Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 74: "Obedience brings blessings....exact obedience brings miracles."

Lunes, 31 Agosto 2015
     Well to start out our P-Day, we went to Tottus to buy ingredients to make alfredo, tortillas and something sweet, for our dessert.  We ended up cooking from 11:30-2:30pm.  It was pretty ridiculous....and it didn't even turn out that good.  Once we finally finished eating at 3:30pm, we went to internet to write home.  Then we printed off pictures and went home and rested.
     In the night, we visited Jose and Gaby.  They have a pretty intense is hard to know how we can help them sometimes. :(
     Then we went to dinner and went home.

Martes, 1 Septiembre 2015
     All day we had unexpected lessons.  We would be walking down the road and see a door open, so would knock on it....they would let us in and we would share a little message with them.  In the afternoon, we went into a little house/store (tienda) of a man who designs and sews clothes.  We talked with him for quite a bit and it was really interesting.  Hopefully one day he will visit us in the church, because he would be a great member.
     After lunch, we had to go to internet to take a survey that the Area Seventy wanted us to take, so they can see our progress as a mission.

Miercoles, 2 Septiembre 2015
     This morning, of course, of all the district meeting days, we were late....and President Williams was there.  We were late because every time we called a moto over for a soon as we would tell the moto where we needed to go, they would just drive away without even saying anything to us...
     The meeting was really great.  We searched as a district to find scriptures in the Book of Mormon to teach every principle of the Restoration (Lesson 1).  After the meeting, we all talked with President Williams for awhile.  We laughed and teased one another, and I told President that I was waiting for packages and that when they get to the office, that he needs to call me because they will say "candy"....but they will really be pills!  He laughed really hard and then called the office to see if a package had come in the mail for me....but nothing did yet.
     In the afternoon, we went out teaching.  We taught a few less actives, one being Evelina.  Before we left her house, she gave us papayas. :)
     Then we went and visited Gaby.  Jose wasn't there this time.  It went pretty well.  Gaby keeps telling us that she wants to be baptized, but it seems like she keeps questioning things.  Hopefully we can clear things up for her.

Jueves, 3 Septiembre 2015
     Early this morning we got a call from Paola asking us if we could go to her house at 10:30am to help her move and paint her house.  We got there and we started hauling her things from the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor...and then we started painting.  It was a process.  I got so messy!  My arms and legs got covered in paint.  haha  We worked from 10:30-1:00pm.  It was a lot of fun!
     Then we went to lunch.  After lunch, we went home and showered because we got so dirty and sweaty.  Then we went out visiting.  We picked up Paquita and her member friend to come visiting with us.  It was super intense because those two ladies have some strong beliefs...and so at every house we passed or taught in, they had something to say.  haha  We taught a woman named Carmen Mateo.  Things started clicking for her today.  :)  We left her understanding a lot more and with a desire to find and ask for her own answers.
     In the night time, we visited Anmary, Luis Wong and Gladis.  We talked about the Plan of Salvation and they really loved it.  They thought it was super interesting.
     Later, we went home for dinner (quesadillas and arroz con leche).

Viernes, 4 Septiembre 2015
     In the afternoon, we went visiting with a member named Itala.  She is 81 years old, but she doesn't seem like she is that old.  She is so funny.  She only came visiting with us for an hour, but for that entire hour, I laughed and smiled so much that you would have thought that I had just gone to a Brian Regan comedy show. :)
     Once we dropped Itala off, we went searching for more people.  When we tried to visit the fifth back up plan, Hna Lofgran just walked to the neighbor's house and knocked on the door.  A woman opened the door and let us in.  She was super interested in what we had to say.  It was a miracle...
     During the entire day, we only got into 3 houses, and 2 of them were less actives.  Hopefully tomorrow is better.

Sabado, 5 Septiembre 2015
     Not one person let us in all morning long.  Not one.  We ended up going to the pension early to help Arsenia cook lunch.
     In the afternoon, we went visiting with the Patriarch's wife, Julia Linarez.  She has family in Utah, so she is going to visit me when she is in Utah! :)   We visited 2 people with her.  First we visited Cecilia, the wife of Roberto.  Roberto was sleeping so we only visited with Cecilia.  It was a great discussion about preparation.
     Then we visited another less active named Virginia.  We talked about the 2,000 stripling warriors and the obedience they showed.  We discussed for some time that obedience brings blessings....and exact obedience brings miracles.
     After that visit, as we were walking to pick up another member to come visiting with us, we passed a family in the road and they started to speak to one another, saying, "Hey look.  It is the Sister missionary from Patapo!!"  By the time I realized that they were pointing and talking about me, they were too far away.  I didn't know them, so it was crazy that they knew me.
     Our last visit of the day was with Ernesto and Erene.  They are really good people.  They are really sad that we are leaving soon.  We didn't spend too much time there because Hna Lofgran started to feel sick, so we went home so she could rest.

Domingo, 6 Septiembre 2015
     Today at church, no one showed up, or if they did, they left after sacrament meeting.  It was pretty disappointing. :(
     After church, we had ward council, which was led by Hno Dr. Julio.  It was great!
     Then we went to lunch.  We ate at Evelina's house today.  We ate a ton of food.  She gave us soup (chupe), beef steak, rice, salad (avocados and tomatoes), orange juice and fruit salad with yogurt.  After eating all of that, I was not hungry enough to eat dinner almost 8 hours later. haha :)
     Then we went out to visit.  We visited 3 familias.  First was Gaby and Jose.  We taught about the Ten Commandments, because Gaby asked us help Jose into getting his priorities straight.  The lesson got a little heated between the two of them...but don't stress, we left them on a good note. :)
     Then we visited Erene and Ernesto.  Ernesto got food poisoning, so he was sick in bed, so we just visited with Erene.  Before we left, she gave us cute little necklace purses with a nail polish in it. Sooo sweet!
     Our last visit was with Luis and Gladis.  We talked about what happens after death.  They loved it. We had good lessons today. :)

Only in Peru....
Cuy (guinea pig) for dinner,
a dead duck under a rock, in the
middle of a neighborhood."
a tree I drew...
"Wisdom is a tree of Life to them that
lay hold upon her:  and happy is
everyone who retaineth her."
Proverbs 3:18

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