Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 14: "'I got down on my knees and begged...she said the prayer!" :)

Lunes, 7 de Julio de 2014

     Well, just a normal day.  We did our exercises and ate breakfast. (bread, potatoes, and hard boiled eggs with soya).  After, we had studies and then we cleaned our cuarto.  During that time, the Elders called us and invited us to do P-Day with them.  They met us at their pension and we learned how to make pineapple cake!  It is so good!  It took forever for it to cook, so we chatted forever and had lunch all together. (potatoes, rice, this chicken sauce stuff and a corn drink).  We were together from 11:15-3:30pm!
     Once we left to go find internet, we stopped at a store to buy some things and the Elders were there. haha.  We were not stalking them.  We did that 2 more times at 2 different places.  It was so funny because we hardly ever see each other, but all day today, we kept running into each other.  We emailed.  I hate emailing because it always says that my emails/pictures are working, and then they don't. :(
     After that, we went back to the cuarto to rest before we went out teaching.  We taught Nicol (menos activo) and her siblings Jovanna and Ricardo.  They are great, but her siblings just don't understand.
     After that we went and visited Shirley.  She wants to get baptized, but she can't because she is not married to her "husband" because he is still married to another woman who won't divorce him.  But she wants to leave him because she doesn't like that he drinks, and he only sits around and watches T.V.  She is so cool.  She isn't a member but she has the standards of a member.  She said that once she leaves him, she is going to get baptized in Lima.  She will live with her sister there.  We left with a prayer and some hugs. Bless her heart.
     Afterwards, we went and taught Jesus Remiro and Fabriana about the Restauracion and they were so interested and the spirit was so strong.  Before we left, they were asking us questions about the church and ourselves.  They are so cool.  They are so ready to be baptized.
     After we left them, we went to dinner. (popcorn, soup and tea)  Then we went and bought cookies and went home and planned for our busy day of meetings tomorrow (district and zone).  We talked about what we can talk to the Elders about tomorrow on the car ride.  haha  Question of the day, "If you were an animal, what would you be?"  haha

Martes, 8 de Julio de 2014

     On the way to the meetings in Lambayeque, I asked the animal question and here are their answers.  Elder Thompson: Leemer  Elder Coons: Lion   Hna Reid:  Monkey  and  Me: Raccoon.
     Once we got there and during our break in the meeting, we got CAKE!!  And at 1:00pm we had lunch (tacos).  It was so yummy.  Then we headed back to Motupe.  During the car ride, we talked about movies/actors/friends and also our families. :)
     Once we got back at 4:50pm, we went out teaching.  We taught Clarita and the spirit was so strong the entire time and we felt/knew that she could feel it and that she knows that this is all true, but she won't accept our baptism dates....
     We taught two other families and headed to English class.  We taught them colors and body parts. (head, shoulders, knees and toes) and other things like hands, etc.  It went really well and the entire time it was a huge laughing fest!  haha
      After that, we headed to dinner. (cheese on rolls, hot milk, 1 mini banana, 1 mini apple)  We headed home, planned and got ready for bed.

Miercoles, 9 de Julio de 2014 (3 MONTHS!)

     Happy 3 meses!  Only 15 more meses to go.  CRAZY.  Well this morning was really interesting.  We went and taught a contact named Juan Jose and for a good 25 minutes he told us that we were liars and that we don't know anything.  Once we finally left, we visited a young menos activo named Leonella (16 yrs) and the entire lesson she was showing us her crafts that she has made.
     After that, we visited Jamie (menos activo) and his cousin Jose (both 19 yrs).  The lesson was going great, and then right in the middle of me reading my part in the Strength of Youth, I started to speak English to them. They stared at me in shock.  haha  Awkward, but more comfortable because we all moved to another level of friendship because of it. :)  Jose is super cool and he is really interested in the church, only problem is he lives in Chiclayo and doesn't know how long he will be here in Motupe.  Hopefully, he will be here long enough to teach and baptize him.   Funny thing about Jose y Jamie, is when we arrived at their house, they ran and changed clothes and bathed themselves in cologne.  We were choking on the smell. haha Silly boys!  Gotta love it...
     After that, we ate lunch. (soup, rice, tomatoes, meat-no idea what kind, and "pulp" to drink) We did our language study and training, and then we went to visit a contact named Julia.  When we got to her house, an older man answered and we asked for Julia and that we were missionaries.  Well he thought we were looking for the missionaries so he told us where to find the missionaries (as he points to our pension). We both giggled after he left to find Julia after we explained again that we were the missionaries. haha Everyone here knows where to find all the missionaries.
     Afterwards, (we never did find Julia), we went and taught Anyela and her brother Johnathan.  They are so cool and so ready for the church.  After that, we went and taught some children that live by the church, named Jon Carlos (11 yrs) y Alexis (9 yrs).  They are both awesome young boys!  During our lesson, they basically taught us all of Lesson 1 because they read the pamphlet many times.  They are great! :)
     We then had consejo de Rama and dinner. (fruit with condensed milk drizzled on it- it's a great dessert idea.)

