's super cute."


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