Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 64: 1 sore throat, 3 shots, and 7 pills later....

Lunes, 22 Junio 2015
     I woke up with a sore throat and what ended up happening is that as we were teaching Milagros about Alma 24, I got super we went back to the cuarto and I rested the rest of the day.

Martes, 23 Junio 2015
     I woke up feeling worse, so we called Hna Williams and she said it sounds like I have strep throat. She told us to call Elder Cabas to set up an appointment with a doctor to diagnose me.  We went to the doctor at 9:30am, and it turns out that I have strep.  He gave me some pills and also 3 syringes to have a nurse give me a shot in the rear end for the next three days.

My pills and shots that about killed me!
After the shot, I started feeling really weak, so I had to lay down for a little bit.  Then we left and when I got home, I rested.  I felt really gross, weak and sick.  We ended up staying in the cuarto all day long.  I received a blessing from the elders.  They are great elders.

Miercoles, 24 Junio 2015
     Once again, we went to Chiclayo so I could another shot in the rear.  I felt like I couldn't even walk.  We got back home.  I felt so sick and weak, so I rested some more.

Jueves, 25 Junio 2015
     We went to the doctor for the last shot.  We ran into some elders there and they asked us what was wrong and I explained that I had strep throat and one of them had the same symptoms, so he asked me what the doctor was having me do.  I told him, "Pills and shots."  The fear on his face was priceless. haha Then we stopped by the mission office to send home some stuff, and then we went home.  I felt so nauseous this time and my body felt so I rested.  I feel bad for not working, but my body is in bad shape and it is better that I rest and get better than to work and not let my body heal. :(

Viernes, 26 Junio 2015
     Today I decided that we would go out teaching.  It was a struggle because I was not feeling good. We went and taught Andrea and her daughter. And then we went to visit Fany.  Then we went back to the cuarto and I rested.  I don't know why I feel so sick. :(

Sabado, 27 Junio 2015
     I woke up still sick, so I called Hna Williams.  We talked for a little and she said that she wanted to talk to the American, Dr. Bart, to see what he thought of all of it.  I got a call a little bit later and she was not happy at all.  She let me know that the shots they had given me were making me sick. Once I told her all of my symptoms, she told me that she would talk to Dr. Bart to see if there is something I could do to feel better....but there isn't.  I just have to wait for the medicine to pass through my system.  We stayed in the cuarto all day....
     The elders stopped by to tell us sad news.  Elder Epperson has emergency transfers and will be a zone leader in Chiclayo.  He leaves Pomalca on Tuesday.  We talked with them for a bit.  They stayed outside as we sat on the stairs.

Domingo, 28 Junio 2015
     We got up and got ready and went to church.  For the first Sunday, I refused to lead the music because I felt so sick.  I just sat on our bench trying to tell myself that I was fine....but I wasn't.  We had to leave 2 times so I could go to the bathroom.  Once sacrament meeting was over, we tried to go to Sunday School, but I felt too sick, so we just went home.  I rested and an hour later I got a call from President Williams asking me how I was feeling.  I let him know that I was still really sick.  He let me talk to his wife. (she is so great!)  They said that they would keep in touch with me and let me know if they find out anything I could do that would make me feel better.
     As we were about to leave to go eat lunch, Pres. Williams called and said, "I am sending the elders to you.  They are going to give you a blessing of health, and I know that this will make you better. The power of God will work since nothing the doctors are doing is working.'
     I hung up the phone with him and we went to lunch.  As we were eating, the elders showed up and talked with us.  They definitely lifted my spirits with their jokes and happy faces.  Then they told me that they were going to give me a blessing.  We said a prayer all together and then Elder Brunis annointed my head.  Elder Epperson gave me such a powerful blessing.  The spirit flowed through my veins.  I could feel the sickness slowly but surely being sucked out of my body.  He kept saying over and over again that through all this suffering, I am going to receive huge blessings (Doctrine and Covenants 58:1-4)  He also talked about how I am a vessel of the Lord and that many will know me as a servant of God, not just now, but after my mission.  He talked about how God knows of my personal changes and commitments that I have made with Him and that He is pleased with my promises. It was a very needed blessing.  I love the elders so much and appreciate their faith and love.
     After the blessing, we went home so I could rest.  Once we got home, Hna Williams called and when I let her know that I felt a lot better after the blessing, she was so relieved.  I am so relieved, too.  I just want to be normal again, so I can work and serve and love everyone.  I have missed the work.

"As I was dying in bed, Hna McGinnis would do wierd things
 to make me smile so I wasn't too sad."
I love you Hna McGinnis!

[BYU Men's Choir sings 2 Nephi 4 to the tune of Be Still My Soul.  It is soooo AMAZING!]

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