Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Week 76: "So...much...food..."

Lunes, 14 Septiembre 2015
     This morning we went shopping.  At Tottus, we ran into Pres. and Hna Williams.  We talked to them for a bit and then we ran into a woman from Patapo named Maritza.  She was the woman who got hit by a moto taxi.  She was so excited to see me again.  She told me that she misses my visits.  I miss her, too.
     We ate yogurt and cereal for lunch and then we basically rested and finished a few other errands. In the night time, we met a member family that just moved into the ward.  The mom, Eloisa and her son Julio are the only members, but we shared a message with all the family.  They are really sweet people.
     After that, we visited Venesa.  We were ending our teaching when her husband walked into the house.  We started to teach him.  He is a little sassy, so we had to be a little more "attitude" with him. In the end, he invited us to come back.  His name is Carlos.  I really hope that we can help him reach his potential as a father and a husband.
     Then we ate orange cake. :)

Martes, 15 Septiembre 2015
     This morning we visited Eloisa's mother-in-law.  As we visited her (Regina), Julio came out of the kitchen and joined us.  We taught a little lesson and then Julio invited us to eat lunch with them. We tried to deny, but that didn't go over so well...so, we ate two lunches.  Two!  I was dying.
     Later in the afternoon, we started knocking doors.  We knocked one door and a man answered. We introduced ourselves, and then we heard giggling coming from inside...and the giggling sounded like it was coming from young men.  Turns out that we knocked on a door of a school and the man who answered was the teacher. Oops.  It was really funny though.
     We taught Jesus, the husband of Evelina.  It went well.  He understood everything and he is wanting to learn more.  He has good intentions to learn and apply the teachings.
     Later in the night, we taught Esther and her sons.  One of her sons, Sergio, who is 8 years old wants to be baptized, so we went over to their house, with the invitation from Esther to teach her sons about baptism.  She gave us bread and cheese.  Then we went home and ate dinner.
     We were given A LOT of food today!

Miercoles, 16 Septiembre 2015
     We had our district meeting and it was really good.  After the meeting, we headed to Las Delicias in Pomalca to do intercambios.  I stayed in Las Delicias with Hna Monson.  We had a great time.   I had a mini culture shock for a good portion of the time, because Las Delicias is really run down.  It is really different than where I am at in Chiclayo.  Chiclayo is so "worldly"...I found myself missing the small town stuff.
     Almost every person we talked to, accepted us into their house.  That was a new concept for me. Everyone is so much more humble.  We had some really great lessons.  I honestly felt so guided by the spirit in every lesson we had today.  It was a great feeling!
     In the night time, we ate arroz con leche, banana bread, cake, fruit and manzanilla. So...much....food.......

Jueves, 17 Septiembre 2015
     We worked in the morning until 12 pm.  Then we switched companions.  Oh yeah, yesterday, I ran into the Patriarch!  It was so exciting to see him.  I love him.  We also ran into Darlin and Raul Piedra. They were so cute.  They said that they missed me and Hna McGinnis...that they missed our "unity".
     Once we got back to Villareal, we went to lunch.  Then we studied language and went out visiting. We had some good lessons with some new investigators.  My favorite lesson was with Luis and Gladis.  We talked about the Word of Wisdom.  By the end of the lesson, we started to talk about different sweets that we like here in Peru and I told them that I like these cookies called Tentacion (Temptation).  Luis said, "Well my niece, Kiara, is purely sweet."  And me, thinking I was being creative said, "Well, I am made of pure 'tentacion', talking about the cookies.....but everyone started laughing so hard.  I will never live that one down.  I really need to think before I speak. hahahaha
     In the night time, we visited Julio (27) and Eloisa (50)....the recent move-ins to our ward, and their family.  We want to make it a complete member family.  We had a nice time with them.

Viernes, 18 Septeimbre 2015

"Playing with kids!"

Sabado, 19 Septiembre 2015
     This morning we taught a man named Marcos.  He is a very different man.  He used to be Athiest. He doesn't believe in "churches" and he doesn't like when we use scriptures to teach him.  Well, me knowing that the scriptures have power... I used them and he got a little annoyed at the fact that I answered all his questions with scriptures....haha...We are missionaries, we teach from the words of God...silly man.
     Well, at 1 pm, it was time for lunch.  We got invited by Hno Anaya (68 years).  He came and picked us up in his car with his daughter, Paria. (30 years)  We ended up going to a fancy restaurant in Chiclayo called Pearla de los Rosas.  We each ordered our own thing.  I ordered alfredo...and when they brought it out, NOT joking, it was about 3 packages of pasta and half a cow fried on top....hahaha  It was really good, it was just a lot of food.  And not to mention that Hno Anaya ordered us a papa a la huancuina! (creamy potato appetizer) It's the size of a softball!  By the end of lunch, I was literally dying of how full I was.  haha

"me dying after my huge lunch"
     After lunch, we went out visiting.  We visited some Seventh-Day Adventists.  They are really interesting.  The husband was trying to fight us on what our church believes, especially about service and fast offerings.  Ridiculous....
     After that, we visited Ernesto and Erene. (Irene)  We read the Family Proclamation with them. Then we went and visited a sweet family that we met when we were out contacting.  They are Ernesto and Rina.  They have three sons, all little.  They are a great family.  They are excited to learn. I am really excited to visit them more often.

Domingo, 20 Septiembre 2015
     We had church and all the classes focused on families and that they can be eternal.  It was a good day.  We taught some contacts today.....our last visit was with Luis and Gladis.  We taught the law of chastity.  It went really well.  They were really into it and they were coming up with ideas of how to stay safe and not fall for temptation.  Then the funniest thing happened.  Gladis got up and left...then she came back with food in bags   The last time that we taught her, we told her that she shouldn't buy food on Sunday, so when she entered the room, she said, "Don't worry....I didn't buy it today....I'll pay her tomorrow."  She had gone to the tienda next door, and told the woman to add it to her tab and then left....hahahaha!  I think we need to explain the Sabbath day again.  :)
     It was a good week and a good day.  We really enjoyed ourselves!

"We found a turtle outside our door!"

"The only dirt road in our area....so different than Pomalca!"

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