Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 75: "I gave my last testimony as a sister leader, in a leadership meeting."

Lunes, 7 Septiembre 2015
     Don't stress, but this morning I had to go to the foot doctor because my tendonitis started acting up and with that, my feet weren't fitting super great in my shoes, and that caused some issues with my toe.  There was this really weird infected skin blister, so they had to take that off.  I am fine. :)
     We decided to treat ourselves, so for lunch, we ate ice cream...haha.

Then we went to the Mercado Modelo to find me some new shoes.  I love the Modelo because there are tons of people in little shacks that sell everything!  We ended up finding some pretty cool things. When we finished shopping, we went home and organized.
     Tonight, we visited Venesa, but there were so many people in house and a lot of screaming kids, that we decided to leave and try again later.
     Then we went to Ingrit's house to have a FHE with her because her parents are in the States, so she is alone.

Martes, 8 Septiembre 2015        FELIZ 17 MESES!
     Today was the leadership meeting.  It was a really good meeting.  At 8 am, the sister training leaders had a meeting with Hna Williams.  We talked about how the Doctrine and Covenants Section 121 is a great chapter of how to be a good mom.  Then she spoke about the importance of being the wife your husband needs.
     In the meeting with the elders (zone leaders), President Williams talked about the priesthood and he shared some teachings that Elder Bednar gave to the stake presidents and bishops.  He talked about the importance of attending church in your designated ward, and quoted Elder Bednar when he said, "Never will the priesthood prosper unless the keys are aligned."
     At the end of the meeting, I gave my last testimony as a sister leader in a leadership meeting.  I bore testimony of the reality of forever families and also of the power of the priesthood and the realness of it.  It was a very special moment for me to bear my testimony.
     After the meeting, we tried to visit people, but they weren't home.  We both felt that we should stop by and see Ingrit...turns out she was really needing us.  We stayed with her for awhile.
     Once we left her house, we went to visit Ever and Gladis.  Ever is the man that has a tube in his neck to breathe through.  It is a little hard to teach him because he can't speak, but you can tell in his eyes if he understands or not.  When we got done teaching, I had the impression to ask Ever to say the closing prayer.  When I asked him, I explained that once he was finished praying in his mind, to let us know somehow.  He had the idea that we should all stand up and hold hands.  As we closed our eyes, and while Ever gave his silent prayer, I have not felt so much joy in my soul as I did tonight. Being in a prayer circle with a very special son of God, who I know was really talking with his Heavenly Father, because I felt it.  I was smiling for the entire prayer.  When the prayer ended, he shook our hands and lifted them up towards the sky. My cheeks were hurting from smiling so much. It was such a special moment to share a prayer that was so pure.  I love Ever so much, and I know that he will join the church.  I just know it...without a doubt in my heart.

Miercoles, 9 Septiembre 2015
     Today, before lunch, we started intercambios.  I went to Jose Balta with Hna Gonzolez, and Hna Paredes came to Villareal to be with Hna Lofgran.
     With Hna Gonzolez, we had a lot of good visits.  One was with a less active, and during the lesson, her parents showed up and we taught them, too.  Her father is a very intelligent man and had a lot of questions.  We were able to answer every one of his questions with a scripture.  He said that he really enjoyed our visit because he was able to be visited by sisters that know scriptures.
     For dinner, we ate pizza.

Jueves, 10 Septiembre 2015
     This morning with Hna Gonzolez, we basically knocked doors all morning...all the way up to lunch.  At 1 pm, we switched back companions.
     After lunch, we went visiting.  We went to see Arsenia and Antonio.  I seriously love them.  We also visited 2 older women who are super Catholic.  The discussion with them got really heated on their side, so we just left.  Then we went to visit Venesa.  It was a really good lesson.  She loved it and she opened up to us about a lot of stuff about her difficult situation.  She also expressed that when we are in her house, she feels something special, and that she wants to always feel it.  It was a great visit.

Viernes, 11 Septiembre 2015
     It was kinda sad to be reminded by an 81 year old woman, that today was the day that the twin towers fell.  That event really affected many people, and not just those that live in the States.
     We had a few visits.  First, we visited a less active named Janeth.  Second, we visited Virginia. We ended up helping her shell peas and talked about temples.  Third, we visited Luis and Gladis.  We talked about eternal marriage.  Luis is ready to marry, but Gladis is fine being unmarried.  It was an interesting visit.
     At dinner, we were talking with Antonio and I asked him, "If I was animal, what would I be?"  His response was, "A honeycomb."  I asked him why, and he said, "Because you are sweet."  I told him,
"Thank you, but a honeycomb is not an animal...so what animal would I be?"  Then he said, "Fine, you are a queen bee in the honeycomb."  haha  I love him.
     Today we had our last zone meeting....

Zone Latina

Sabado, 12 Septiembre 2015
     This morning we had our planning session.  After that, we went out visiting.  My favorite visit was with Venesa.  We taught her about what happens after death and then we invited her to be baptized. She denied our invitation, but she said that one day she would.  She did however say that she would come to church with us.  She is excited about all of it.
     In the night, we visited Erene and Ernesto...well, Ernesto was exercising so we just talked to Erene. (Irene)  She shared some very personal difficulties, so we shared Helaman 8:12, and she said that made her feel better.  The scriptures have power.

Domingo, 13 Septiembre 2015
     A Sunday full of miracles:
          1.  Venesa came to church with her kids
          2.  Evelina told us this week that her husband was waiting for us to come back to their house to                teach him lessons!  He has never wanted to hear lessons before!
          3.  We found some new families to teach
     What a bummer that all this had to happen at the end of the week, but at least it happened!  Such a blessing.
     Today, we hardly visited anyone, because everyone rejected us, and not even kindly. :(  It's been a rough day, but luckily, the miracles from earlier helped us feel better.

I found Clara Leyton!!

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