Jueves, 10 de Julio de 2014

     This morning, some of our citas weren't home, so we contacted a few people.  One man was paralyzed on half his body.  When we finished setting up a cita with him, he asked us, "Do you have pills to give me?" We said, "No."  We were a little concerned about him now....Then we went and taught Filomena and she is driving me crazy, because she told us she didn't have time to join the church now because she has many hardships...We told her many times that she really can use the church in her life.
     After that, we went to our cuarto and called Hna Williams because ...CAUTION READERS...READ AT YOUR OWN RISK....we have black poop.  haha  Well she ended up being in the car with her husband (Pres.) and two elders, the assistants to the Pres.  And well, we had that wonderful conversation with her about it, and the best part was when she told us IN FRONT OF EVERYONE IN THE CAR, "If your poop is still black in a couple of days, we will send you to get your stool tested."  We both started busting up laughing!
     After that, we went out teaching.  We taught Ivet (little girl who got baptized) about Daniel and Lion's den.  Then we taught Rosa, a menos activo, and we talked with her for awhile because she is in need of a friend.  And because she loves us, she gave us some of her apple pie that she made.  It was so yummy.  I really wanted ice cream with it.
     Then we went to buy some Peruvian chocolate and at the little store, the owner asked us if we were from Columbia (because we are white and speak Spanish) When he found out that we were from the United States, he got super excited.
      We then went and taught Pascuala y Ruth about Daniel and the Lion's Den.  They loved it!  Then we taught Jesus y Julia, the recent converts, about modesty and they loved it.  It went so well.  After that, we went to teach Jesus Remino (14 yrs) y Fabriana (9 yrs) and when we arrived at their house, they were outside watching for us.  When we made it close to their house, they ran to greet us!  We taught them Lesson 2!  The spirit was crazy strong.  We asked them if they had questions about the lesson or the Book of Mormon. Jesus Remiro proceeded to tell us that he is in 1 Nephi 13!!  And that him, Fabriana y Dana are all reading and praying together!  This family is so special!!!!  After we answered his questions, we asked when we could return and he said, "We will see you at the activity tomorrow, so come Saturday and then we will see you at church on Sunday."  They want to see us everyday.  Before we left, he told us there was dance tonight, but he skipped it because he wanted to be there for our awesome lesson!!
      Afterwards, we ate fruit and hot chocolate for dinner and then headed home to find out that we don't have water....again...and got ready for bed after planning.

Viernes, 11 de Julio de 2014

     We had weekly planning this morning until 2:00pm.  Once we finished, we ate lunch (rice soup and C-fruit- a Peruvian punch)  We went back to the cuarto and finished up questions for the jeopardy game tonight, because the Elders sent us a message that told us that they probably weren't going to make it to the activity because Elder Coons was at the doctor.  So we thought of other topics, one being "name that tune". We thought of songs that we can sing and we practiced singing them all day. :)
     At 7:00 pm we headed to the activity and when we got to the church, Jamie and Jose were there waiting. We got inside and got the board set up.  We had a great turn out and everyone got so competitive- a different kind of competitive than in the U.S.  They just shout out the answer and run at us at the front of the room yelling!  They really just didn't understand the game, but they were having so much fun.
     Once the activity ended, we had refreshments- panqueques with manjar (caramel) and apple juice.  We then went to drop off Ivet and her sister at their house and headed to the pension.  It was 5 minutes to 9:30pm when we got there and we hurried and grabbed our dinner (arroz con leche) in measuring cups and ritz crackers.  But we had to run home so I grabbed the arroz con leche and my crutches and we ran to our cuarto.  Basically we looked classy, especially me running with crutches.  Makes sense. :)  Don't worry, my foot is better now, so I am fine to do that.
     We got to the cuarto at exactly 9:30 pm.  We ate dinner, planned and got ready for bed.

