Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 62: "When there isn't plata (money), we don't dance."

Lunes, 8 de Junio del 2015     14 meses en la mision!
     Time just keeps flying by!  Anyways, this morning we went running and when we got back, we decided we would wait to shower until after we had cleaned our cuarto.  Once studies were over, we were about to start cleaning when the elders called us asking us to bring them a cardboard box...we we were all gross and sweaty when we took it to them.  Since we were out, we stopped by the mercado and bought the ingredients we needed to make baked potatoes.  We also bought some flowers, so we could make thank yous for all the women that helped us this week.
     We headed home and cleaned the cuarto.  We finally showered and headed to the pension.  We made our thank you cards and handed out our flowers while our potatoes were cooking.  Turns out that baked potatoes don't really work we wasted 2 hours trying to make some American food, and in the end, we ate arroz a la cubana....haha.

At the pension with our pensionista Cecilia and her
daughter Zultezi
     After lunch, we wrote home.  I loved all my emails!  Thank you!  Then we went home and relaxed and ate some Peruvian pastries until it was time to go out teaching.
     As we were walking to our first cita, we walked past a road that was being worked on, and there was a string tightened across the street.  I tried to step over it, but my left foot didn't make it, so I almost fell on my face.  My reaction was, "Holy Crap!!"  Hna McGinnis responded, "I don't think they know what crap is!"  haha  Well, my shoe got ripped off my foot, so I put it back on, and as we were walking, it felt like there was a huge rock stabbing my foot.  When we got to the house of the investigator, I took off my shoe to shake out the rock, but to my surprise, I found blood in my shoe. I looked at the bottom of my foot and I found a hole in my foot!  Don't stress, it's not anything serious. :)  So we limped....yes, "we", because Hna McGinnis didn't want me to stand out, so she limped, even worse than me! haha  Once we got back to our cuarto, we cleaned my "foot hole".  Now my foot was hurting quite a bit, so we stayed home for a little longer than we expected.  We decided to play a prank on the elders....I will write about it soon enough....anyhow, it was time for dinner, so we limped all the way to the pension.  Then we went home to plan, talk, listen to music and get ready for bed.
     It was an eventful day of failed baked potatoes, holes in socks and feet, and also prank planning. Gotta love P-Days!!

Martes, 9 de Junio 2015
     This morning we studied and then headed to our district meeting.  I really like our district.  It is fun because almost everyone in it has over a year in the mission.  Elder Brunis- 23 months, Elder Epperson- 21 months, Elder Jarmon- 21 months, Elder Coca- 2 months (greenie), Hna Mejia- 1 year,
Hna Meneses- 17 months, Me and Hna McGinnis- 14 months!  We are all super good friends now!
     After the meeting, we went to lunch and then Jose came and finished fixing our shower while we studied language.  During our studies, the Elders showed up and surprised us with a bunch of Starbursts and a bag of Doritos!  They were wishing us a Happy Fourteen Month Mark.  We seriously have the best elders here!  I love them.
     Then we went out teaching.  We ended up teaching Norbil, who is Luis' cousin, because Luis wasn't home.  Norbil is really cool.  He is a member, but he has a lot of problems because he likes the party life and his "wife" just gave birth to a little girl less than a month ago.  He loves his daughter a lot.  Well, during the lesson, he asked Hna McGinnis where she was from.  She said that she was from the States.  Then he looked at me and asked me the same thing, and I said, "Utah." and then he asked, "Is that Northern Mexico?"  I responded, "No, its in the U.S.A."  Surprised that I wasn't Mexican, he asked if I know a lot about Mexico.  I told him that I have some friends from Mexico and that one of my companions was from there, also.  He couldn't get over the fact that  I wasn't was hilarious! :)
     Later in the night, we visited Graciela.  Tonight her line was, "When there isn't plata (money), we don't dance."  She is so funny. :)
     Then we went and ate dinner- banana bread and milk.  After dinner, we pulled a fast one on Antero.  We went to Antero's house (the guitarist) to try and teach him.  Well, he doesn't know that we know where he lives, so we knocked on his door and pretended to be looking for a different person.  He came out and helped us find the person and we got talking with him. Well....surprise, Antero got baptized 3 years ago!  Only bummer is that Antero is into drugs, but he gladly accepted our offer to come back to church.  He said that he really misses the church and talking about baptism. He is a cool guy.  I hope that we can help him.

Miercoles, 10 Junio 2015
     This morning all was well until lunch.  We were invited to lunch by a sweet member named Paula...she served each of us a full sized Thanksgiving dinner with a side of rice (a  mountain)! haha :)  Once we ate, we both felt ill, so we were out the rest of the afternoon.  We rested and studied...but mostly just rested.

Feeling sick....ugh....:(

Jueves, 11 Junio 2015
     I woke up worse today.  I pretended like all was fine, but after trying to eat breakfast, I felt super sick.  We ended up being in the cuarto all day.  I slept while my darling companion studied....and danced. :)
Hna McGinnis dancing :)
 Our wonderful pensionista Cecilia brought us our lunch (duck and rice) and also our dinner. (yogurt and cereal)  She is the best pensionista.  I love her dearly, especially since today was her Birthday and she still took time to care for us.

