Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Week 60: Four dogs cornered me in a vacant house...it was terrifying!

Lunes, 25 Mayo 2015
     This morning we did our weekly planning because we weren't able to do it the other days.  After that, we deep cleaned our cuarto.  Then we showered and went and bought our needs.  Then we headed to Monica's house (member) to help her prepare the hamburgers for our lunch.  The elders showed up at 2:30pm and we ate some really yummy hamburgers.  Just like in the other areas, I had to prove that I can handle the hot stuff...Monica had made some salsa from rocoto (one of the hottest peppers here in Peru)....so I put some on my hamburger and it didn't have a bite at all, so I put more on and still nothing.  I put more....and nothing.  Elder Brunis didn't believe me that it didn't burn, so I ate a spoonful of the hot sauce.  Once again....nothing....so Elder Brunis not believing me, grabbed a spoonful and put it on his burger...He took a bite and started panting and waving his hand by his mouth....and then tears fell from his eyes.  Everyone started laughing and then they were so impressed by my immunity to heat.  haha
     After we ate, we ended up talking about doctrine for a long time.  At 4:30pm, we finally headed to internet to write home.  Everyone in my family wrote me so many wonderful things!  It brought up my spirit.  I really appreciated all the words and testimonies shared by them all.
     After writing home, Hna McGinnis wasn't feeling well, so we headed home and ended up staying in the cuarto until dinner.
     For dinner, we ate....TACOS!!
     I loved this day....except for the fact that my sweet, sweet comp is sick.  I feel bad.  I want to help her, but all I can really do is love her.  We called Hna Williams about her being sick, so we are going to the doctor tomorrow.  Hopefully the doctor can do something to help her.

Martes, 26 Mayo 2015
     This morning we went to a payphone to make our calls...again, because the elders still haven't given us our cell phone back.  Well, we were told that we had to go to the doctor any time between 10-12pm.  Well it was 9:45am, so we headed to Chiclayo.  Once we got there, we ended up waiting from 10:10ish to 11:40am.  We finally got to talk to the doctor and he prescribed her some medicine. After we got the medicine, we headed back to Pomalca.
     We made some phone calls and then went to lunch.  After lunch, we rested.  My companion was still not feeling too well, so we stayed in until 6pm.  By then, the medicine started kicking in and helping her feel a little relief from her pain.
     We went out teaching and we found a few people, but the best one was Clara.  She is a sweet old lady that wants to get baptized, but her struggle is going to church.  Today, she told us she had a revelation that she needs to do all she can to show God that she really wants to enter His kingdom. She told us that she is going to put forth greater effort to go to church.  She gave the closing prayer at the end of the lesson and she poured her heart out to God.  Her pleas were so sincere.  She pleaded for His help, so that she could give her all to Him.  The spirit was so strong.  She has grown so much in testimony since our first visits with her.  She is 75 years old and she is such a hoot.  I love her.
     After her visit, we went  and ate dinner.  We ended up talking with Bertha and Silberio forever about the time at the beginning of their membership.  Silberio told us that the Sunday after he was baptized, they called him to be Branch President.  haha  He said that for a long time, he postponed his baptism because he knew that they would call him as a Branch President.  We all shared spiritual experiences for an hour, then it was time for us to go home and plan.
     We planned, talked, got ready for bed and studied our scriptures until we fell asleep.