Sabado, 12 de Julio de 2014

     This morning, we talked to Hna Crisalina about our food and portions because we want to eat healthier. We told her the kinds of foods we like and to cut down on the fried foods.  She was really understanding.  I love her.
     Later, we taught Jose and Jamie again.  This time outside because they were home alone, and of course they smelled really nice, but STRONG!  haha  The lesson went really great, and once we asked them if they had questions.  They asked for our first names.  We explained that we would tell them once we have to leave Motupe.  They were disappointed.  Yesterday we sang at the activity, and they heard us sing, and they liked our voices so they asked us if we knew romantic songs.  We said "Yes." and they asked us to sing one and Hna Reid then says, "We don't know any..."  haha
     We left and taught a couple other lessons.  Then we went to lunch. (big plate of veggies, small plate of rice, healthier fried chicken, juice and 2 bananas.)  After lunch we taught Milagros (15 yrs), Kevin (11 yrs) and Maria (10 yrs).  They are really neat and they all have so much potential!  After we finished there, we went to visit Cecilia (menos activo), her mom Teressa and her sister Fiorella.  The lesson consisted of smoke from their fire blowing in our faces, the sun in our eyes, loud music blasting from the drunkards bar and a lecture from Teressa about how we are terrible missionaries because we haven't been by to visit...says the woman who threw us out of her house the last time we met with her....
     Later, we taught Jon Carlos, Alexis and their buddy Jordano.  During their lesson, a man came walking in to buy a cigar from their store and starts flirting with us.  We ignored him so he lit his cigar and blew it right at us through his nose.  blehh...then we dropped off Book of Mormons at the house of Jamie and Jose and they answered the door putting clothes on...haha (listening to the song, I like to move it, move it.) Awesome!
     After that, we taught Nicol (menos activo) and her siblings.  We invited them to come to church with us and Nicol said, "I can't, I'm on my period."  So if anyone is wondering...that is a legit excuse...;)
     After that, we went and had dinner. (fruit, small bowl of popcorn, and a small cup of hot chocolate)  Then we went home and got ready for bed after planning.  P.S. All day I was off my crutches!!  P.S.S. An observance of Peru:  the men here wear capris and the women wear...nothing.  The End.

Domingo, 13 de Julio de 2014

     For breakfast we got 16 soda crackers with jam and 2 soft boiled eggs. haha  After that, we headed out to pick up people for church.  I went with Ana and we picked up Jovanna y Ricardo (the siblings of Nicol) and Hna Reid picked up Brigitte (9 yrs).  After we partook of the sacrament, we left to pick up those people who didn't show up.  We picked up Alexis and his brother Jon Carlos and their friend Jordano and his little sister.  So we showed up at church 15 minutes before sacrament was over with 4 kids!  After sacrament meeting, we took all 7 kids to Primary and we headed to Sunday School.  Well, in Sunday School, I poked my eye out.  Elder Coons and Elder Thompson thought it was hilarious that I couldn't see anymore. haha After we checked on the kids and they thought that meant we were leaving, and when we told them we still had another hour of church, they were so excited.  We went to Relief Society and when we got there, they were talking about temple marriage and then the subject changed to modesty.  This conversation was quite descriptive.  They told us that we can't wear tube tops with our bras because it is too tempting to men to pull your shirt off...and also if you wear mini skirts, they will stick their hands underneath. It got a little crazy.
     After church, we dropped everyone off at their houses and went to the cuarto to study for a little bit before lunch. (rice, beans, 2 hard boiled eggs, tomatoes and pina to drink).  After lunch, we went home to study and get ready to go out teaching.  We taught Filomena first, and both Hna Reid and I want to just drag her to church because she keeps saying that "she doesn't know the Bible well enough and that she doesn't have time to be a member right now."  That woman is going to be the death of me.
     After that, we went to Los Cocos to teach Pascuala y Ruth but they weren't there, so we went to ask directions from these girls, and this old shirtless man started talking to us about how beautiful we are and then he introduced us to his son, Manuel (35 yrs) who over and over kept asking us if we had faith that he could change.  We kept telling him, yes.
     Then we visited a recent convert named Doralisa (85 yrs) and her neighbor Esmith came over (16 yrs). After we taught a little lesson, she told us the Elders are visiting her.  We asked her to get baptized and she wanted to!  She has so much potential.
     We taught a menos activo, Claudia (25 yrs) and she is really cool and wants to come back to church.
     Funny story:  While we were teaching Filomena we asked her to give the closing prayer, and she kept saying no, so Hna Reid sang her a song several times...we took a vote, and asked nicely and promised her blessings...and she still said no.  And then Hna Reid said, "We have done everything!  What else can we do to make you pray?"  And at that moment, I got down on my knees and begged.  She said the prayer!  :)
     We ate dinner at 8:45 pm (potato soup, popcorn and chocolate milk).  At 9:15 pm, the Elders came by the pension to get our numbers and plans.

P-Day with the Elders!

"The Elders called us and invited us to do P-Day with them."
"We learned how to make pineapple upside-down cake!"
"It is so good!"
Ward Activity
I spy....Hna Reid
I spy Hna Dodson
I spy Elder Coons
I spy Elder Thompson
I spy..... FUN!
Jeopardy game
"They just shout out the answer and run at us at the front
of the room yelling...they really just didn't understand the
game, but they were having so much fun."


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