Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 77: "Paola wants to be baptized! I am so happy for her!"

Lunes, 21 Septiembre 2015
     We had a stressful P-Day.  This morning we had to go to the mission office to drop off some extra curtains.  Then we went to Monsefu to buy some souvenirs.  Then we hurried home and went to Victoria's house to show her my dress design that I want her to make.  Then we ran to Esther's house to eat lunch with her and her sons.  We made a pineapple cake with her.  As it was cooking, we ran over to internet to write home.  Then we went back to Esther's to eat the cake.  It was really yummy! It is really simple to make, so I am going to make it at home. :)

Hna Dodson, Hna Lofgren, Esther
Pineapple cake!
     After that, we went to visit some people, but they weren't home, but we ended up visiting with a daughter of a Jehovah's Witness.  She was nice, but she got really intense at the end of our visit. Then we visited a less active named Virginia.  As we were waiting for her to come and join us, I started to talk to her son who was there.  He ended up staying for our whole lesson, and he told us that he wants to make some changes in his life.  He is a grown man and has lost a lot because of past decisions.  His name is Cliver, and I know that we can help him.
     Before we went home, we stopped by Tottus to buy another suitcase, because we can bring home 2 big suitcases and a carry on, and I need more space! hahaha
     We went to dinner and then went home to plan.

Martes, 22 Septiembre 2015
     As we were knocking doors, a woman was really nice and gave us some bodeques (popsicles) for free.  :)
     After lunch, we visited Jesus and Evelina.  It was a great surprise to walk into their house and find Jesus reading the Book of Mormon.  He has read to 2 Nephi Chapter 3.  He told us the whole story up until that part.  We had a great lesson about the Plan of Salvation.
     Later, we visited a reference named Carmen Silva.  We taught the Restoration, and in the end, she said that she would except our baptism invitation, as soon as she receives her answer.
     Today was a good day. :)

Miercoles, 22 Septiembre 2015
     This morning we had a district meeting.  Elder Romrell and Elder Moore got taken out of their area because they got robbed too many times....so now there are 2 Latinos serving in their area.  They are great Elders!
     After the meeting, we headed to Pomalca to have intercambios with the sisters.  Hna Lofgran stayed in Pomalca with Hna Molina and I went to Villareal with Hna Pamolino.  She and I had a GREAT day!

Hna Pamolino, Hna Dodson, Hna Lofgran, Hna Molina
     First, we taught Angel and Martha.  Angel had questions and then he expressed to us his real desire to know what church is true.  He wants to join a church and really give his whole life to it. I felt  that I could promise him, that if he would come to church on Sunday, he would receive his answer that he was looking for.  He promised that he would come.
     Second, we taught a lesson in English.  Hna Pamolino is from Peru, but she speaks English really well, and so when we met an investigator that spoke English, we decided to teach the lesson in English.  It was weird, but a cool experience.
     Third, I became super close to Hna Pamolino.  It was a great day!

Jueves, 23 Septiembre 2015
     The most amazing thing happened this morning!  As we were out visiting, I felt guided to Paola's house.  She let us right in and then she told us about her health problems.  We helped her clean her house, because the doctors told her not to give too much effort, because the strain could worsen her condition.  After we cleaned, we sat down to share a message.  I had no idea what we were going to share, because Paola has had all the lessons.  I turned to Mosiah 2:41, which talks about the happiness we receive when we keep the commandments...which led to the discussion about baptism.  We shared some scriptures that ask us why we don't just get baptized if the desire is in our hearts...if we desire to help, serve and be forgiven.  Then we invited her to baptism.  She denied it, saying that she just didn't feel prepared yet.  Then we shared the scripture in Alma 32:27, about planting the seed in our hearts, with just a little bit of faith, and that it would grow.  We invited her to baptism again, and she said yes. We asked her if she would be willing to prepare to be baptized on October 17, and she excepted and started crying.  She said that she has waited and wasted so much time denying baptism and that she has been denying herself the happiness that she could have had from being baptized.  By the end, we were all crying, because the spirit was so strong, and the love that we felt was so powerful.  We left her house so happy!  I couldn't believe it.  I am so happy for her.  She is going to be so happy!
     Then we headed to Pomalca to pick up Hna Lofgran.  On our way out, we ran into a couple of people, and it was super nice to see them again.  Then we went to lunch and studied language.
     In the afternoon, we visited some people.  The lessons were good.
     In the night, we ate dinner and went home and planned for tomorrow.

Viernes, 24 Septiembre 2015
     After weekly planning and lunch, we went out visiting.  First we went to Jesus.  All went well until we told him that once he was baptized, he would have to commit to going to church every Sunday, so that he could partake of the sacrament.  He let us know that it was going to be impossible for him to go to church every Sunday for the rest of his life....so we told him that there would be times, like when he was sick, that he wouldn't have to go, but that he should go if it is possible.  Silly old man.  haha
     In the night time, we went out visiting with a member named Eloisa.  She is in a wheel chair, so we pushed her to all our visits.  We visited an investigator named Martha.  She is really nice.  We taught her about the Restoration and she really loved it, especially when Eloisa bore her testimony about it. Elosia was spot on with everything she said.  She said exactly what she needed to say.  It was a powerful night.  Eloisa really loved going out visiting with us and testifying to the people we visited. She has only been a member for 1 1/2 years, and she has just recently moved into our ward, and to help her feel more involved, she asked to come visiting with us. :)

Sabado, 25 Septiembre 2015
     We visited Marcos again.  This time he called me "intelligent" for my comments and insights.  haha :)  He really likes the messages that we share.  He is disappointed that we are leaving soon.
     In the afternoon, we visited Paola.  We taught her about the Holy Ghost.  It was a good visit.
     In the night, we watched the Women's Conference.  We were the only North Americans there, so they let us watch it in the secretary's office on the computer...in English.  It was so good!  I learned so much!

Domingo, 26 Septiembre 2015
     This morning we went and picked up Paola to go to church, but when we got to church, it had already started and the whole building was locked so we had to wait outside until they finished passing the sacrament.  When we walked in, the chapel was filled and we saw Angel there!! Once we took our seat, the testimony meeting had started.  Every single testimony was so powerful, there was no way that anyone could have left that meeting without saying that they had felt something.  I was the second to the last person to bear my testimony, and when I looked out, I saw "my family".  This ward in Villareal has been a struggle in certain ways, but they are special people.  I felt at home being with them.  I began to cry when I looked out and saw the faces of people who were glowing...they are weighed down with troubles, but today, they were glowing.  They all looked so happy to be there in church.  It was a beautiful experience.
     After church, there was a baptism of Sergio (the son of Esther).  After the baptism, we ate chicken salad sandwiches with peaches cut up in it instead of grapes...it was really good!
     Then we went to ward council.  The bishop always jokes with me and says that "I have batteries", which means that I am always ready with a sassy come back to his jokes.  haha
     After ward council, we took a picture with the Bishopric.

Bishop: Martin
1st Counselor: Dr. Julio
2nd Counselor: Hno Abad
Secretary: Segundo
     After we took pictures, the bishop called us back into his office.  He was acting all serious, so it seemed like we had done something wrong....but then he just invited to his house for lunch next Saturday. hahahaha
     After we ate lunch, we went out visiting.  My favorite visit today was with a new family that we recently found.  The parents are Ernesto and Rina.  They had so many questions and desires to learn. I am really excited to continue to teach them.

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