Miercoles, 27 Mayo 2015
     This morning Hna McGinnis was still sick.  Poor thing.  I wish I knew how to help her.  I want her to feel better.  As she was resting, I studied and wrote some letters.  Then at 1pm, Hna McGinnis woke up and we went to lunch.
     After lunch, we went home to prepare ourselves.  Then we went and picked up Karla, the bishop's wife, to go visiting.  We went to San Antonio and just our luck, no one was home, or if they were home, they were on their way out or didn't have time.  So we just walked a lot.  We had a good time knocking on doors and talking to people on the street.
     At one point, we turned to Karla and told her to pick a door to knock on.  She looked around and said, "Senor, guia me" (Lord, guide me.)  Right as she said that, she pointed to a house...so we headed over and knocked.  Nothing.  So she picked the next door neighbor and the owner opened the door. It was a senora, about 75 years old.  Right off the bat she told us that she was a Jehovah's witness....but before she could reject us, we became her friend.  She still didn't want to set a cita for us to return, but she did say that if we found her home, she would love to talk. :)
     Later, we taught the familia Ysique Garcia.  We taught Magdalena, too. The lesson was kind of a struggle because Moises was screaming and making a lot of noise....luckily, we could still feel the spirit.  As I taught them about the First Vision, my heart and body felt like it was on fire.  The spirit was so strong, and the best part was that Magelena started to nod in agreement.  We gave her a Book of Mormon and she is excited to start reading it.
     We left and headed to dinner.  We searched for a payphone to make some calls, but none of the phones were working very well, so we just headed home.  We planned, got ready for bed and then cleaned up our flooded bathroom.  Water from upstairs came through the holes that we have in the ceiling...haha.  This is the third time this has happened in our bathroom.  We had another flood that came into our bedroom by our dresser and closet.  The floods keep our life interesting. :) haha

Jueves, 28 de Mayo 2015
     This morning at 10am, the elders stopped by to tell us that the President is coming to inspect our cuarto at 11am.  Luckily, we had already deep cleaned on Monday, so all we had to do is just straighten up a few books and put away our clean laundry that got dropped off this morning.  As we were waiting for him and his wife, we studied.
     At 11am in punto, they showed up.  Hna Williams had made chocolate chip cookies for us! :) We showed them our entire cuarto, and then we were invited by President to sit on our beds.  We sat with them and had a heart to heart talk for quite a long time.  They thanked us for being amazing missionaries and told us that we have touched many lives and have helped many areas to sprout.  We had a prayer together and then they left.
     A little while later, the elders showed up with our cell phone.  They said that President Williams told them to give it back to us.  Soon after getting the phone, Pres. Williams called and told us that Hna McGinnis has a doctor appt. at 5pm.  It was 3:30pm at this time, so we headed to the office at 4pm to get money to pay the doctor.
     After the doctor appt., we went back to the mission office and President told his assistants, Elder Lalli (Bountiful, UT) and Elder Flores to take us to another doctor's office to set up a cita to have Hna McGinnis' blood tested.  They did that and then sent us on our way.
     We went to the Tottus to buy some foods that the doctor recommended for Hna McGinnis to eat. When we got home, we got a random call.  It was Clara and Marco Leyton.  I was confused at how they had this phone number...but they were calling to say goodbye.  Clara is going to do military stuff and Marco leaves on June 8 for the MTC in Brazil.  He is going to learn Portuguese for 6 weeks and then he will head to Africa for his mission.  I am so excited for him.  He is going to touch many lives. I love them so much!  They have touched my heart so much!
     Then we dropped off a new cell phone to the elders on our way to dinner. (veggies)
     We got ready for bed and then we read the June Liahona. :)  Elder Flores hooked us up with them and they were in English!  It was exciting!

