Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 15: "We killed a cricket that was hiding in our dresser!"

Sorry, the pics won't send, so here is a little update.”

Lunes, 14 de Julio de 2014

We went to Chiclayo, and went shopping with the elders. Then we went to Brothers. It is a hamburger place owned by this black man that only speaks English. hahaha He is super cool. He married a Peruvian, whom he met in Africa. Haha random. Then we had fast internet, and that was great. hahaha Then we went to Motupe again, and the combi (bus) was hot as H-E- double toothpicks! We had a FHE with a family of recent converts (Jesus and Julia) and we watched the Restoration. It was really good. They really liked it. Then we had dinner (fruit and tea). We killed a cricket that was hiding in our dresser! hahaha It was so annoying! hahaha Basically we are awesome.

Martes, 15 de Julio de 2014

We went to a lesson and taught a teenager named Noeli. She wants to become a nurse in a hospital for babies and she decided to describe to us a very detailed version of the birth process! hahaha Then we went to an investigators house and the music playing was blasting the F-word every 5 words...hard to have the spirit in that condition. We later met some teen boys that were really cool, but turns out that they are working with the elders.
After that, we went to the house of Julia (mother of Edita, a member that helps us teach) and she denied us entrance into her house because she was too busy pushing her baby in a stroller, in a circle in her front room...
Then we went and taught Jordano and his mommy and the spirit was so strong! I love this gospel! Right after that, we had English class. Lets just say there was A LOT  of accidental swearing. Oops! (hahahahaha)

Miercoles, 16 de Julio de 2014

We went to Lambayeque for meetings, had lunch- lasagna!! It was sooo good! Then we had intercambios with the Hermanas in Lambayeque. (Hna Chaccara and Hna Herrandez) I worked with Hna Chaccara. She was the Hna that ignored us when we stayed with them that one time, but she is actually really great!

Jueves, 17 de Julio de 2014

We ended cambios and when we got home we taught Ezkiel (menos activo that pretended to hate Jospeh Smith) Well the spirt in his lesson was amazing! Then we went to Jose and Jamie, and we taught the law of chastity, and well that was sooo awkward....especially because they kept flirting with us and asking us if we had boyfriends and stuff like that. Then we had a meeting with the Rama and the Elders didn’t show up, because Elder Coons was at the doctor. So we left and taught another lesson to Nicol, Jovanna and Ricardo. We started to teach them the same lesson that we taught last time, so we changed it and started teaching another lesson we had already taught them! hahaha… oops it was funny though. Then we had dinner (fruit, hot cocoa and a fried donut thing with cheese).

Viernes, 18 de Julio de 2014

We taught Teressa, and she was wearing a fish net shirt…. no bra..... it was soo wrong. hahahaha (she is like 56) Then we went to the church and learned how to make lasagna. Then we went out teaching and nothing too exciting happened, but the best part was that right when the food was done, the Elders just happened to walk past and so we invited them to eat with us!

Sabado, 19 de Julio de 2014

We taught with Maruja, and she is so crazy but awesome. She is the woman that talked in RS about modesty. She is great. Then we went and taught Filomena. She was crazy today! She told us that she didn’t want to hear from us anymore and then invited us in!? hahaha!? I don’t know what is up with her....Then we went to a baptism of a woman named Melissa. She is SUPER pregnant, and I thought that she was going to give birth in the font- she didn't...but it was kinda intense. Then we went with the Elders to teach Jose and Jamie. Turns out that they were with a friend who wanted to hear more about the church. Unfortunately, they were all drunk. They did give us cake, though. Then we left and taught Nicol, Jovanna and Ricardo. We laughed during the prayer... bad missionaries… bad bad bad missionaries... hahaha Then we taught Jesus, Ramiro, Dana, Fabriana, and Katerin. Their brother was doing magic tricks for us and it was soo fun! hahaha He was super professional- doing things with animals and stuff.. haha Then they asked us to sing for them so we sang “Lean on Me” and they loved it!

Domingo, 20 de Julio de 2014

At church everyone thought that I looked 25 hahahaha no idea why.. hahah it was funny though. After church, I threw up, so we rested for a bit because I was feeling sick. Then at 5 pm we went out teaching with Maruja. At 6:30 pm, we went and taught Jesus Ramiro and his crew and we watched the Restoration and the spirit was so strong! Then Hna Reid and I bore testimony and ended the lesson with an invite to baptism and they really want to get baptized!! yay! We are super happy! Now we just need permission from the padres... wish us luck and pray for us! After that, we had a class to teach the members how to be home and visiting teachers. We did a little skit with the Elders and it was fun, and we had everyone laughing! hahahaha 

Sorry that the internet isn't so great today. I love you! I know that God lives and loves me, because He blesses me with the words I need to speak to the people of Peru everyday!”

With the Hermanas in Chiclayo
Hna Ccalli, Hna Yuagi, Hna Tomlinson,  Hna Dodson, Hna Reid

At a birthday party!
"So at the birthday party, we were invited to eat lunch, but
we had already eaten, so we said that we couldn't eat, and
this little kid didn't understand my explanation, and he
thought that I said I was pregnant!  One of the menos
activos named Enrique asked me why I wasn't eating,
and that kid said, "Because she's pregnant!'
"I then had to explain that that wasn't true!"


We got sick :(

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