Viernes, 12 Junio 2015
     Well, this morning we were given birthday cake for breakfast. :) We had our weekly planning and then we went out teaching.  We went with a member named Nicida, and ended up visiting a less active member named Luz and her husband Cesar (not a member).  Turns out that Nicida is the visiting teacher of Luz, but can never find her home.  Well, we found her home and we had a good lesson with her.  In the end and after we left, Nicida thanked us for letting her be there to visit Luz and feel so strongly the spirit.
     After we visited some other women.  They denied our invite to baptism, but they still want to hear our lessons.  Then we knocked on some member's door and as we were waiting for someone to answer, some Jehovah's Witnesses walked by.  Hna McGinnis dared me to contact them.  I told her, "If you buy me a bodoque." (homemade popsicle)  She agreed, but told me that I had to make it a "good" contact...well I did it!  It was a pretty good contact...the man didn't want anything to do with it, but the other two women with him were chill about the whole situation...who knows what will come of it, but now they can't hold it against me that I didn't try to share the true gospel with them. Hna McGinnis couldn't believe the courage that I had. :)
     Then we ran into some less actives and they gave us candied apples.  We went to dinner and then went out visiting some other people.  We visited with Milagros (less active).  We talked about Ether 12 from the Book of Mormon.  The spirit was very strong as we testified of faith and of growing into stronger children of God by finding our weaknesses and asking for God's help to make us strong.  We all shared experiences of when we saw our faith bring forth a miracle.  It was very special.  Well her lesson ended at 8:55pm, so we ran home to be there on time.
     We planned and raced to get into bed.  I love being companions with Hna McGinnis.  We get along so well.  We just laugh all the time.  She helps me be a better person.  She makes me want to grow in knowledge and talent abilities.  She is awesome!  I love her so much!

Sabado, 13 Junio 2015
     This morning Hna McGinnis wasn't feeling super good, so she rested until lunch.  After lunch, we went out.  We were able to teach 3 people today.  We first went to see Clara.  We taught about the 10 Commandments.  When we talked about the 6th Commandment about not killing, we started talking about people in war and that it is different if they are doing it to protect life, family, country and religion.  Clara started telling us about her sons who have all fought in war and that they are mentally scared because of the killings.  As she was sharing it all, we could see a relief come from her...that she knew that her sons were forgiven. It was neat to feel the spirit work through us to bring peace to her mind.
     The second visit was with a woman named Angelica.  She is a really sweet, young mom.  Her husband works in Lima.  We ended up teaching a good portion of Lesson #1.  She liked it.  We invited her to pray and ask God if it's we hope she does.
     The third visit was with the familia Ysique Garcia.  The only people there were Maria, Maladiegue and Pedro.  After we read the scriptures with them, we decided to teach them a few words in English.  We taught them "High Five" and "Low Five".  haha  But before we taught them, I asked them, "Como se dice high five", and I high fived myself.  The kids said, "Chocala!" Then I said, "Y en ingles?" and then Maladiegue said, "Ocala!" It was funny!  They loved it!

drawings from Pedro and Maladiegue

Domingo, 14 Junio 2015
     Today was Stake Conference.  It was pretty good, but once it ended, everything went crazy.  I saw Luis there, so I hurried over to him and we were talking about how he was feeling and how his health was because he is sick.  He told me that he hasn't received his results yet, but that he would let us know if we could do something to help him.  Then the elders walked over and started talking to me with him, and that's when I asked Luis when we could come visit him again, and he said, "The elders are coming to visit me on Wednesday."  I looked at the elders to figure out why they pretended like it was okay that they were visiting our investigator, without asking us first.  Well, someone came over with a reference for us to meet, so we left Luis and went and set up a cita with the reference.  As I was talking with the reference, Hna McGinnis told me to stay with Hna Mejia, while she went to talk with Hna Meneses.  Then the elders came back over to me and explained why they were visiting Luis.  They told me that Luis has blood cancer and is dying, but that he doesn't know it yet.  My heart dropped....but I felt that it couldn't be true.  How would they know this?  Luis didn't even get his results yet.  I was so confused.  Then Hna McGinnis returned to me and told me that the sisters are having a hard time.  That weighed me down even more. :(
     We went to lunch and talked about all of it.  We were feeling down trodden and clouded.  We went home and cried and just prayed and read scriptures to try and take away all the sadness we were feeling.  It worked!  We felt spiritually fine.
     We went out teaching...and something that made me even happier, was when we went looking for a moto to go to San Antonio, Luis drove by in his moto with a huge smile on his face and looking as happy as could be.  He took us to San Antonio for free.  I love him!
     After visiting in San Antonio, we went to corelation (meeting with ward missionaries).  We talked with the elders.  We told them that we were going to practice a baptism invite with a date, but then we invited Elder Brunis to prepare himself to get sealed in the temple on September 4 .  He said that he would think about it.  haha  Then we got our temple dedication tickets to the Trujillo Temple! :)
     After the meeting, we visited Victoria and Anaximandro.  They are still sick and sad, but when we got talking all together, we got laughing and smiling.  I love them so much.  They are a really special couple to me.  I love them dearly.
     Then we talked with Graciela and Mikayela.  We just laughed our little hearts out.  I love all these funny old people.
     Then we went to visit Judith.  She is worried about Francis because he is with the wrong crowd and now doesn't want to go on a mission. :(  We comforted her and told her that we would come and do a FHE tomorrow and talk with Francis and get him excited to go on the mission and to do good things.
     Then we went to dinner and ate arroz con leche.  Then we went home, planned and raced to get ready for bed.

cool effect that my new camera can do.  I wrote this
with a flash light in the air. My camera can read the light
 and then make it into an image!
my Peru ring
my new shoes!
aren't they so cute?

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