Viernes, 29 de Mayo 2015
     This morning we had our weekly planning.  During our planning, the elders showed up to drop off my package from home and all the letters from my mom. It was a spirit up lifter. Thanks mom!
     Then we went to lunch, came home, studied language and went out teaching.  We did divisions.  I went with Bertha and Hna McGinnis went with Carlota.
     As we were visiting, we went to contact a reference.  We knocked on the door and we heard someone shout, "Who is it?" and Bertha, being a smarty pants, said, "Me." Then the woman says, "Who is it?"  So I ask "Is Rosa Herrera here?" Her response was, "Come in!"  I looked at Bertha and we both stayed at the door.  Then the voice yelled, "Come in!" So Bertha reaches through the window on the door to pop the door open. She walks right in and sits down on the couch.  I followed her in and we saw an older woman sitting on the floor with a grandchild on her lap.  She was watching a soap opera. :)
     We sat down and she stopped watching her show for a second and looks at us and says, "I don't know you...who are you?"  We explained that we are missionaries and that we bring a really special message.  We started to teach the Plan of Salvation.  Bertha gave the closing prayer.
     After a few other visits, I had an impression to visit Judith (the mom of Francis).  I wasn't sure why, but we went and I am so glad that we did.
     We entered her house and the thing we had planned to teach didn't feel right, so we just got talking. She opened up about her concern for her son.  She really wants him to go on a mission, but the stake president won't let him because he has tattoos, which he got years ago, and he only recently got baptized.  He has one year in the church.  She knows that if he goes on a mission, it will make him stronger and he will come home with a different look at things...which is true. And then Bertha followed the spirit and told Judith that if she wants her son to choose well, that she also needs to make sure that she is living all the standards.  We invited her to pray, read scriptures and do Family Home Evening as a family.  Judith was very excited.  She wants the best for her son.  Then we talked about baptism and how if she wants her son to keep his covenants, that she should give him an example of covenant keeping.  By the end, I think that she was very intently thinking about getting baptized.  We didn't invite her, but the spirit that the three of us felt was indescribable.
     We left her house with more of her trust and love, and headed to Bertha's house to find Carlota and Hna McGinnis.  When we saw Carlota, she was just glowing.  I asked her how it went and she said, "It was great!!  I even bore my testimony!"
     We said a prayer together and walked Carlota home.  On the way home, she explained to us how she puts the idea of baptism, into the mind of her husband.  She finds a scripture about baptism and then she pretends like her eyes are "acting up" and that she can't read, so she takes her scriptures to her husband and says, "I can't see very well...what does this scripture say?" And then when he reads it, she can see him contemplating it.  haha  She is the best!
     Our last visit was with the familia Espinoza.  We went over the Ten Commandments.  We had a good time giggling, smiling and sharing.  It was a good night.  This family is opening up to us.  They are usually more closed off.  I really hope that we can help them.
     After that, we went to the pharmacy and bought some medicine for Hna McGinnis, went to dinner and then home.

Sabado, 30 de Mayo 2015
     For a big chunk of today, we were in San Antonio.  We went there this morning to teach a few people.  Then we left to go and visit Milagros in Pomalca.  We talked with Milagros and her niece, Cynthia. (26 years)  We talked to them about the importance of parents.  We had a wonderful time and the spirit was strong.  After that visit, we headed to lunch.
     After lunch, we took a nap, got our progress report ready and then we got ready to go out teaching. We headed back to San Antonio to meet with an investigator.  Her name is Angelica.  She is really nice and really wants to listen to our message.
     Then we went to visit the familia Ysique Garcia.  We taught about scripture study and the importance of asking God if the scriptures are really from Him.  We asked Magdalena if she has prayed about the Book of Mormon.  She says that she has, but she hasn't received an answer. We told her how important it is to pray with the intention of acting.  She has a hard time making her own choices, so it might be a long process, but it will be worth it.
     After teaching them, we got in a moto and headed back to Pomalca.  We went and bought some stuff for our cuarto and then went to visit Clara.  We taught her about tithing and fasting.  It went well.  She is such a sweet lady.  She is so willing to do everything the Lord asks her to do....we hope she will go to church tomorrow. :)
     When we got home, we pretended to be falling out our cuarto.  We laid on the ground and grabbed the edge of the top stair...and it looked like we were falling....so we pretended to "scream" for help. :)

Domingo, 31 de Mayo 2015
     This morning at church I led the music and then taught Sunday School with Hna McGinnis.  We taught about the gift of the Holy Ghost.  It went well.  The best part was when Carlota said, "I know that the words of the sisters are true.  I know that they are speaking the words of God, because the Holy Ghost is telling me."  She is the best!
     After church, we contacted and taught a few people before going to lunch. After lunch, we went to San Antonio.  As we were walking to the house of a family, four dogs came running out and cornered me in a vacant house that was getting built.  Hna McGinnis was so worried for me, and I just sat there scared out of my mind because they were barking and growling at me and kept getting closer and closer to me.  It was terrifying! Luckily this man came and saved me!

not funny....
     Then we were able to go and teach some families.  I am really excited for them.
     Later we  had a meeting at the church and the elders gave us candy!  They are the best!  After the meeting, we went out visiting some more.  When we got home, we got the transfers call....and neither one of us have transfers!!  We just broke our record of being with a companion.  We are going to end up having three transfers together!  Elder Brunis and Elder Epperson don't have transfers either!  We are all staying together!  We are all super excited!!

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